How Can I Be A Better Person?

stellium in VirgoI went back to visit the gal I mentioned in this post – Visiting The Dying. 

This time I got her birth data. That’s a crop of her chart on the right. You can see the the whole (noon) chart here.

She’s super interesting to talk to.  She seems current around news and technology,  but she’s still able top reach back seventy-five years and tell me how her mother make booze-soaked fruitcakes, back before refrigerators existed.

She was telling me a story about a boy she knew, who decided to buck his parents wishes and go to,  “Boston U”,  rather than a college closer to home.  He was 18 years old and he met a girl at some function.  She lived in Boston, so he was going… which he did do. And this couple did marry. And a number of other things happened, just look at her chart!  But in the process of telling me this, she used a phrase I’ve not heard in a long time.

She said, “He wanted to better himself…”

I’m not sure we think like this anymore. Collectively speaking, we seem to think we’re GREAT! This is a million miles from thinking yourself, “average” and having a goal to become more than that.

This is Jupiter in Sagittarius by the way. It’s not about how much money you make.  It’s about being a better person and being less petty, judgmental, and flat-out inflated.

How can you better yourself over the next year (with Jupiter in Sagittarius)?

5 thoughts on “How Can I Be A Better Person?”

  1. In every way possible! More positive; more wise; more knowledgeable; more discerning; fitter, stronger in body and mind; reaching to further horizons. Yes, this is certainly on the agenda.

  2. Bettering myself has been a lifelong endeavor for me, and will not stop until my last breath.

    In the coming year, one specific thing I want to get better at is Finishing What I Start! I have tons of cardinal so I excel at Vision and Getting Things Going. Slugging through the tedious of implementation is a challenge for me. I want to change that.

  3. Natally I have Jupiter in saggitarius,7h 4degrees from DC, in trine with Sun (Leo,4h) and Moon (Aries,12h), opposing Chiron in Gemini (1h). This stelium involved my nattal Jupi and Uranus.
    And since two days I’m just “go f#*$@ yourself”. But maybe it’s just a flu…

    1. Ok, for sure it’sa flu… I wanted to write that I really need to think about myself this year, regarding my selfidentity, my thinking about body and appearance, myself im relations with others…

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