Have You Lost The Plot?

runnerToday’s newsletter mentioned the idea of running your own race.  It was a Scorpio with an Aries moon and a stellium in Sagittarius, making the statement.

This idea represents “mental health” for this person. She’s an independent runner! But I thought I’d elaborate on what it means to me. In other words, let me drag it through my 8th house…

First, this idea represents “integrity” and boundaries. It also represent focus.  When you’re trying to achieve something, it costs you to so much as glance at the other runner.  I feel this is about self-development and it addresses the main downfall of people in this regard.

I’m talking about obsession with others. I don’t care if it’s the person you love, the person you hate, some celebrity or other public figure. When you are constantly slobbering or snarling over someone outside yourself, it’s a clear sign, you’ve lost the plot.

Why? Because you’re not in charge of that person.

Also, the time you spend on them is time wasted. Time you could have spent advancing or improving yourself, or just the world in general.

If you stop and think about it, you’re basically looking into a time-wasting mirror. Use time wisely. Focus on the positive.

This world is killing people’s souls with distraction.  Don’t fall prey and wind up a victim.

20 thoughts on “Have You Lost The Plot?”

  1. I love this! I’ve just been sitting next to the heater with my squall coat (big super duper blue gift from The Taurus) on, sleeping upright because I’ve been sick for days a nasty deep bronchial infection. It has focused me to focus on my plot; stay (live) or not.

    “Dragging the question/scenario through your 8th house” spoke right to my heart. The deep sickness and sadness of the lungs demands restoration, transformation. Something needed to die to become new. Spring is teasing 😈

    The kind of sleep (sitting up) is not easy, but over the period of my worse nights this was the only way to get rest; I refocused and have as you put it found the plot, again

    I love the fresh site, Elsa!! Wonderful example of perseverance. This place is a community grown over time, not over night. Me and my big blue squall coat appreciate waking up to renewal!!

  2. Great post and timely in two ways, Elsa.
    I used to get Brochitis so often no one thought much of it. I had forgotten Louise Hay’s take about anger. When l left home l never had Brochitis again. I wonder why?

    Secondly, l have been focusing more on me and mine and l am getting some where. Banks sorted. I streamlined. It was stressful. $$$ lost and found.

    ‘Other’ people have started to notice l am not so inclined to be available. This is a very good thing.

    Also, the new site looks good and works well. Excellent work!

  3. Thanks everyone I really appreciate your good wishes, and the reminder to check in with Louise Hay. This is old grief, guilt that is probably not mine to hold, and habits. I’m pacing the race going forward.

    1. Hope you are feeling better soon, Moki!
      I relate to the bronchitis (my Achilles heel, respiratory/immune). I know you will keep uncovering/discovering the steps toward health❤️ what (& who) supports you!!!

      1. Thank you Pisces Ruth, the healing happens slower but more deeply; yes the helpers come and life takes on meaningfulness in the room cleared of old sadness, guilt, grief.
        Soup’s on for breakfast (miso and mushrooms) and The Taurus squall coat envelopes this cookie✌️😘

  4. Just suppose that you are the plot and everything else is props ??the whole story is about you!! Gives you a sense of control definitely got the button to roll in laugh tracks ,and the rest ?moves out of view like a sunset ? Like it was ever there ??and you /the plot continues!! Beats the, just agree ,you have no control but faith let
    The larger story hold your pen?I think not, I hold the pen and write the best story !!I am the plot !!
    Another good way to look at it. It takes too much energy to disagree with someone or to even notice??only spend the energy on people who really really really really matter. I mean they’re important just not important in your story .if you don’t want them give them a small part easier

  5. I have indeed lost the plot. In fact I have accidentally torn up several books and can currently only find a bunch of pages from different books, none of which fit together to form a coherent plot.

  6. Well , JJ just your name gives me energy !!!maybe it’s like a tornado blew thru, your sunrise will
    Shine on you, or the ground will steam up a hundred little fingers
    To the winter as it leaves, and once again the little birds will sing 🐥
    I drive a school bus and I try to share with as many kids who listen
    Sometimes It really doesn’t matter what you’re looking for but it helps if you cross a lot of stuff off the list or at my age I say” check that box”✔️ Pick up that pen my friend and write a hell of good next chapter.

  7. I think the plot lost me, yesterday. I have to be carefully of stress…l tipped over. Lost pages (JJ’s words). When l get symptomatic, l lose words…can’t string sentences together. Call it brain fog. Many of you will see it here…the awful spelling and the rest…and she calls herself a writer. …? On good days l do. I hide my messiness from the outside world (mostly) Yesterday, l outed myself .It got all too much. The stress of dealing with banks.–they want you to stuff up. I didn’t. I had a neighbour helping me out pruning a tree. I got muddled. Of course when you reach a certain age…people think ‘other things’ . So l make it worse by trying to explain…Pluto Aq □ Merc. Taurus 3rd..Trans. Uranus 19…sun 24 Taurus (3rd) Sun/Merc/ Saturn. Picses (1st) …Uranus Leo (6th) Node Libra (8th). Transiting.Yod. And it all comes out…it looks like l have lost the plot. Mars Aqu 12th doesnt help, except that part of it, that represents Elsa and all of you here. And to make matters worse l noticed the corner post that holds the house up is rotted out at the base. I caught it propped it up. The house needs work. I talk to a tradie today, in the morning, my best time. I will be neat and clear headed. Fingers crossed.

  8. I have sent a payment to you Elsa for a consult. My first with you. It is like l can’t read my own instruction book atm and l am worried about the Uranus/Jupiter conj 21 Taurus, my Moon 21 Leo…
    I need your insight and experience.

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