Can A Scorpio Be Weak?

There was a discussion in the forum, “What makes a “Plutonian”.   I wrote:

“I would not consider a Scorpio rising, “plutonian”. The rising sign is veneer. Put ruler Pluto in Scorpio conjunct the ascendant and I’ll change my mind…”

I don’t know that anyone can define this for anyone other than themselves. But if I were going to try, I would be looking at a person’s essence.

One person may be transcendent for example; a Neptune / Pisces type. Another may be a strong Saturn figure. A Plutonian would have deep impact on anyone they were closely associated with.

Another thing to note is many people strongly represent more than one energy and I am an example of this. That I have a strong Plutonian vibe is undeniable but I can just as easily be defined as “Mercurial” or “Saturnian” or even “Jupitarian” or “Neptunian”.

If you an instrument, then you are just an instrument until someone tunes the instrument and learns to play it.

There’s such a  thing as a limp double Scorpio! I have met them in my time for sure.  Yesterday I spoke with a gal who had Venus conjunct Pluto in Virgo; she was keen as they come. I would characterize her as “Plutonian”. The double Scorpio was nothing / null and void.

It’s like having a good singing voice. If you opt not to sing, then you’re not a singer.

What energy has been honed in you?

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74 thoughts on “Can A Scorpio Be Weak?”

  1. I scored a 30 on Donna Cunningham’s Pluto quiz on the first question. *snort* Pluto literally hits everything in my chart in some way, although three of the contacts are by stellium and not direct.

    I feeeeeel Plutonian, but I mostly keep quiet on these threads. I look at the criteria and read the descriptions and go “Yep!,” but most of it happens below my radar. It’s instinctual, like breathing, and I just don’t notice it until it’s pointed out.
    The times I consciously use my power, though, are magnificent (says Leo *lol*). I can feel it manifest, whatever purpose I’m using it for, I can feel the energy shift and rearrange and work towards my goal.
    Shore up a friend? Cloud, right there, supporting softly without letting them fall. Spider senses tingling? Laser on alert, picking up everything in range and filing it away. Soul wound needs healing? Here comes the scalpel, slice slice slice, and I’ll catch the blood.
    When it’s on, when I’m on, are some of the most marvelous times, even when it’s dark and bloody and dangerous. I feel truly alive, to the tips of my hair, like I should glow with it. The rest of the time is like sleepwalking or living encased in gauze. *le sigh*
    But even I know a crisis everyday is neither feasible nor desirable. 😉

  2. Comments have been eaten steadily for the past three days. 🙁 Very sad, because I just slaved over trying to get how I feel my Pluto down into words and I don’t think I can recapture it now.


    I think the test is pointless. It’s not about wether the aspects are hard or soft or so-called minor, it’s about how the energy manifests. Not that I wish to sound mean, but it reads more like an opportunity to promote a book than really understand what it really means to be Plutonian. This isn’t to say having more negative aspects don’t ever create problems, but the article is too simplistic for me to take that seriously.

    In addition, the 8th house is about death, inheritances, and other people’s money. I’ll probably remain skeptical about how plutonian and sex driven it really makes people for now for awhile as I engage in more study about this discipline.

  4. all so interesting these contributions. I have Pluto in Virgo trined to my Sun in Capricorn in the 6th. The way I am using this is through my daily chi qong energy practice…which works with dark matter – so I go deep and channel the potential into my body to increase my chi and through the practice manipulate this into elevated daily experience. No matter my life experience to date, this empowers me.

  5. Krisinluck

    I think my double Scorp ex was rather passive agressive as well. Its that Sun Moon in Scorp conjunct Neptune. It drove me crazy that he never could set boundaries with people. Including his ex, who was still in love with him. She would drop by all the time, and he told me that he could never say no to her. Aaargh. It seems to me a Plutonian would have no problem setting boundaries with people.

  6. According to the test, I’m very Plutonian, scoring 29! I would never have thought that, at all. I have no planets in Scorp, and no conjunctions to Pluto, but lots of aspects to Pluto. I’ll have to think about this a little more.

  7. 45… but I don’t feel that I’ve nearly honed my plutonic qualities as they could be, so limp it is (maybe I’m also Neptunian?) However I do perceive everything in terms of energy… we ARE energy and so everyone is constantly manipulating energies to a greater or lesser extent. Indeed awareness & conscious choices are what makes the difference.
    I’m more aware of how to properly use my strong Neptune despite its related quasi permanent confusions.

  8. BTW – “Healing Pluto Problems” is a first rate book… Plutonian or not. and when Pluto hits you by transit you’ll be especially relieved to have it at hand –even more so if you’re NOT Plutonian!

    PS I meant to write above “maybe *because* I am also Neptunian?” (am deftl. Neptunian, no question here.)

  9. 29 *shrug*
    interesting way of looking at it.

    actually, i think of pluto as very low level… like the underlying radiation of the universe sort of thing. unprocessed, deep, and slow moving… like the baseline energy from which anything can be created.

  10. “What energy is honed in you?”
    I’m a weird mixture of Martian, Mercurial, Lunar, Venusian and Neptunian. Neptune hits EVERYTHING in my Chart, including my Chart Ruler and the dispositor of my Sun. On the other hand I also have an Aries Mars which, as well, hits a lot of my planets.. and then my Mercury is conjunct my Sun in Libra, which accounts for my restless mind.

  11. When I meet someone, I can’t help but sense what is off. But, instead of making it about them being wrong in some way, I identify internally with the part of myself that would make that choice/ be off in that way. And I alter/ unwind myself from the inside back to the state of evenness/ nothing/ bliss. When viewed from a Taoist/ Chinese Medicine template, there is no “wrong”, there is just a lack of flow. I also trade the notion of sin with confusion. And when my Aunt tells me if her devotion to Jesus, I can resonate with her words by merely manipulating what I hear: Jesus= Higher Power and wa-la! we are on the same page and can have a deep discussion about faith. I even used to project onto my parents what they would have said if they were parenting properly. The manipulation is constant, but essential when trying to learn to manage abilities without guidance.
    It truly is okay to trust ourselves. When you’re in a lack of flow, life has excellent means to snap you right back onto the path.
    It’s not about changing/ manipulating the outside world. It’s about managing your own insides.

  12. I think that Scorpio and Pluto energy is very overrated. I have noticed that a lot of people like to claim to be “scorpionic” or “plutonian”, even if all they have is a Mercury/Pluto biquintile. Even on Youtube anything Scorpio/Pluto/8th house related has at least 4 times more views than other astrology videos. ?

  13. I’m highly Plutonian.

    Pluto single planet in Scorpio in 3rd house. Oppo my Sun and Asc ruler Mercury.

    Venus, Jupiter, n.node in 8th house inconjunct Pluto

    And also Pluto is the final dispositor in my chart, meaning Pluto is my real chart ruler lol. I don’t like it, being plutonian. But I’m also saturnian aswell, and that one sucks more I think, for now.

    My brother has Scorpio rising and no he is not plutonic, other then his ability to give extremely aggressive looks.

  14. I’m moon conj pluto on the descendant, Scorpio mars/venus/neptune in the 8th. The older I’ve become, the more aware of these energies I’ve become and the greater my ability to work with them. I used to feel afraid when I was younger because I didn’t understand. Wonderful healing energies here when I tap into them.

  15. Can A Scorpio Be Weak? Well it depends on the other planets etc. But in the end, no. Scorpios are meant to be strong. So they are.

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