Out Of Bounds Stress Wreaking Havoc

stressWith Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, the Mercurial signs, Gemini and Virgo can become quite stressed.

Saturn in Pisces distorts reality and dissolves a person’s sense of control. The Cardinal signs are challenged.

Uranus in Taurus is messing with the Fixed signs. Pluto in Aquarius in on it’s way, sure to exasperate the situation.

All of these situations have and and will continue to be sustained. The impact can seen, pretty much anywhere.

My husband made a remark the other day, “It’s going to be a year of madness.” He’s an extreme human being who inflates, nothing.  It took this a heads up; to orient myself.  The current stellium in Capricorn is very good for this purpose. You want to plan.

Stress makes people crazy. I am including myself here, as I am a person.  I keep saying “Stay in the boat” and what that means is you recognize the inclement weather… the tides of lies, swirling around, but you opt to maintain yourself through this period.

If you’re interested in trying to achieve this goal but don’t know where to start – I would start by cutting down on stress, as much as possible.  This is entirely doable and one little success, will open the door to the next success and so forth.

The sky favors this right now, quite profoundly. If you’re spending your time, in a mental or emotional mosh pit, how about making an exit?  Because if you continue to expose yourself to high stress, it’s going to take a toll.

Illness or accidents, yes?

Have you tried to reduce the stress in your life or found an outlet for it?

20 thoughts on “Out Of Bounds Stress Wreaking Havoc”

  1. I’ve been doing this by getting things taken care of NOW, because it may be very hard to do so later in the year. Car maintenance, new tires, plumbing issues.

  2. I noticed this coming out the holiday break… It’s subtle, in all kinds of people strangers, daycare staff, coworkers… People are the opposite of rested, it’s more like dread not excitement about the new year beginning. Even drivers on the highway are…I don’t know
    It’s subtle so maybe I’m imagining or projecting?
    Has the titanic seen an iceberg ahead?
    I think your advice to stay in the boat is good. Focus on your boat.

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    Madeline Kasian

    I have had a very stressful few days. An odd cycle is swirling around me and I am looking for the exit.I will meditate more this week, journal more, and cut back on all unnecessary errands and running about.I think I will read a couple of good mysteries and just chill.I am exhausted from today’s goings on around here.

  4. Exercise, orgasms and tapping (EFT – it’s like an active meditation) to reduce stress works for me. My Mars in Sag requires physical activity to get rid of stress energy. And I try to only stress about the things I can control!

  5. l am so glad you explained what ‘staying in the boat’ means, Elsa. Yes l am aboard. l even wrote a poem about one years ago ‘l am a sturdy boat but not prepared for open seas’ was a line…l have been hunkering down. New moon is opps my Mars Cancer 5th and quintrux Moon Leo to the ‘exact’ degree. Neptune 24 Picses. (Yod) …Saturn very close to my Asc….and the all the rest with Uranus. l have been pacing. Balancing. Not getting caught in ‘messes’ esp other peoples ‘old stuff’ not playing my ‘helper people pleasing role’ so much. l havent seen anyone since Christmas except for the neighbours and the odd passing stranger. l am keeping a holding pattern atm: gardening, eating well, cooking, cleaning, reading, drawing…l might watch a movie/series eps. and then early to bed. l have been preparing…l try not to look too far ahead. Today l see my Libra friend (Venus Scorpio) for lunch she is never wishy washy…and maybe l will go to a new writer’s group on the weekend. (or maybe not covid numbers are up again). Stress needs management. Sometimes easier said than done… and Sarah, suggests, there are things we cant control and things we can.

    1. We were both ‘wishy washy’…messy and the food was bad. This is such small stuff — it is ordinary human at least.

  6. Thank you Elsa! That explains why I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin! ( Virgo here). I can’t sleep, old stuff to the max dumping on me. At least now I have an idea what is going on. You are so helpful!

  7. 29 Cap rising. Avoiding stress has been my hobby for a while now. I refuse offers or appointments if it involves two activities on the same day. I make sure that there are at least two days a week with NOTHING in the diary and use them to daydream or catch up on things I’ve neglected at home, but at my own pace.
    Noticing people being busy, busy as though unsettled and waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m old and miss the feeling I call ‘normality’. Would like to set up a soup kitchen because lots of people around here have addictions they can’t afford and food is very expensive. Children not being fed properly. Everybody is looking into a phone. Even nursing mothers. A worldwide addiction…did Neptune in Pisces cause all these addictions?

    1. And the Neptune Pisces addictions will reach a crisis point this year, especially between May and September 2024, when it reaches 29°Pisces.

      It will hover there for an unusually long time before it stations retrograde at a knife edge 29°55′ Pisces, so close to entering Aries, and yet, so far.

      I see mental health crisis and addictions reaching a critical point, as Saturn will be only 10° orb away from Neptune too. Harsh reality will start to hit home, depression (Saturn) combined with addiction (Neptune). THIS will be the new pandemic!

      1. You are probably right!

        I am so glad I got that addiction/depression stuff out of the way during the pandemic years where I got into intensive , heavy therapy!
        (Not that you are saved from sh*t hitting the fan, but still – knowing your stress demons make a helluva lot of difference!)

  8. Just today, it seemed that even just getting to the beach to unwind caused me mind boggling stress at every turn! Even so, once walking along the shore, a little boy asked me if I didn’t just love the water, and I was like, “What? Oh yes, I do, I love it!”, I said, “Just be careful because it is dangerous!” Then I was kicking myself as I walked on because even though the waves and power of the water coming up on the shore was exceptionally strong today, I wasn’t sure if I should be traumatizing the child with my fears of him getting knocked down and pulled away by the water, when he was obviously just high at the awesomeness of the waves, and chose me to share that with. !!!!!!!!! Also we have a dear neighbor who had one last chemo treatment that threw him for a loop, and the lady that was caring for him kept telling me he couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink, was wasting away, thought his number might be up, and when I saw him I cried at his helplessness, but then they said he wasn’t drinking because the water burned and I remember having strep throat and thinking all my coconut waters were gone (water burned my throat and only coconut water went down)and I was dying of thirst so I prayed to my grandma Sophia for the first time ever- she died when my dad was 8. I said, Grandma Sophia, you have to love me because I love my dad and you love my dad too. Please help me somehow- you decide how because you have a better vantage point of what would work best, and suddenly a piercing cry of a tropical bird called at my window, even though there was no tree immediately outside of it, and no bird that would make that bizarre call either. My dog woke from under the covers and ran to be let out of the kitchen door, barking furiously at the intruder into his backyard, and as I always did, I entertained myself my opening the fridge while waiting for him to come back. I flung the door open and the whole fridge rocked, knocking the last hidden can of the coconut water I needed from its hiding place behind the ketchup. As I cracked it open I realized that in less than 1 minute from praying to my grandma, she had answered my prayer, and I soothed my throat and quenched my thirst at last. So, yesterday I decided to pray to my grandma again to help Don Sergio after a week of them shaking their heads when I asked how he was, to compel him to drink some of the dozen cold cans of pure coconut water I had raced out and brought back for him, and sure enough, today, for the first time in more than a week, his son said he was feeling better today, and was drinking the coconut waters I had brought. Yay!

    1. Thanks for sharing those thoughts and your prayer story! Bless you and your coconut water. I’ll say a prayer for your neighbor.

  9. I’ve been making efforts to reduce my stress and cortisol levels for a few months since they were elevated for a long time, but my stress levels were very high the last few days. I completely cut caffeine in the morning, make sure to eat breakfast, exercise in the morning, and prioritize getting enough sleep. Making these changes have reduced my stress levels. Also trying to completely unwind and not worry.

  10. Yes!!!

    I have a stress magnet diagnosis, so stress management have been pretty THE most important thing in my life since 2021 when I got it.

    I recently realised 2023 had been all about other people using all my energy up for *their* purposes and problems, and my 2nd house tr. Neptune had been giving and giving and giving (my primary stress source), so no more!

    I had to cut out 2 family members to breathe again. And I am feeling much better, even with Uranus currently opposite my Sun/Venus/Jupiter stellium in Scorpio and Pluto about to enter my 1st house and cross my Ascendant the next 2 years…

    Soon my natal 40 year crisis Neptune square will be over this spring for the exact hits at least (thank God!).

    What would you do/had done with said transits, Elsa? *curious*

    1. “What would you do/had done with said transits, Elsa? *curious*”

      Honestly, I would never have a 40 year crisis. I would transcend the situation, one way or the other and I would do it, quickly.

      1. I have had a foggy situation in regards to my career dreams as one of the manifestations, and I could not see it until now. I did know about the transit, so at least I came prepared :p

  11. This Gemini saw block therapy (you tube) for reducing pain this week. Diaphramatic breathing is my new best ally. There’s a whole list of proper posture I had learned in tai chi 30 years ago, but this week throughout the days,I’m reminding myself to align up. I am trying to oxygenate fully. Deep lower belly expanding inhalation and filling myself up with air to the sore spots (tangled facia). Then I wait til I feel the tingle down my legs- oxygen permeates all the cells. Shoulders back, head suspended by the string of pearls, tongue up to the roof of the mouth. Breathing this way helps me.

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