Saturn Transit To Natal Mercury: Hard Thinking And Mental Tasks

Some things are difficult to figure out but if you can manage the rewards are many. I am trying to figure out a number of things right now. I have Saturn transiting Mercury right now so thinking is hard but seems necessary, worth the investment, etc.  With Saturn, you really have to push through resistance or be thwarted if not crushed.

My mental tasks range from the mundane to the sublime.  For example, I have work towards a solution around the Astro Dispatch which has become unwieldy and crashes this blog, constantly.  There is no pleasure in this. Once we have a solution defined it will have to be put into place and there is no telling what that will require outside of I know it will be a lot of work.

On another front, I am coming to understand, and I mean really understand that some people are truly not worth knowing.  I think this is common knowledge but it becomes very dicey when the person or persons in question are people you’re connected to somehow.

It’s like finding out your grandmother really doesn’t like you when you thought she did. You may very much want a relationship with her but she rebukes you. The rejection is painful but it may be even more painful to realize your grandmother’s character. This may be more painful initially but ultimately it’s eye-opening and moves you into a higher realm.

I like to figure things out.  This is no secret and it’s another thing I am finding out.  Some people want to do anything but figure something out.  This is entirely within their rights but what I realize now is if a person like me runs into a person like that, we’re going to clash.

Learn anything hard lately?

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  1. Not yet. 🙂 Transiting Neptune on my natal Merc-Saturn conjunction has me at the least pleasantly snowed and at worst completely befuddled and deluded. Mostly I’m working out what’s real and what’s illusion and that’s more than enough to keep me hoppin’.

  2. Am I learning anything hard lately? Yes!

    Transiting Saturn in Libra is in my 7th house squaring my natal 4th house Mercury. I’ve had a couple heavy arguments with a loved one in the past 10 days that still aren’t completely cleaned up and will take more effort/ work. Also, had miscommunications with our dental office, which turned into a cluster__cuss situation. That too, I have to go back and clear up/ settle up the billing issue and change dentists.

    I also have a new coaching client to set up w/ paperwork, billing, etc. and my main computer (with all my client forms and programs) is getting repaired still. Argh.

    Thank godess for yoga!

  3. Saturn is conjuncting my natal Mercury as we speak. The past month has been one big lesson of “sit down, shut up, slow down, focus on one thing at a time, and keep track of every detail.”

  4. Yes, I’ve been learning hard lessons… Saturn is busy in my 12th house dealing with all those things I’ve conveniently been sweeping under the rug. That’s been tough… It’s also opposite my Venus, so I’m reevaluating what is truly valuable.

  5. that my energy isn’t as consciously directed as i’d like. i kind of already knew this. what i wasn’t aware of is that i have to bust my hump and make it a serious priority to get a handle on, from here on in.

  6. I’ve learnt that it’s not very common for people to want to evolve, or to change. A lot of people feel there’s nothing wrong with them, nothing needs to be fixed, because it’s always the circumstances or other people or whatever. And no point in telling them otherwise. I’ve also learnt that I need to have strict boundaries concerning some people (namely my sister). Saturn recently squared my Mercury/Neptune conjunction.

  7. Thanks, cherie. I am not sure I got this conveyed very well.

    I mean to say it is possible to be very fortunately rejected. You think you want to know someone or spend time with them but if you actually had your wish granted, it would come to nothing of any importance or good, and so you avoid this even if it is not you who does the avoiding.

  8. Well, Saturn is trining my Gemini and is not aspecting natal Mercury so this hasn’t been too difficult lately. Although I certainly have had my fair share of pushing through resistance these past few months due to Saturn! It really has sucked. No doubt in my mind you’ll come out on other side of it though, Elsa, and in a good position to boot.

  9. rebelling against obligations i chose is dangerously counterproductive.

    i am choosing a path for myself that will force me to make ugly decisions and try to keep myself in the clear throughout. will be a challenge. and i may not know how to justify them to other people. so i better keep walking with my goals and motivations in clear, and keep my head straight about my purpose and focus. not sure that there’s anything else i can do.

  10. @ Xenia, I know this has nothing to do with this thread — but can you message me a good online coaching program? I would like to become a Life Coach but there are so many out there, it would be awesome if you can make some recommendation 🙂

  11. @ Xenia, I will send you an email now, it’s from a yahoo address 🙂 I’ll put my user name on the subject line so you will know.

  12. I have the square between Mercury and Saturn natally, and it bugs me when I can’t figure something out – if it’s something important. I also have transiting Saturn moving towards opposing my Mercury at 19*Aries, so it’s already in range; I think I’ve been feeling the sextile to my Midheaven re: pushing through. I’m feeling more determined.

    When it comes to people worth knowing: I’ve always thought that everyone has some good in them, and is worth knowing, but I’m getting tired of BS and I have no time for back-stabbers.

  13. Oh, I understand this, too:

    “I mean to say it is possible to be very fortunately rejected. You think you want to know someone or spend time with them but if you actually had your wish granted, it would come to nothing of any importance or good, and so you avoid this even if it is not you who does the avoiding.”

    When I’ve been caught up in rejection, I’ve kicked myself over the time that was lost feeling upset over it. I wish I could find that quote that had something to do with rejection being a good thing, that I read elsewhere, during the Summer. It was rejoicing at rejection, because it meant that the lines were left open for a more pleasing connection to come along.

  14. Ouch, this post hits too close to home right now…ugh =/

    Saturns just finishing its square off with my natal mercury. For now..

  15. Hits close to home for me, too. Just like the post says, Saturn is transiting my natal Mercury in Libra and I’m feeling “crushed.”

    re: “I am coming to understand … that some people are truly not worth knowing.”

    Sometimes I get this, other times I realize I still have a lot of work to do on it.

  16. I think — re the OP about some people not being worth knowing — yes, it is much harder when you are connected, either by family or other (workplace, friend circle, etc). Saturn is not badly aspecting my Mercury right now; it has just come out of the sextile to it but my Mercury is in the fifth house and not the 9th. It’s like being around those people exposes one to something unpleasant because they are not good for you. I had relatives and former friends like this and it was an epiphany to realize that not only could I never make them happy, it was most assuredly not in my best emotional self-interest to continue trying.

    Did I capture the essence of what you were trying to say?

  17. “It’s like being around those people exposes one to something unpleasant because they are not good for you…”

    “Did I capture the essence of what you were trying to say?”

    Yes and no. This is the opposite of what I was saying. In my case, I am the person who will expose others to the unpleasant thing. I like the unpleasant thing. It is productive to mess with it and interesting to me.

    Since this is what I like (the meat of life), it is just as well I be rejected by people who like to avoid the meat of life, particularly at my age.

    If I were 20, it would be different. You want a range as broad as you can get but by now I am short of time so don’t want to waste mine, or theirs.

  18. my mother.
    she’s all sweet and kind and then goes for me in the nastiest, most damaging way possible in front of other people. The ultimate Gemini double edge. I go so cold on her but am tied in for life. I have found understanding, but this does not stop the hurt she inflicts. She wants me soft, yet she comes at me hard. bitter stuff.

  19. Thanks for the article on this one. Never thought of the rejection, eye-opening, concept with mercury/saturn. I always thought of it as a matter of repression of thought, depression, or discipline of thought (or nervousness).

    Now, though, even with this new concept, it makes me wonder what may happen when Saturn transits my natal Mercury and Neptune in my 1st house/Asc (Scorpio), about a year from now. Eeek! Currently, it’s on my Ceres and Venus in ,my 12th (and also my So. Node),..and it’s NO fun.

  20. Speaking of people not worth knowing about, I was warned by
    several psychics when I was living in New York about those
    who in their neurotic jealousy (I appear to have a gift with
    manifesting things I request, unexpectedly at times!) would
    attempt with whatever means available to block my progress!
    Both my natal horoscope and numerological chart confirmed
    these warnings. Strange it is how some people seem fated to
    attract enemies in a life as Napoleon Hill once said, “we are put in without our consent!” This transit of Saturn to my natal Mercury in the 3rd is bringing the challenge up in
    my face each day.

  21. Will be going thru this and am feeling its side effects now. What do you suggest to counter act or turn it around to make it work best? any antedotes?

  22. I learned humility is not a handicap but can help a situation. It was a hard lesson, not because I like being in control as much as I never saw my self as having an mean or bitchy side. I think I have met my shadow. And I don’t like it.

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