300 Posts On Astrology and Psychology

Vincent Van Godh sketchWith a packed 8th house, I have a strong interest in psychology.  If you share my interest, I think you’ll enjoy this collection of more than 300 posts on the topic, written over the last twenty years.

The collection includes:

  • The Burden Of Your Complexity
  • Passive Aggressive Personality Types
  • Gaslighting
  • Psychological Cowlick
  • Stalking, Manipulation and more!

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12 thoughts on “300 Posts On Astrology and Psychology”

  1. Thank you for this. I have always enjoyed your posts about your grandfather especially. I have a massive pile-up of planets in the 8th with Pluto and Uranus the dominants in my chart. For some reason I have always thought of Pluto as representing the extraordinary influence of grandparents on my life, rather than my parents. I am close to both my parents and love and respect them, but somehow I have always felt that my maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother (my only living grandparents when I was a child – both, alas, now long gone) were the key people in my life – no matter how infrequently I saw them. It seemed as if I was somehow carrying forward for them their generational struggle and not that of my parents. It still does. 🙂

  2. Perfect! Thanks! Your post about psychological cowlicks really made me stop and think. It will be great to go through these posts.

  3. Oh yes! Psychology together with astrology is one my fav subjects! How astrology integrates psychology is what made me so interested in astrology to begin with!

    I have a strong Scorpio Pluto as real chart ruler, opposite my sun and Mercury. Strong urge to wanna “understand” oneself via psychology.

    Also A 8th house stellium! With Venus-jup-n.node.

    So you can say I “love” 8th house themes, spirituality, psychology, mental health, god etc.

    So this is awesome! Will go through all the post with time hopefully<3

  4. Thank You, Elsa! I share your interest in psychology. Gemini Venus/8 trine Libra Mars/12. Probably Mercury/6 opposite Mars /12 too.

  5. These posts are great for when you want to go on a deep dive on a rainy afternoon! I’ve got Saturn and True Node in my 8th house, and its’ ruler is conjunct Pluto, I love the subject matter! Oh, and I learned about Normopathy. I knew what it was, but not what it was called, which sent me off down a fascinating rabbit-hole!!

  6. That used to be awesome stuff and now we know everything..
    Thank you so much for the van Gogh image, especially this one!
    Pluto exact cusp 7 (Virgo) is me – all that my mum would not bear alone. It’s all right now.

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