16 thoughts on “Pluto Moon: The Shadow Side Of Women Redux”

  1. Don’t look tooo bad … – in a kindly light! Sun,Venus and Mars, Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn. Feeling my age a bit, heh! heh! Moon in Scorpio, Asc. Leo. Hide those mirrors, pronto!

  2. A gal I used to run (years ago) with pulled this all the time “How fat has her ass got?” kind of crap. Needless to say I dropped her.

    No friend of mine would talk like this…and my friends know me well enough to not repeat it if they had heard this about me.

    And to answer your question…it would make me want to kick them in the nutsack. Oh wait, women don’t have nutsacks! Only squirrels do.

  3. oh I don’t mind this kind of thing, people talk so much shit about me, I lose track…
    They can talk away, besides some of this talk may be innocent curiosity…

    i am curious about people I used to know, what do they look like how did they turn out, that sort of thing.. I guess it depends on what you think of the person doing the asking.

  4. I’d be more interested in knowing how they answered those questions then the questions themselves. I’d probably want to know the same thing that the questioner was asking about the questioner. 🙂 Like my 30 year class reunion is coming up. I gradutated and haven’t seen any of those people since graduation. I didn’t like them then, what makes me think I’d like them now? LOL but I would love to go just to see the Miss skinny ass back then has turned into a chain smoking fat assed alcoholic with 5 kids and an estranged husband. But that’s just me. 🙂

  5. I think up til ‘did she age well’ it’d be okay and then a lot would depend on tone. I’m always curious and my mouth (mercury square jupiter) has overrun my good sense and swallowed both of my feet whole before.

    I’m going to/currently aging well anyway so any cattyness intended is just going to burn them deep inside when they hear how young and wonderful I look anyway . . hahahha *ahem* NN In Leo 😉

  6. My first reaction was Yikes!

    But I can hear myself asking something like: “how did she look” if it was about an old friend.

    I never felt like a particularly beauty-oriented person (venus t-square) so no one would probably ask that about me.

    I think great beauties get that question asked about them (as they get older).

  7. immediate reaction – uncomfortable. like, why are they asking this? probably the asker is still tied up with ___ in some way. if it’s a man, maybe he still has feelings, or wants to see if he made the ‘right’ choice with someone else. if a woman, i would expect she had a falling out with the subject of the question or she’s one of these gossipy yenta types.

    oh wow, misunderstood the question. what would i feel ilke if it was asked about me? probably think one of the things above. (this worked out ok!)

  8. It’s like the jellyfish in Bridget Jones. All nice and then the stingers come. “Janey Osbourne. Talking to her is like swimming in a sea and being stung repeatedly by an enormous jellyfish.” Are you sure the shadow side of women isn’t just bitchy talk?

  9. I can’t imagine anyone asking that about me, because I don’t think I’m that attractive (I’m not stunning). When I had my photo taken at the DMV last year, the girl told me that she could take another picture if I wasn’t happy with that one. I just smiled and told her, “That’s okay. It isn’t going to get any better.”

    My feet are well-acquainted with my mouth, so I could understand if someone didn’t mean the question you posted, in a harsh way. I might take it personally, at first, only to feel flattered that I was thought pretty enough for someone to be curious about me, in that way.

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