warrior painting

Past Lives: War & Peace

There seems a lot of interest in past lives.  I have pieces of my story all over this site. This past lives deal has come a number of times over the years. I thought I’d look for something cohesive. It does not exist so I will create. My husband and I met when we were


Akashic Records

I posted my whining about Past Lives.  This resulted in reader hooking me up with a gal who reads Akashic records? I’d heard them; that’s about it. I was definitely curious and had confidence in the reader because of the person who recommended her but also because she’s been doing this as long as I’ve

Do Past Lives Really Exist?

A client asked me about past lives in a consultation today.  I told her we’d discussed this quite a bit on this site, but not lately. Do you believe in past lives? Do you believe that you have had a past life? How did you draw your conclusion? Can this is be seen in a

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