8 Mistakes To Avoid With Saturn In Scorpio

I spend a lot of time dealing with shadows and the dark side of life. It’s been this way all my life. I deal with shadows in my personal life and I deal with shadows in the lives of my clients.I like this work. I often tell people that I work in a “dirty grave”. That’s a riff off a lyric by the late, Doug Bennett: “I get so tired of working knee-deep in this dirty grave.” Doug was a double Scorpio, may his soul rest in peace.

I don’t get tired though. I think a gravedigger’s work has purpose and so does mine.To be fair, being deep and grounded is a hindrance at a cocktail party.  Just having all the lights up like that is enough to send a person like me scampering off to find a shadow to stand in.  I marvel at people who can flit about in an environment like that.But now Saturn (real) is in Scorpio (depth) and people like me are in their element.  If you struggle with the shadows in your life, this period may be difficult for you. This transit will give you  feelings you don’t want and take you places you don’t want to go. It will show you things you don’t want to see about yourself and others.If you are worried about the Saturn in Scorpio transit, here is a list of 8 common mistakes you should avoid.

1. Refuse to work your own shadow behavior or dark side

2. Suck energy from others without contributing any your own

3. Wait for someone to climb the mountain or dig the hole for you

4. Think veneer, good looks, superficial knowledge is all you need to be successful

5. Focus on anything but getting your own ass in gear, your own business going, etc.

6. Believing sleeping around all over hell is going will be good for or heal your soul

7. Stubborn refusal to acknowledge core transformation is necessary

8. Thinking #7 should be easy or painless

Some or all of these things may have worked fine for you in the past. They may work again in the future, but with Saturn in Scorpio, they’re not going to work now.

I saw this coming and put together a workshop on Saturn in Scorpio.  It’s too late to take my workshop, but I have a transcript available.

If you’re already in low gear, fine. If you need help to downshift or to stay focused, this workshop will do the trick.


23 thoughts on “8 Mistakes To Avoid With Saturn In Scorpio”

  1. Yes it’s deliciously pithy. I’m in a nubby, gnarly place of hard truths and deeply uncomfortable feelings. I mean, wordless, old, volcanic rage cannot be comfortable; it just must be had somehow, and worked with and through, without doing any more damage than is humanly possible. But there is grim rich satisfaction in doing the work and huge relief in knowing this time around, I’m not farming my shadow out. I work this soil.

  2. Working with root causes to “bad” results and behavior has been my quest since august 12. HUGE payoffs already…I’m finding that I am not allowed to relax in this process though. It’s def time to work. Thanks as always for the reminders. Cap Sun / Scorp Asc / Libra Moon

  3. This is deep! I just checked out an audio book from the library called, The Shadow Effect with Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Debbie Ford.
    Thank you for this timely topic, Elsa!

  4. You mean #4 doesn’t work? 😀 It sure helps me to get by in some situations. I can be stagey if necessary. It’s a good place to hide (Scorp Asc?)and go unnoticed.

  5. I’m sorry but for me, the only way to work with number 7(core transformation) is to live, accept and be with the dark side (number 1).

  6. Now I’m at veneer vs core transformation. I think veneer did suck more energy out of me than the other does. I’m thinking at present I use veneer more as a tool to be used in situations that I don’t really want to get into. But rather than feed on energy or suck energy out of someone else, I let it drop or just go somewhere else and become the vacant smiling head bobbing figure.

    Now I know why I have the close friends I do. We get down together.

  7. Well… this list makes me think that maybe I’ve been doing more right than I thought….. LOTS… & LOTS of facing shadows… internally, & also societally…. I admit I hit my wall this weekend & need a bit of a break, though.. my renewed intention is to ‘be positive’… but a deep, grounded positive… Positive energy is necessary, important, it is sustaining… But again, deep & grounded is the best, not superficial.. I believe this may be where Saturn Scorp is leading us too… Has a lot to do with spirituality, courage, faith, really. Joy too.


  8. This is the best advice. Thank you. I actually still have it saved in my inbox from the newsletter. I find myself re-reading it as a reminder to stay on track!

  9. Oh yes, I’m definitely working on my shadow side, and I’m making more of an effort to have balanced exchanges with other people. It’s not easy to face my imperfections, but I know that’s what I need to do before reaching the next step, which will be my Saturn return in Sagittarius.

  10. Avatar

    found out that my ex had been cheating on me the whole time that we were engaged…and he is marrying the girl that he cheated on me with. i am with an awesome man now so, i am not heartbroken…more like annoyed that i ever accepted his proposal in the first place. oh well. i finally started my business and it is taking off like a shot. bigger and better things.

  11. Yep. I’ve been doing the major transformation, digging, cause and effect, for several years now. Painful, but the best thing i ever did. It coincided with my uranus midlife so.. suprisingly it’s been a blessing. Now i’m at the part of practice, practice.

    I am loving this saturn in scorp energy. I’m so comfortable with it. This has been one of the best transits i can recall ever having in my life.

  12. I am always telling Son1 (born on my husband and my 1st Saturn Return) that he has to do the work an embrace Saturn.
    So as Mom & Dad are having Saturn Return 2, I believe we are all somewhat prepared.

    I intend to make a Saturn Sculpture out of a bowling ball for yard art. You may need to be Scorpionic to get our dark humor!

    Thanks for the reminders!

  13. Sun, mars and venus are coming up to conjunct my venus. Pluto and Moon are squaring it tonight. The Saturn is Scorpio is helping but it is in my 4th house and square my ascendent. I am feeling pressured, and I am in a mood. Thanks for this write up. Gives me some things to work with.

  14. I have neptune conjunct moon, and I think its around my first house so my mind’s been in a fog. It almost impossible to follow these guidelines given I couldn’t even do a profits and losses worksheet until my consultant called me out on so many mistakes I had to redo the whole damn thing! And I redo it with number checks. But the point is , I think I’m just going to have to roll with the punches. I really don’t know how to work with astrology. If anything I pray against the heaven’s to not work against me :p

  15. I found reading the 8 points and everyone’s comments really funny…As I am facing off this Second Saturn Return with a brave, yet naive attitude. What more can I lose, I keep asking myself. The Uranus-in-Pisces transit pretty much emptied out my life during the last decade. This should be fun, since I am on familiar ground …or so I think, haha.

  16. Oh, and I forgot to mention: I am obsessing about digging up the truth on everything near and far…(Pisces Sun, Cap Moon, Gemini Asc.)

  17. You can explain your 8 points more detailed with simple English, than using idioms and phrases. As, not all of us are from native English speaking countries. Thank you !

  18. Saturn in Scorpio nearly did me in during my teens. It was a traumatic turing point in my life and I was suicidal. I’ve spent my entire life trying to recover from those days and have been so nervous this time around… having mars, s node, ascendant (all conjunct) in scorpio (opposing my Taurus moon sitt’n on n node)…. along with Neptune in late scorp. Keep wondering if/when the hammer will drop again and flatten me to the core. At least this time around I know I have the “will” and knowledge to survive… 🙂

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