Scorpio Moon Conjunct Neptune – Redux

Regarding the Moon Neptune in Scorpio post, Eme remarked:

“That’s awful. What would be an example of the good side of Moon/Neptune in Scorpio?”

Eme – There is no end to the upside of Moon in conjunction with Neptune in Scorpio. First, when that happened Neptune was in Aquarius, transiting square his conjunction in Scorpio. An also his Sun in Taurus! So you see, a wipe-out on all levels was virtually inevitable. He did not just lose his home, right? He lost his possessions as well (Taurus). But generally speaking, I would say his conjunction has served him well.

This is my ex, the man who survived all those years as a Special Forces soldier. How often do you think that happens? And I would have to chalk this up in large part to that conjunction. There is extreme emotional sensitivity. He can suss out just about anything and while I’m at it, one of my best friends, Stevie also has this conjunction and same thing with her.

These people are fairies. There is nowhere to hide. They have access to knowledge they don’t even know is extraordinary. Well they know, but only when the tide is in! Neptune. Other times they are supremely confused, only to have the tide come back in the nick of time.

And another thing I’ve noticed…well you’ve got Scorpio intensity of course, but there is tremendous empathy. There is no end to their ability to feel compassion and other people’s pain and if you are attuned to this kind of thing, you can feel it radiate from them.

And both of them are enormously giving emotionally. They will feel your pain for you (whether they want to or not). So there you go? Is this good? I think it’s good.

Scott’s sister was another friend of mine with Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio. She’s dead now, maybe you know. But she was also a supreme fairy. So incredibly powerful and so incredibly kind. She introduced Scott and I.

And then there’s Leon. He’s another life long friend of mine, with Moon Neptune in Scorpio. He helped me clean out Henry’s house when he died. And he kept showing up…he kept coming to my house, inviting me places and so forth in the months following Henry’s death, even though I could not stop crying to save my life.

His ex-wife from 20 years ago contacted him recently. Her current husband has died and she was in a crisis. He immediately offered his energy. He has supported her (emotionally) for a year now, expecting (and receiving) nothing in return. He does the same with his second ex-wife.

“She only calls me when she wants something,” he said. “And I just give it to her. I’d rather have her as a friend than an enemy,” he explained.

I nodded.

“I just can’t see…holding on to that bad stuff,” he said. “I just can’t do that…”

I didn’t say anything, but you know what I was thinking? I was thinking what a privilege it was to have such a compassionate loving man for a friend for so many years.

So there you go, Eme. I hope this serves.

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  1. I take it that soldier’s 4th house cusp was cancer?

    Just wondering… Are any of these people gifted or involved musically? Poetically?

  2. June, he’s a Pisces rising, so Gemini on the fourth. He seduced me with his guitar when we were kids…17 and 19. He also sings and writes songs.

    Stevie is an artist. She paints.

    Leon is a connoisseur of music and I’d say that Scott’s sister’s art was sex and seduction! Meow!

  3. It serves beautifully, Elsa. Thanks! ANd you know what? Until I read this, I totally forgot that I have 9HMoon in Pisces trine 5HNeptune in Scorpio and that some of that stuff may apply to me as well. Cuz I sure am one confused cookie and all of a sudden I KNOW, if only I wait long enough. Huh. Thanks again!

  4. I have this conjunction and it has taken me years to understand it for myself. I am incredibly aware of the emotions, feelings, and sufferings of others. I also have a deep psychological insight to people-even if I dont know them. It has caused me a great deal of anguish, and at times, confusion. However, I would hurt no one intentionally, as I am aware of what it is to suffer. I would give the shirt off my back to anyone close to me who was in distress. I need solitary time on a regular basis as constantly picking up other people’s energy is draining to me. I have learned to manage it better as I have gotten older, and I use it now to serve others.

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    I have Scorpio moon conjunct Neptune in the 10th house and the intensity is very tough to manage.

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