How Tracking Everything Might Wreck Your Life

jupiter card 2Do I really care what Evernote is doing?
Do I care about reaction to the iPhone 7?
What’s Tesla mean in my life?
Should I care about Kaepernick?
Is what Jonbenet Ramsey’s brother has to say, twenty years after the fact, important to me?
How about internet gossip, regarding people I have never met and never will?
Do I need to stay abreast of what the Presidential candidate do or say, every single day of my life?
Do I need to know what anyone, anywhere, ate for lunch?

It struck me today, it’s not important for me to track these kinds of things.  It must be Jupiter leaving Virgo. I see no benefit to trying to track bits of info, worldwide. I want to focus on relationships now. I want balance in my life. I want to be fair and have better manners. I want to be more considerate on every level and in any way I can. I also want to study, grace.

See how that conflicts with the list above? I just don’t need all this DATA. Data that may not even be true! I can see how shifting my attention away from this minutiae will improve my relationships.

I’ve really noticed a shift as Jupiter changed signs. You?

41 thoughts on “How Tracking Everything Might Wreck Your Life”

  1. I completely agree with this. It’s really standing out in my mind right now, how being fair, respectful and honoring your commitments to others goes a long way.

  2. Very very funny you say this because recently I thought for the first time that I’m sick of info overload. Sick of people’s opinions and BS. Email. Never thought I’d be tempted to get FB off my phone. Too much info and too many distractions. I see all these kids being left in cars and dying from the heat, and I am positive that it is because people have no attention span anymore because of technology. And I am never one of those people who hates technology or smart phones or anything like that. But I think that people have changed. I want more real life, which is kind of what you’re saying.

    1. Yes, if it doesn’t benefit me or others…then scrap it.

      Don’t get me wrong. I want to relax and watch a movie. I want to be able to converse about current events.

      But it’s far more important to me to improve how I relate to others….

      Yesterday morning, I wrote someone and talked them out of harassing someone we know in common. It’s just not charitable, there could be no gain and why can’t they just let the person be?

      I’ll share it with you (redacted)


      It struck me, why it’s so easy for me to deal with, XXXX. Italian people tend to have crazy people in their family or town or whatever…they just let them be. If you’ve ever seen the movie, Cinema Paradiso, I like how this is depicted. There are nutty people around the town, who provide the local color. They’re accepted for sure, if not out and out loved and appreciated by most townspeople.

      I see, XXXX in this way, with her distinctive way of dressing and such. The Italian way is to leave these people be. Generally, people around them are extra nice to them because of their impairment? But I’m not even sure it’s judged in that way. There are just nutty people around, as I understand it. If you run them off, you will have a boring town so everyone just lets them be.

      I think she’s got her own orbit. If you were actually able to affect it, something bad might happen to her. It’s not worth taking the risk.

      There is a guy out here who stands on the highway and waves at the cars, in a particular way. He’s an old man. He sometimes backs his truck up to the highway, sits on the tailgate and waves. I’m not botherin’ him, either.

      Or the guy carrying a cross down the highway, last Friday. On his back. I’m going to leave him alone too.

      These people are here for a reason. The reason might be that we learn to leave them be.”

      This person wanted me to join a group that was harassing this woman, supposedly for a good reason. I said, no. Then I went home and sent this explanation.

      The person responded, they are going to let XXXX be.

      That’s charitable. That’s Jupiter in Libra. This is worth the time to do.

      If at all possible, be nice?

        1. They had no good reason, but they thought they had a good reason.

          The gal (the leader) realized this after I wrote this. What she was doing (organizing a group to target an individual) was uncalled for, unlikely to do any good (the omitted part), and might possibly do harm.

          She did not think of this before…that she could harm this woman. This email was sent after the in person meeting, where I said I would not join. I made it clear at that time, I thought it was wrong to do.

          But then I came home and decided to write…use the Italian story (which is true) to give a different perspective and affect this situation more deeply, over time. I titled my mail, “cultures”, because these people are Australian. So I just wanted to give them a new way of viewing this woman, because I have seen them target her before.

          And really, she is a very good person, dingbat-ish or not. Seriously. She is a GOOD person and there is no need to poke at her and cause her any problems. So this is how I conveyed my feelings about the situation and it did work.

    2. Attention span destruction is a huge problem. Too much information at once for too long can scramble the ability to prioritize.

  3. I agree completely, and love your response to that person! My belief is that we’re not here to fix other people, just to do what we can each day for ourselves and others, and trust that. Information overload, as I’ve heard it caused, can cause a paralysis of thought and action. When this happens, people may act on emotions instead,or their last thoughts, which isn’t necessarily helpful.

  4. Yes! I want to be a better person. For myself and others. I don’t want to be a menace to society anymore. I want to care less about being right and care more about the comfort and happiness of those around me. I want to treat people how I want to be treated instead of giving them what I feel they deserve. I want to be someone that uplifts others. I think with Gods help I can be that person. I know I have it in me because i want it and I think it’s what I came here to earth to be.

  5. Following the rules and being conscientious is actually hurting my relationships now. I’ve pretty much started to throw the rulebook out the window because nobody gives a shit about it anyway. Who wants to hang out with an uptight person?

  6. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how so much interaction online, through social media and email, can make us treat other people as an “it,” as a thing. Why do so many people think they’re entitled to vent their rejection or criticism, or to “slug” someone verbally.

    A lot of stupid crap was coming at me recently, and no one knew that I’d been through a very stressful time this past summer, so it wasn’t easy to shrug off.

    I’ve healed up a lot now, but it made me realize how someone can be on the brink and you don’t know what they’re actually going through. Blowing off steam at them or spouting off with righteous criticism could be very destructive. Even “strong” people can be in a low state of mind and one more brickbat might really hurt them.

    And on the other hand, a little more tolerance or kindness could be like healing balm to someone who’s been through a dark time.

    If you don’t know someone well, you don’t know what they’re really going through or what their history is. Why not give people the benefit of the doubt more, hold back on “what you really think,” check your own judgments and ego first, and ask “is this rant (or judgment or criticism) really necessary?”

  7. I’m just realizing, I quit Facebook a few weeks into Jupiter in Virgo. I realized how depressed, how really terrible I felt after a “binge” scrolling down my feed, seeing the relentless clickbait and ultimately pointless facts, opinions and movements of people I don’t even really know any more. Reminders of relationships that didn’t quite work out. I have a lot of Virgo and like to be informed (would rather know than not know) but I’m starting to think that might not be the best way. FB required me to focus on so much NEGATIVE and was not benefiting me in any real way. It’s been about a month and I wonder at how much time I wasted! Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  8. This is the age of technology and social media where everyone posts everything they do. I just saw someone this morning actually post to Facebook about their defecation. This also ties into how false news is being fed steadily to us daily to incite us into strife.
    When you spend time away from the internet, it is so much more peaceful. But the thing is, everything is done via the internet now and it is highly annoying. Facebook has taken over good old fashioned writing and anything pertaining to jobs is done online. People walk about zombified with their faces glued to their phones. I knew people who would sit in the same room and not speak one word to each other but text everything on their phones to each other. How scary is that?

    1. I disagree that it’s the time of over sharing anymore. Now people are manufacturing and filtering the best parts of their lives and companies gather as much data as possible to profit

  9. I agree. I tried to restrict my internet usage but it makes me lonelier too and less abreast of the times. And what the kids are doing. It’s super weird that people are dressing like my childhood.
    Also I want to keep track of the news but I’m not good with discernment.
    I need to stop going on celebrity Instagrams.
    My goal for the new moon was to not use Google Chrome on my phone but sometimes it comforts when I’m nervous.
    Also we are tracked up the ass and around the corner anyway if all we do is abstain from empty click bait. My phone is learning to by

  10. To predict my words and reading my emails. I erase my YouTube history but soon it registers my age and served nothing but mommy ads

  11. I forced myself to fill my ears with people who are like me or my kinda folks but that can be alienating too cause I know none of them. And they are comedians

  12. I take issue with click bait articles meant to be polarizing and engage your emotions. Which most online articles must do because they’re basically op ed

  13. Really? I must be drama queen, or king, since I’m a guy. I like reading inflammatory comments on Youtube, Facebook, other blogs, etc, etc.

    It’s kind of entertaining. Maybe I’m soulless, or something.

  14. Yes yes yes! I don’t want to have to have an opinion about every consumer product and political stance!! “Leave it be if it’s not for me” (not in a self-centered way but in a real-life-centered way since that’s where we all still are, in real life!!) Reality has become more interesting and more comfortable for me than the online realm, which is probably all for the best. Is the TV show going to be upset with me if I don’t watch it?? No, it’s a TV show, it doesn’t have feelings. I haven’t watched TV for decades and I truly don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

  15. I agree completely.
    Not only that, but the time wasted! Life is short & how many hours a day are dedicated to this vs. what you get from it?
    But I think that at some point many people will tire of this.
    Also, I wonder what will be the next escalation? 24H intravenous pseudo-info???
    Oh well, people need to fill their lives, or avoid living it.

  16. It just got too hard to wade through the misdirection (& google/facebook etc hiding a lot of news) in order to try to find the actual truth – I just had to stop reading the news. Plus I figure any time I can remove myself from brainwashing is good.

  17. I just had a rather heated discussion with my mother about the insincerity of FOXX News, as she and and my stepfather are big fans of that station. I’ve gotten tired of hearing what the presidential candidates do or say every day and hopefully with Jupiter in Libra, things will lighten up. I particularly dislike The Five at 5 on FOXX News ( and also Kimberly Guilfoyle, who makes me want to run out of the house quick with that nasal, shrill voice of hers. :0

  18. Jupiter in Virgo here lots of Mercury in my chart Uranus Neptune .. easy to see the drummed in info out there plus I was grown up to sell it myself.. music production make believe stories about pop artist… Its a big waste more than I never ever could know.. especially facebk twitter. Its hopeless. Politics playing off just selling time on media. I mean for just a few major companies..

  19. I don’t really consider anything on celebrity media, which seems to be enveloping the so called news media as well, to be data. It’s entertainment. More and more it is about what the espouser wants me to believe. It’s about the deliverer, not anything to do with fact. I caught one of those celeb gossip shows the other day. The people were all laughing and dishing dirt and I couldn’t hear a word they were saying. blah diddy blah blah blah. At first it frightened me. They were speaking but it was all slurry to my ears. Moon in pisces mayhaps. Or just slurry mouths.

    I am not sure about the Jupiter shift probably because mercury is rx and there is this heavy heavy eclipse energy going on. I like working with data and trending and all that. But that’s number data. Different.

  20. I have never kept track of anything in my life. I forget things easily. I do not think keeping track of everything is going to help me in any way. Useless to do so.

  21. I have taken my own advice on this. It’s really helped my life, my health and happiness. Days pass without clicking on any news.

    I have substituted jokes. Seriously. I read jokes now. 🙂

    I’m entertained.

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