8th House Scorpio Moon Conjunct Neptune

Yesterday I was talking to a pal with a Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune about his divorce, some years ago.

“I was just trying to avoid being homeless,” he said. “Anything but that! Who wants to be homeless? So I had just a few things left. Very little. And I rented a room from this artist couple…young couple this was. I was going to pay them $50 a month for this room. So I moved my stuff in there…”

And the next day there was a flood. And a two hundred year old tree fell on too the house.

“It was a big tree,” he said with a chuckle. “It was just lying there…it had smashed my computer!”

I laughed.

“So there was nothing to do. What can you do?” he said laughing some more. ‘The couple said, we’re going to get on the roof. And I said, what for? You’re going to climb up there and wait for the water to rise? Hope they pluck you off the roof? I’m out of here,” he said. “And I just left. I got the fuck out of there.”

And I thought this was such a good Moon Neptune in Scorpio story. A flood (Neptune) come and wipes out (Scorpio) your house (Moon).

And so much for trying to hold on to a shred when that just ain’t what the universe wants for you!

So do you have any stories like this? Tell em!

8 thoughts on “8th House Scorpio Moon Conjunct Neptune”

  1. Here’s one: I was deep, dark, want to die, soul-depressed for three years because several close friends died around the same time. So I moved to another state, got knocked up by a man I didn’t care about, fled back to my original home, and reinvented my life from scratch with a beautiful baby on my hip. Depression=Gone!

    How’s that for a Sun/Uranus conjunction in Scorpio in the 5th house? Or does it only seem clear to me?

  2. eme- This probably _is_ an example of the good side of Moon/Neptune in Scorpio. Which sounds weird, but I see believe this stuff happens for a reason. Scorpio energy is tough, but when you regroup under the influence of our friend Mr. Pluto, you have always shed something you needed to shed and come out of the brawl better off than when you started. It’s a well-disguised gift.

    At least, that’s my take, for whatever it’s worth.

  3. A few years ago, I was leaving my marriage. I had to move out of state, because someone promised me a home there and because my husband was angry and he is violent. I was only able to take with me what would fit in my car. The very last valuable item I had (aside from my life, which I was grateful to keep) was my paid for car. I totalled that car about a month later. That’s what happens when the Universe tells you to purge and you try to hold on to something, I guess. 🙂

  4. When Pluto in Sag was dicking around my IC, transiting through the fourth house and approaching a conjunction with Neptune that my Ancestral Home burnt down. But still! It was a Phoenix experience mostly, because devastating as it was a lot of those possessions had been weighing me down, and I just got on with rebuilding and having a clean start. A lot of what I was trying to hold on to was stuff from my father (he was dead) and it was sad when it all burned down (pictures, his records) but at the same time sometimes you just have to let ghosts go yanno…

    Also I was having a Jupiter return, and Jupiter in the 12th was making an applying conjunction to my Ascendant (as well as an exact square to my IC)and rescue for the fire came literally out of nowhere, when an off-duty fireman happened to be walking down my street and nearly got brained by a falling burning window. It was a devastating fire that took several hours to get under control, and it was an absolute miracle no one was hurt and that only a very contained part of the house (just the one with all my stuff in) burned.

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