Meeting Unusual People – Uranus in 7th

I’ve met unusual people all of my life. I give this to Uranus in my 7th house. Uranus is in Leo. I’m entertained by flamboyant people ahead of their time.

Nature or nurture?

My grandfather used to stand on his head in the grocery store when he was in his 70’s, to illustrate the benefits of a raw-food diet.  I got a big kick out of this (as opposed to be mortified). I  think this is because of the Uranus placement.

My husband has Venus (in Gemini) in aspect to Uranus. Besides being married to an astrologer aka a weirdo, he’s also met characters all his life and enjoyed them.

Not everyone appreciates eccentricity, though. I know people who bend over backwards trying to conceal the odd ones in the family.  I’ve met great resistance from the families of men I dated over the years. They really didn’t want their son or brother marrying an astrologer.

I’m pulling this up because I ran into two people recently, concerned about Uranus in their 7th. This is not a bad placement. You’re never bored!  A constant stream of people come through your life; many of them with tips or hints about your future.

Do you meet more than your share of unusual people?  Is Venus mashed with Uranus in your chart?  Do you like eccentrics or do you have some other reaction to them?

pictured – my grandfather, Henry, in one of the Styrofoam hats (or pith helmets as my husband calls them) he wore all his life.

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  1. I have Venus conjunct Uranus in Gemini in my 2nd house. Not only do I love/attract quirky people, I always manage to get by even though (on paper) I should be dead broke. If nothing else, my life is interesting.

  2. Uranus conjuncts sun, mercury and venus (in sag!) I LOVE rebels, artists, eccentric looneys, and mystics. I’m drawn to the shadow side of myself I’ve noticed lately. Growing up in a strict household I broke free as soon as I could and have been surrounding myself with characters in all the places I’ve lived. I move around quite a bit with all of that sag in me and the men I am involved with are almost always either musicians, artists, watermen, constant travelers, and complete oddball rebels 🙂 I love it.

  3. Your grandfather sounds and looks like fun! I have Venus conjunct Uranus in Sadge and really do love eccentric people. I’ve turned down dates with people simply on account of them seeming too normal. My friends are usually all kind of strange in one way or another as well. All of my own attempts to follow the straight and narrow have failed, so I just embrace the weirdness now.

  4. I have a wide square between Venus and Uranus. I’m that person who never has a clique because all my friends are so varied and random that they can’t get along. But when I used to throw parties, everyone was happy being entertained by each other (by the other ” weirdos”)

  5. If kindness and empathy is present, eccentricity is a gift. I love eccentrics. I have Venus sextile Uranus, from 6th to 4th house, and I tend to care for – and so much enjoy – the eccentrics in my family. Becoming more eccentric myself, I tend to meet resistance from my man’s family – I have the impression they think he’d be better off with someone “normal”.

  6. Uranus aspects all of my personal planets and my Chiron, and I have an Aquarius South Node. Venus is semi-square my 5th house Uranus. You could say my social life, and my whole life, in fact, has a Uranian flavor.

  7. Uranus 28 degrees Gemini in the 9th, opposes my Capricorn Sun in the 4th. I am the crazy aunt the warned you about. Conservative non conforming, ;~D

  8. Hands up, “I am the crazy Aunt they warned you about?” with blue and orange hiking boots in summer and a commitment to color year round. Uranus sextiles Mars-Saturn. I do my thing while Venus in Sag in the house of friends(11th) aspects Neptune for a lot of magic. My mate: is a very tall Smurf:)

  9. Heck, I have Uranus R in my 1st and Mars and Venus in my 7th!! I have weirdos coming at me like a Mack truck, and not only that, falling madly in love with me and wanting to marry me. Or maybe it’s me that causes them to come around, subconsciously. I really don’t want that anymore. EVER!!! And the more I run, the harder they chase!!

  10. I have Uranus sextile my Ascendant, Sun opposite Uranus, Uranus conjunct my MC, and Neptune in my 11th house, so I think I have Uranus high in my chart, not wholly sure though.

    I bond with the outcasts. Very traditional people make me kind of nervous.

    Right now I am having Uranus conjunct my Venus and I have been attracting quick, furious, affairs, i.e. make-out sessions with strangers. It’s really annoying because the force is so powerful I feel like I can’t fight it. It’s like I am sending out magnetic energy.

  11. I meet a lot of unusual people. They’re interesting! (and fun)

    I feel very comfortable with them and artistic people (who are also usually unusual, lol).

  12. Love the eccentric and unusual – Uranus in the 7th. But saturn and libra require there also be charm and consideration. No boorishness or desire to belittle others. Am surprised to find some of my dear friends find things like astrology just too far beyond the pale. They seem not to be aware of how unusual they are themselves. 🙂

  13. This is so funny: my grandfather’s handstand on a chair one day in the garden, when he was in his 60ies, in front of all his grandchildren (including me) is my eternal inspiration. I keep on working on my handstand regularly, but am not sure I will attempt it on a chair. He was a Sagittarius; lived into his 90ies at the side of my Grandmother (Aquarius) 🙂

    I don’t meet enough eccentric people; everything normal pretty much bores me to death, and appears shallow.

    My Uranus is conjunct Pluto in the 9th and is opposite Saturn conj Chiron conj Lilith in the 3rd. Not quite sure how my Venus in the 10th relates to that.

  14. I am really surprised I don’t have this aspect or indeed Aquarius on my 7th as I love weird people, I’m attracted to people who live on the fringe…they aren’t always the best influence for me but I can’t help it, normal people seem so boring!

  15. Ohhhh man. Elsa, the story about your grandfather in the grocery store immediately reminded me of my Dad. He would do all kinds of weird things when I went shopping with him. Most memorable, perhaps, was when I was in 6th grade and we were at a Sears… He wanted a new pillow and was grabbing them off the shelves and laying down in the middle of the isle to try them out. When I started to walk away he told me to stand next to him so that none of the sales people thought he was a crazy person.

    He has Uranus conjunct his Sun exact in Gemini. So he is very much a weirdo. I’m a bit if a weirdo by default with a stellium in Aquarius, but my Asc in Libra just wants to blend into the crowd.. Especially in a department store at age 11.

  16. Scorpioandproud

    Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the right lol…. I love me some crazy people because see, I don’t think they are crazy. The more colorful the better!! I have some characters in my family but these aren’t the kind with flavor. They have hang ups and addictions… I would have loved to meet your grandfather in the grocery store.

    Most of the time people that are thought to be off the wall are just way ahead of their time! 🙂

  17. I can put up with you if you are normal but I’d prefer it if you had a freaky kink. Venus in the 7th sq. Uranus in the 4th.

  18. Never thought of this, but yes, as someone with a very tight Venus/Uranus conjunction tightly sextiling/trining my Ascendant/Descendant I can confirm I’ve been blessed by meeting all kinds of very interesting people, from all walks of life. Since Venus/Uranus also is conjunct to my NN with a tight orbit, I also think these people are vital to my spiritual growth.

  19. 😀
    I’m a Pisces with Leo rising, and Uranus R in Leo in 1st. Poor little Pisces inside get bulldozered by these guys. But I’m used to you Scorps!! In my life all over the place. Loooovvee the Scorp females!!! XXOO, mmwwaahh. Scorp males are **##!! !!**##!!*!! Get thee gone, boys! I’m old in earth years and an old soul. Also, have a serious problem with f”ing Geminis.

  20. Uranus rules my seventh house and is located in the first conjunct Venus and the sun. I always felt different and I love people who are. I grew up in an immigrant culture that produces cookie cutter lives and expectations and I just was never into that. The thought of trying to belong, to conform to this mindset just gives me a sick feeling. When I was a child, I hunted for adoption papers because I just couldn’t belong to my family!

  21. I’m a Uranus conjunct Venus gal with Aquarius rising and Mars in Aquarius. Is that what makes me a borderline Aspergers? An Aspie girl? Probably. It would be interesting to do research. Happy to be the black sheep of the family and social misfit. Only unusual people are attracted to me.

    When meeting folk, I stamd still and wait. Radiate a slightly cautious but genuine fondness for mankind and the sheep just separate themselves from the goats. It’s up to them.
    “The world is a classroom for minds without walls.”

  22. I have Pisces moon in the 7th house in aspect to Cancer Uranus in the 10th. I’m attracted to outgoing, romantic creative men.

  23. Hi Elsa! I enjoy reading your posts a lot. Do I need to worry if I will have transit Uranus in my 7th house & my husband will have it in his 4th house?

  24. I have Uranus in the 6th mashed up with mercury Mars and Neptune. It makes a square to my moon. I feel like a weirdo. I’d say I am for sure… my boyfriend has Uranus in the 7th 🙂

  25. I have Venus in Aquarius and Uranus in Libra conjunct jupiter to boot. (Venus is the ruling planet of natal chart)I am that weirdo :))Ha! Ha! Well I can accept everyone and love, no adore eccentricity, especially with a cause (Grandpa must have been great to have around). I have venus in ninth house so I have married a foreigner and live far, far away, that’s weird for some, too weird for others. My youngest son has Down’s syndrome (his uranus (0 aries) is conjunct his Pisces ascendant (27) and he’s fantastic. He dances down the street, waves to everyone, joy overflowing. I think this is wonderful and liberating, but not everyone can tolerate it. Some love it and wave back, others roll their eyes or scuttle away quickly. There are many some who want to brush us away under the carpet, pretend we don’t exist, others welcome us. I think venus and aquarius together are just fab.

  26. uranus is in my first. it impacts all my personal planets apart from mars. i fear & love change. the unusual. the new. i thrive in it i think. learn a lot. husband is aquarius, many friends too. sun in 11th.

  27. I have Uranus in the 7th too, but, I am a real hermit, quite shy and don’t feel comfortable meeting people, whether they are odd or not.

    Perhaps the placement in my chart is just a bit different and therefore it is I who is odd one and when people meet me they think YIKES!

  28. I have Uranus in 7th too – and a very nutty creative husband! Plus a stream of genius boyfriends before I married him.

    I also project genius on everyone else but have a hard time finding my own.

  29. House of cards when HE (Uranus) flits in the seventh with hair that’s mad (Uranus opposite the Ascendant) as a March hare!
    Sprinkled by beauty (Venus conjunct Mercury sextile the free spirit of Uranus) with lovely words that spew and genius abound.
    Magical conjuring of the Gods (Uranus sharing T square with
    Jupiter and Neptune) for Divine Wisdom.

  30. Amazing and annoying how people advocating being in-shape, eating a raw food diet and knowledgable about astrology are considered eccentric or even weird.

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