Astro Chart Of An Anomaly

AnomalyAn anomaly is a deviation from the normal or common order or form or rule. It can be a statistical outlier, a rare event, or something that is simply unexpected.

A gal read my Dark Heart post and sent me the chart of a person who she says fits this profile.  She provided some details about this person and while I realize I’m only hearing one side of the story, it’s believable.

She said the chart would do the talking. I was suspicious! It’s normal to see what you want to see when looking at the chart of someone who provokes a strong reaction in you.  But you know me and my curiosity. I pulled the chart up and saw something “simply unexpected” aka an anomaly.

So take a look at this chart. I am not suggesting anyone with this chart is going to be a psychopath but you are surely going to be aware they’re in the room with you.

Most who read here, do look at charts as a matter of routine.  Let’s say this chart popped up on your screen. What would you make of it?

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  1. Wow Elsa, what a chart! Sort of like poisonous ( saturm neptune) by surprise or electric shock (uranus) killer doctor/nurse, authority figure( neptune saturn 6th house cap), motherly looking ( asc cancer), benefitting from staying in shadows, prison, hospital, religious sect ( jupiter 12th H), enjoying secretly hurting women or and kids (venus 5th house scorpio) in the neighborhood (Sun, moon, mars 3rd house), maybe her/his siblings?
    This is exaggerated for sure

  2. Really tight cardinal aspects. Mars and Venus (sun sign ruler) debilitated in Libra and Scorpio. I would have to see how Mars is playing out in life. Aries is the release point for t-square. If they have learned how to positively use all the Marsyness themselves or partnered with people to fill in the empty leg of the t-square, tons of energy could be harnessed.

  3. Wow, you don’t see Cazimi Mars much…and then that clustering of outer planets aspected by Pluto aspecting the Sun….

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    Sirena Oceana

    Wow, I would never judge anyone based on their chart alone, but this chart is scary. All the energy is contained in that cardinal t-square with major debilitations+dignities . A sadist psychopath. The Saturn Mars square stands out. Brutal. Especially strong debilitated Mars in its fall is on steroids being cazimi. And Neptune involved-sly. Jupiter to amplify. Which, btw, Jupiter in Cancer hates both Saturn and Mars being in their debilitation/fall. I want to know who this person is.

  5. this person’s chart looks quite similar to my sister’s ex, who she said was abusive, but he has Virgo venus which is in the Fall, also debilitated. Jupiter Cancer involved too; i’m noticing alot of red angles, and get scared when i see a cardinal t square, fixed t square, (i saw that in john lennon’s chart,so abusive in hidden closed quarters –with fixed t square) my mother too, with her cardinal t square, but she prayed everyday,without fail until she got a stroke and dementia. I think deeply she knew she was praying religiously knowing something deep within her was too difficult and complex. In the end of her life, she is a saint honestly and a good woman. but i know it’s been so difficult for her, and she cried alot. She said her religious fervor helped her become a good person. I believed that. If you believe and have faith, you keep on. also i’ve started looking into serial killer’s charts as well, theyre the most extreme. not just abusive famous people, but infamous. and many have fixed/cardinal t squares. even the MC midheaven was part of that t square.

    1. i think if this popped up in my chart i would pray alot like my mother and do many good deeds, and feel happy about it because it does feel good. Become ritualistic and meditate alot, you have to give out love to the world, and it will help.

      1. sorry re read again lol if popped up on screen, i’d see it as “POWERFUL” my mother for example was a powerhouse. worked alot and did work for what seemed for 5 people and seemed tireless; was super creative. She can make dresses and is a great designer. Another powerful chart with contained energy (with the red lines containing all that energy was Bruce Lee. So i would see it as wow!! potentially wonderful and superior power, but it must be directed for good, for the benefit of self and others.

  6. My chart looks worse than this one. ↪️🕳 Anyway, Jupiter in 12th is very concerning. They can get away with a lot, have hidden protection and luck by getting out of bad situations even if they are the instigators. Venus in 5th and scorpio super charming as with the 3rd house libra planets- glib and glutes. This person would give familiar, caring and cordial vibes- cancer rising. With chiron conj rising nonetheless, that means opposite descendant- the ability of inflicting emotional pain on others. There’s a lack of element fire in this chart and a lack can bring overcompensation. So they would use their mars?

    1. That was my reaction about my chart! “You should see everything conjunct MY Sun in 12th…square Moon…opposite Saturn…”

      All the oppositions here are generational. I know; it’s the Cardinal squares we’re meant to focus on.

      I just know what it’s like to have people erupt in a disturbed panic at the obvious darkness in my chart. But it hurts me more than it hurts them! So I want to fond something “good” in someone else’s “bad” chart. 😕

      1. Oh boy, Sun in the 12th sounds like working operator in projection central on a night shift. What I mean is, people must say all kinds of things to you, many of that aren’t related to you but true and unpleasant about them. My chart looks like it borrowed elements of Hitler and Dahmer, Add neptune on the rising to all of that.🫠 I’ve met some reasonable people that didn’t put stuff on me where it didn’t belong and instead one advised me to get into martial arts for example. People looking at another’s chart- through fear lenses must be missing out on the you in the real plane. And that’s sadder than a fixed t-square- like mine or a cardinal grand cross. Or any other difficult placement.

        1. Thank you. Yes, the real me not being seen is tough (3 planets conjunct that 12th H Sun btw…) and lonely and they’re missing out, too 🙂

  7. Whoa the descriptive review; I have long wanted my chart explained. But this scare s me. like being anxious for Easter, and then unwrapping your eggs, and finding bugs, alive and biting.I pray to be positive I pray to be peaceful I pray that all live in the beauty and understand that the crazy is there in the shadows. Now I See why I like the sun.Wild ,some live unbelievable
    Ways. I think I understand why some scientists work to invent medicine.

  8. Sociopathic school nurse?
    Munchausen by proxy parent?
    Human trafficker?
    Passive aggressive Patty at the office?
    Pedophile ice cream man?
    Evil elementary principal?

    So. Much. Happening. Here.

  9. Abused as a child, most likely the mother. Wouldn’t surprise me if this person in turn abused animals.

  10. I wouldn’t want to work with them, that’s for sure. Yikes. Unless they are consciously aware of their deep need to nurture/be nurtured, I can see this being a “I know better than you what you need, so do what I say and you’ll be safe” type person. Controlling, type A. Weaponized nurturance *shivers in disgust*

  11. Wow. The Sun and Mars are both weak, the Moon joins in, and they all get walloped by Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

    Any one of those NINE aspects can cause a person to go off course…but to have all of them? And inflamed by Jupiter?

    The Venus/Pluto by itself in Scorpio is also enough on its own (I have this in Virgo), but it feeds off the instability of this chart. The would fare better in a more psychologically healthy chart, but…

    Person is going to be wreaking havoc or worse in someone’s life or consumed by the mess in their head.

  12. I know someone born about a year later than that, with the Saturn Neptune Uranus mashup in the 12th/1st house. Saturn/Neptune midpoint at the Asc with Neptune and Uranus in the 12th house. Tight stallion of Sun, Pluto and Venus in Scorpio 10th house sextiling that mashup and tightly squaring the Moon and Jupiter in Leo 7th House.

    He is an alcoholic drug user who lies A LOT. And when by progression and solar arc brought Mars = Neptune/Uranus, he became paralyzed in his arms, legs,!bladder, from huffing nitrous oxide.

    Tells everyone it’s from a mild stroke or a brain injury in order to garner sympathy and help.

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