2024 Lockdown Possibility

2024 lockdown

Will there be a lockdown in 2024? I wouldn’t rule it out!

At the beginning of the pandemic, I noticed the extremes in people’s lives. Some were at home, 24/7.  Others were working overtime and this correlated with the sky.

I noticed the planets were clustered up, similar to what you see in the picture, though that chart is for a date in 2024.  When the planets are bunched up, they activate a limited number of houses and often enough, a “sector” of life, called a “quadrant” in astrology.

For example, the pandemic array landed in house 1-3 in my chart, which I hate.  Why? Because those houses oppose the houses emphasized in my natal chart: 7-9. Basically, I like to socialize and mix it up with others. Really, I loathed the lockdown, while understanding others didn’t mind it.

Point here is this situation is setting up again. If it’s not obvious, it’s because the outer planets are clustered to it follows, every Fall, the planets move into the signs tenanted by the outer planets and here we go again.

Now this won’t last forever.  Eventually, Mars, with a two year cycle, will break out. But it’s happening for this string of years due to a Mars retrograde.  As they used to say, back in the day – just ducky!

Clearly, I’ve studied this; it’s because I hate it so much but as you can see, we’re headed for another go ’round; with large stelliums to boot. I don’t know when you might want to start the clock, but in my mind we are boiling down to this time, now.

You want to pay attention to your return charts during this period as the emphasis in areas of life are pronounced. I like return charts anyway, but when you see planets bunched like this, it’s that much more useful because these charts make a statement. It’s not a hodge podge!

Now I’m not saying this will manifest as another lockdown. I have no idea how this might play out but I am saying, something is going to restrict your movement, even if it’s your own psyche. Because really, this is how astrology works.

How do you about the potential of another lockdown? What other possibilities can you think of?

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  1. I saw a number of masks on the pavement while walking the other day, and I thought, hmm is there another go at that ahead? (just reading them symbolically), but I think with Saturn in Pisces it would be like herding cats. Doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be an attempt, but yes,definitely herding cats.

  2. This cluster looks to be 4 days before the April 8th, 2024 total solar eclipse that shadows the U.S. from Texas up through the Northeast. The prior March 25th, not total lunar eclipse’s shadow is from Texas up to the Northwest. I’ve read the two shadows overlap around Austin, Texas. I’m wary with Aries being my natal 12th house where this will square my Sun. Also squares Sun from the 10th in my Solar Return. Total eclipse is at the same degree as Chiron.

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    Connie Stinson

    I have heard and seen signs of currency failure, food shortages, and government control manipulation to avoid mass riots. I think it may cause more problems then solves. What else do you read?

  4. I don’t see another lockdown. My first thought was counter sanctions/restrictons on the west similar to that done on Russians since 2022. Possibly in response to another war in Asia.

    1. i dont see it either; people are running around happily soaking up the sun and complaining how hot it is or loving how hot it is, but they are enjoying complaining and enjoying just to enjoy whether its something to be cranky about the price of tomatoes going up or just chit chat. but they are happier deep down to soak in the sun, like it was back before pandemic, yet i can still feel the trauma from it. It really changed people in a worldwide way. but the skies right now feel unpredictable. from currency to giving hope for things, then all shot down.

      1. My guess is it will be a voluntary lock-down.

        CLIMATE lock-down are in the books.

        I am on the east coast an the so called ‘smoke from Canadian wildfires’ has been keeping people inside. A quick dance with common sense and we instinctively know we are being lied to.

        You can taste the chemicals as you step outside your door. Thick and thin haze for months now. HARDLY enough ‘true’ sunshine!!

        Funny how ‘they’ are warning us to get used to it, it will last all summer till September” – or trying to convince us of nonsensical info that formaldehyde and benzene is formed in the upper atmosphere due to V light hence the chemical smell.

        …Oh am sure they will pick back up on this early Spring 24′ and next summer.

        Most of June I have had a headache almost every day as many others.
        Very frustrating and debilitating for someone who works outside and tends to large crop gardens.

        1. Climate lock-down sounds about right to me, Hazel. I’m sorry about your headaches and whatever damage it does to our lungs and bodies. I can truly empathize with you, coming from the west coast, although my crop garden is much smaller than yours, and so far not too much smoke this year out west.

          We’ve had copper-hued summer light from wildfires since 2016 (with a few years of clear summer skies since then). This is your first year, and I know what a frightening wake-up call it is. Well, to some people, at least. My eco-anxiety is still hovering around me, but I’ve given up hope, and that helps me deal with it. It will be interesting to witness how fast the decline will be.

          1. Yes Niki it is a wake up call for sure! But it is a wake up call which seems to be happening for the last 15 yrs due to what further lengths ‘they will go to’

            I am Canadian living in the US legally and whatever is causing this smoke is absolutely not ‘Canadian wildfires’ nor is it wood fire smell as it was the first go around mid-end May.

            When i say it will be a voluntary lock down i am thinking OHIO train derailment, lithium battery factory burning, BP factory burning ‘Canadian wildfires’ burning.

            Humans will instinctively flock indoors.

            All so sad and maddening!

            The other key note has to do with the UN and pandemics ridding us of our constitutional rights that takes place in September 2024

            1. Hazel, I heard about that toxic-smelling smoke in the eastern US during or after the ‘Canadian wildfires’ issue. I wonder what it was? When it’s forest fire smoke, you can tell because it smells like campfire. That’s so scary when it’s worse than forests burning, if that’s not scary enough.

              You’re probably right — the next big lockdown could be a major toxic fire, from the reasons you listed. Quebec had its Lac Megantic derailment and explosion in 2013. We’ll see if hydrogen-powered trains can improve things, depending on what they’re carrying and what their fuel source is.

              In my city, we’ve had a few residential buildings burn down due to cheap lithium batteries exploding on electric vehicles (most often two-wheeled scooters or bikes). EVs and lithium batteries are not the best solution.

              I didn’t know about the UN ridding US constitutional rights in Sept 2024.

              1. Just to be clear…

                ** Constitutional Rights can be legally suspended during pandemics ONCE the ZERO DRAFT by WHO/UN is finalized. The last meeting to finalize this Zero Draft takes place in September 2024 which the US us apart of.

                The Zero Draft is essentially composed of rules for all governing bodies signing onto this agreement. This Pandemic Treaty pertains to pandemics – prevention, preparedness and response.

                I know I will be breaking all those rules 😉

                Hope it is OK Elsa i leave a link


              2. Hazel and Niki, you are on fire! (In a good way! 😂) … only heard abt the fire potentials actually happening from electric vehicles yesterday,a car on a boat I think … really hope the late April Jupiter Uranus conjunction breaks up some of the shenanigans for more to see! Or that the real aliens turn up at that point 😉😂 and take away the leaders that were! Lol!!!

              3. In my state we had many EV fires too. One was a EV car and the battery just flat out exploded like a bomb. It blew the doors off of the garage and across the street. The owner was so thankful he wasnt in it when it happened.

          2. I lived in Oregon and Washington years ago and got used to forest fires. Then, I visited NYC in June to pick up my bike and ship the rest of my stuff out of storage. That smell reminded me of a lab burn, not a forest fire.

            I was happy as a pig in mud that I moved out of the US just in time.

  5. My concern would be we dont lockdown when needed…l have an image of old people being left to die in homes–it happened in Italy and was mismanaged here too. I don’t think people will accept lockdown again…riots. Sadly, the easy fix ‘masks’ are ‘almost’ gone and stats are not easy to find.Lots of people are being infected and dying while in hospital now. I will keep wearing my mask on public transport and in busy places. I hear bad coughing often–l take the long way round. I hope you are wrong about an upsurge, Elsa…but l have thought this could happen again too.

    1. I know that Millennials hate boomers. The propaganda against us is disheartening. I know the sooner old folks die off the easier it will be for social security programs, Medicare etc. They blame us for the housing shortage, for all the country’s woes. Makes me wonder if these chemicals, pandemics etc. are not an attempt to reduce the boomer population.

      1. I suppose l have to call myself a Boomer, Opalina, although on some charts l just miss out. Boomers annoy me esp. the Leo Pluto gen. Not all of course…but they do have a way of bringing the conversation back to how great they are…and what they think they are entitled to and deserve.

        l prefer the company of millenials and other younguns (mostly) l find them more mature than l was at the same age and they have more responsibility too. I got free education and the 80s and all sorts of freebees. They get debt. Insecure work. Climate change. Unaffordable and hard to find housing. Pandemic…and more.

        Governments and who puts them into power are to blame. That is why conservative parties are worried about losing young voters.

        If we point at one another things will only get worse and that works for government and the string pullers behind the scenes. It divides us.

        Usually we say the generation after us will have it better–not this one.

        I think wealthy older people should pay for their own aged care and lose some consessions too.

        I dont plan to hang around for all of that.

        But hope we will keep one another safe.

      2. The media has totally gone against the traditional ways of respecting your elders, and it used to be in polite company to not talk about sex, politics and religion. All those was considered private. Now the media pushes to disrespect ones elders and ones sex, politics and religion is blasted 24/7 and dividing people

  6. Noticed on the news (just a quick blip) that China has another (bad) Covid variant for which they have implemented a lockdown. So, lockdowns are not of the question.

  7. The Lockdown !?mostly I am impressed how townships began the exercise of enforcing the recommendations of federal authorities ??
    must not allow people in stores ,must wear masks, can not go in person , Zoom.
    I think it began with transportation and had a trickle down effect in businesses
    So what can townships enforce??
    Putting a mask on is something I think they’d have a hard time repeating
    Or enforcing.Building codes are
    Changing as are septic system state laws
    Are changing ; so to answers your ???
    What next? In my thoughts they(townships) could
    Make it alot harder to get building permits
    Septic permits ,probably voting laws
    Tax laws about to change?
    On the flip, I think families, young families could really change up the schools by not agreeing to policies ;such as homework, which I think should be done at school when the teacher is right there to help you home should be where you concentrate on your family .food at school ???The federal government feeds the schools plenty of money but here they are more interested in building football fields instead of creating
    No Sugar policies ?
    Don’t you dare send your kid with cupcakes on their birthday, but the teacher can junk kids up! five days a week, Popsicles, candy, corns, Caramels, candy, canes, rice, crispy treats, chocolate coins from leprechauns🤮 garbage,
    Young families could say no sugar no plastic no homework and it would change how they get to spend the money that they get ;back to your question what could we get locked out of I think people are going to keep going to work, I think the system is going to get locked out of our agreeing with everything they want us to accept ,our schools and hospitals are owned by private groups and are federally funded. Here I have learned the power of the purse is in the hands of the select people that are voted in, so if you don’t like something, your school or hospitals are doing you go to your selectmen and complain , they allow local, state and federal monies to be given to these groups , I think it’ll be a flip. I think the little people will not agree , I think the big guys are going to get locked out of us agreeing to everything they think we should except and do , just a thought.

  8. solar flares! ha, no. I’m thinking/feeling any constrictions to be more a collapse of huge corps, finance, transport, rather than disease driven, i.e commodoties rather than infection. Monocultures collapse.

  9. Here’s hoping we’re not staying in doors to reduce radiation exposure. If you pray, please continue and/or increase!

  10. Elsa,

    I posted above responding to a comment that I do think there will be lock-downs again but more voluntary.

    When do you foresee this cluster in 2024 taking place?

          1. Maybe you have not yet dove into this yet but I was wondering…

            In terms of thematic, is there any way to gauge what this possible lockdown will involve or what the the catalyst will be? Is there a planet in relation to Pluto that stands out.

            September 2023- Final draft to WHO/UN Zero Draft (pandemic treaty)
            January-July 2024 – Cluster of planets
            April 8 2024- Solar Eclipse in Aries over USA
            November 2024- USA elections

  11. I think it could have something to do with some climate related thing, as others comment on too.

    Pisces is Neptune, and Neptune is – amongst others – foggy stuff.
    Remember the time when the Icelandic vulcano kept planes grounded from leaving earth due to ash clouds?

    Could be something similar, or fires (Aries) in some form or other.

    Could be interesting to see what the weather channels would predict a couple of months before, as I think that with Chiron in Aries too, it’s about individuals too… What can you do to reduce your climate impact to improve the lives of others?

    Pluto is in Aquarius, so I guess it has something to do with exposing us to the issue of our mass pollution (for example the all too intense obsession with acquisition of ‘stuff’… All that spending obsession only serves to increase the emissions of carbon dioxide in the world) …

    Governments all over the world need to get their hands dirty and actually get to WORK for once and for all.

    It could all be accompanied by violence/uproar (Aries) from the victims (Pisces) of the massive overspending that hurts poor countries.

  12. This is going to be in the 6-8 houses. So I guess I’m going to be working this whole time?? Or maybe some health issues?? Or death in regards to the 8th house??

  13. I have a feeling it might have to do with our money. Restricted use of our money or not being able to get what we need. I know I feel the strain financially with rising prices , everyone trying to get an extra dollar out of you. On line charges , hidden fees rising interest rates, etc. I have a feeling its all going to crash.

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    Kelly Thompson

    I have a stellium with 5 planets so I commiserate on that concentrated energy in my case all about 7th house matters. So many possibilities for what this could be. Climate change, plagues, economy, and war. I hear war comes with Uranus in Gemini. Historically. Pluto is grinding on Cappie issues before shifting into AQ for good in late 2024. I’m focusing on quality of life one day at a time.

    1. Pluto definitely grinding on Cappie issues, one of them being fear (Saturn) which this post and thread attests to.

  15. “Will there be a lockdown in 2024?”
    I have yet to read beyond the opening sentence. But next I look at the chart you present and I see mars conj saturn in Pisces. I’ll tell you what I remember about the EXACT day that these 2 conjoined in Aug 24, 2016 in Sagittarius (religion). And conj with Antares too. Earthquake near Rome. 299 deaths, 388 injured, thousands homeless, Wikipedia say.
    In ♓ ..mmm …tsunamis?

    1. With Mars moving closer to Saturn in Pisces for the total eclipse while considering its shadow path over the U.S. and the lengthy effects of eclipses there could be geological occurrences with the Great Lakes, Mississippi River or events with oil, gases, toxins in Texas, Oklahoma where heavy extraction is done. Jupiter is conjunct Uranus in Taurus as well. Could be muddy.

      1. yeah. you got it. but considering it’s pisces, I wonder we’ll see something – perhaps illusory/neptune after all – in regards to spirituality. I certainly see in my own country now a war on drugs, synthetic. they’ll just provoke increase in price because supply will be retained. all countries governments seem to operate as cartels arms now. just a thought.

        1. and since the police have been making drug apprehensions, big ops kilos of ice. now they got the rules AND the goodies to sell.

  16. Lockdown seems so long ago – it was hard being in it, I had just started a new job so had something to focus on and everything was online/zoom…crazy days (no time to bake bread here)
    I dont think people will listen or feel reason (or empathy) for another lockdown, then more police force and ick dont want to know what will happen…

  17. Actually power shortages are a way too. My local power went down, it’s a cool day, no storms. No reason really. I have heard of not just food shortages, but power too if the people are going riot. Something is going to happen next year….be prepared, don’t be scared.

  18. I am glad for this blog post, but it is unwelcome because I was planning to take an extended road trip – car camping, if you will.

    At this point in time I am really, really suffering. Looking back at my lfe with so many regrets and reliving the abuse and devalue/discard from so many people: family, spouse, daughter… this is a lonely time for so many people and as a senior on a limited income it is so hard to come up with remedies. I live in an area with a lot of backward rednecks so the senior center isn’t exactly an option unless I want to shock them with talk of astrology and meditation. That would not go over well. I know that this too shall pass, but it keeps coming up over and over again to where I’m just exhausted and wish it would all not (NOT suicidal, just exhausted).

    I am certain there are others who feel this way. I’m outgoing when around people but basically a real introvert which doesn’t help.

    At Elsa’s suggestion I’ll look at the lunar returns charts for that time period and see if there are any mitigating factors. To be honest, I’m not hopeful. I think we in America are in for a ride. I think people on both sides of the spectrum realize this.

    1. I hope you find beautiful places, Starcrest, and good people on your travels too.
      The road trip in your country is the stuff of legend. Films. Books. Songs…
      I know this is not light hearted fun for you from what you have said…take each day as it comes, you will have sunsets and new days dawning…

      Be safe. I wish you small unexpected joys at each stop along your way.

      1. Thank you Dianne. You’re right, the U.S. is a vast, beautiful place. I’m hoping to be a traveling winterbird with a home base. Working on that.

  19. Looking at the chart, just to offer a new point of view, Uranus in Taurus Squaring Pluto in Capricorn and a Stellium in Pisces with Saturn and Mars being effected, perhaps this will be about AI (Pluto in Aquarius), with rebellion of individuals freedom of thought (Mercury in Rx in Aries) being thwarted not due to disease necessarily but due to feeling hood winked ( Neptune in Pisces) in a way to challenge our values (Venus in Pisces) and about how we view our lives vs. AI’s idea of how it thinks. So not a lockdown but maybe a locking of horns (Chiron and Mercury in Aries in the 12th) from behind the scenes? Politicians and AI specialists have admitted AI could be the cause of extermination of humanity-for example to get rid of cancer once and for all, could launch nuclear missiles. How it is handled may be to control us more while trying to control AI. I hope this makes sense! I am not a pro but these aspects made me try to make sense of what I see.

  20. If I were an astrologer I would look at the astro energies during the War of the Worlds broadcast that freaked out a whole bunch of people in the US in October 1938, and the years following during WW11. I would see what was similar, because that’s my current theory of the upcoming lockdown. Back engineered alien tech made by the shadow government to help bring about the global lockdown, CBDC, and mass control of every aspect of human lives. Humans as hackable animals with chips in their brains. Well, at least that’s what Klaus Schwab and his minions are hoping to attain. All under the guise of “the climate crisis”. Has anyone noticed that a lot of the web histories have been wiped? Try finding anything back before 2020 that might give people clues. I’m not talking about fudge brownie recipes, that’s for sure. But what do I know. I’m just an old boomer sifting through my massive hoard of assets laughing maniacally because I caused global warming and ruined life for the generations that follow.

  21. Hi Elsa, not sure if this has been mentioned in the comments so far. You’re def onto something here but it doesn’t look like a lockdown to me, although I understand you used the term loosely here for illustration purpose. I’ll state my case. Back in 2020-22 we had the cluster of planets in cap and aquarius. Both being traditionally ruled by saturn, and relating to institutions where power is concentrated and with society as a block. The general (cap/sat) had the infusion of the dark forces (yes, pluto) and the expansion provided by jupiter. Uranus was all the while setting up to drop the curtain on the tangible results: disruption of production and supply chain. We’re going into 2024 having a cluster in pisces/aries/taurus now. Kings now will be Neptune (at home), Aries/Mars, and Venus. Now I think I’ve read befire how you don’t agree the outer planets to *always* trample over personal. I don’t as well (having sun/pluto and mars/sat oppositions exact does that). With the nodes now in aries/libra, I would say the lockdown might be more of a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” thing now. No one is going to help mars do it. Some will not oppose but help? everyone might be solely concerned with having to fend for themselves just to go by. Is that a bad thought? It’s not flowers and glitter and unicorns alright. But I don’t think it’s primal survival mode for the most part either. Chiron and NN in Aries show the direction. Be assertive, go after what you need, fall and get up again. But get a grip and forget daddy state. It’s all rotten, we’ve seen already. Stop playing small, being too agreeable, stop imitating. Have some guts, get up and go. I think this is it. The moment the alphas and the betas/sigmas/androids get sorted out on an individual level… lets see.
    I have aries 12house. If it weren’t for jupiter and Uranus which are surely infusing me with possibility, I’d be dreading this. Tired of transcending…people’s crap! 😆

  22. You’d hope more and more people would have cottoned on to channels like John Campbell on YT with the stats/ studies he rakes over which have come out in the last year or so … to cancel out adherence to certain narratives… did someone say scorpio moon, yep feeling it this am 😁🤣

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