Henry In His Own Words: Double Capricorn, Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person – Part Nine

Catch up here – Henry in his own words…
These are amusing. A double Capricorn writing to a judge. 🙂

Letter to US District Judge Oct. 21 1956

Dear Sir:

One of my secret ambitions has been to sit on a jury and I felt honored when the summons came yesterday. However, several obstacles stand in the way of my serving at this time.

How long the term might last is of course unknown to me, but each day would be a sacrifice for me right now. I am working from dawn until bedtime to try to get a house ready to move into before the cold weather. My present quarters have no hot water heater or facilities for heating.

For many years now I have found it necessary to live on a diet of raw fruits and vegetables and a sudden change to the greasy devitalized meals of a restaurant would be most undesirable. I have no idea how many meals would have to be eaten away from my home nor if it would be permitted to bring my food from home.

What type of cases come up in the court is also a mystery to me but it might be well to mention the fact that I have long been opposed to capital punishment. It amazes me how long our country will call itself civilized and still cling to it’s gas chambers and collective murders.

Respectfully yours,

Letter to manufacturer of poorly performing electric razor July 22 1974

“…. During my long life I have used many razors including the Schick Flexamatic, Remington, Sunbeam and the Norelco, but this is the first time I ever saw one that actually refused to cut either a whisker or a hair. Again, I have offered it to one of my two granddaughters, who both shave their legs, but they are as disgusted with it as I am.

Regretfully yours,

pictured – Henry standing on his head on top a mountain. I took that picture. I was 10.

9 thoughts on “Henry In His Own Words: Double Capricorn, Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person – Part Nine”

  1. That’s funny. This reminds me of my Capricorn friend writing a letter to Walmart because they had lobster tanks that were filthy and he thought it was a health hazard to people. (Just one example of several letters he’s written)…


  2. I love the Henry series! I’ve been reading bits of it all day inbetween classes and work.
    If I’m met with a defective item, or anything of less quality than I’ve paid for I don’t hesitate to let the appropriate people know.

  3. Elsa, I read your series on your grandfather this morning. He seemed to be a true visionary in many ways. I recalled reading about him in some of your posts earlier. Thanks so much for sharing more of yourself through the sharing of him. I hope your season brings peace whilst you are experiencing so much personal stress. Take care, Leisha

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