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sagittarius girl archer blueA gal with Saturn in Sagittarius asked me if I thought our workshop on the topic would interest her. I haven’t mentioned this workshop in a long while. It was focused on Saturn’s transit through the sign. I opened it to to find out.

I quickly realized, the answer to the question was dependent on an individual’s perspective so I copied the intro into a new document and sent it to her so she could judge for herself.  Do you feel something when you read this?

I’m going to do the same thing here.  I think the whole tone of this workshop is Saturn in Saggie. It’s a strong placement with a lot of potential.  My thought is that this workshop might help someone truly understand their  Saturn placement… which could anchor their understanding of their chart and their life.

Here’s the sample:

Saturn in Sagittarius

Our attention is drawn to wherever Saturn is transiting in the zodiac. With Saturn in Libra, we learned how to get along with others. Saturn in Scorpio gave us a deeper understanding of how we share energy with others. With Saturn in Sagittarius, we’ll work to understand our place in the big picture. We’ll also work to define the big picture!

Is the big picture you in your town?
You in your city?
You in your county or your state or your region?
Is it you in your country?
Is it you in the world?

What’s the edge of the world?
Is the world the planet Earth?
Or does it go beyond that?

What about the cosmos? The heavens? What about God?

Don’t be surprised to see yourself grappling with things of this nature with Saturn in Sagittarius.  Even if you’ve never thought about such things in your life, expect that to change.

Sagittarius is a seeker. “I’m a seeker, blah, blah.”

“Oh really?” Saturn asks.  “Where is your evidence of that?  Does your blathering have substance?”

I want to get off on a good start. Also, as a Saturn figure myself, I want to set a good example.

Sagittarius tends to inflate and over-promise. I figured I’d kick off this workshop by addressing everything I promised to address in my sales pitch, right up front.  Then we’ll get to the actual workshop.  It will naturally expand on all these things and more.  But I figure this will be a good place to start.

Here’s the list:

  • How you can benefit (Sagittarius) from the limits that naturally occur in life (Saturn)
  • How to recognize and rein in your own inflation
  • How to ground your vision of your future
  • Saturn return in Sagittarius
  • Real (Saturn) education (Sagittarius)
  • Your responsibility (Saturn) to teach (Sagittarius)
  • Defining and standing up (Saturn) for your beliefs (Sagittarius)
  • How to mature your life philosophy
  • How being a humble student opens doors
  • The effects of Saturn in Sagittarius’ transit through each house
  • How to get off your high horse (and avoid being knocked off)

And off we go…


Check out the rest here: Saturn In Sagittarius – A Real Education.

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  1. SO thought provoking Elsa / upon further investigation it turns out I have 6th House Saturn in Sagittarius!


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