Pluto In Aquarius – Personal Stories

dnaPluto entered Aquarius in March. It’s been sitting at zero degree since.  Can you feel this? Has it affected you personally?

It’s affected me, profoundly, in ways I never expected.  The planet does aspect four of my progressed planets, all at zero degrees so there is that.  But what’s come up for me is is my legacy; specifically the psychopathy in my family.

I think this is because many are realizing we are ruled by psychopaths and I know a lot about this.  I’m like super-reverent right now because I can not only see this, readily, I can see through it.  My knowledge on this topic is far-reaching, gained by firsthand experience.

To be candid, I am realizing I can very nearly step into a psychopath’s shoes and see through their eyes… pretty close. I mean, I’m not a psychopath but it’s a blood tie and I have years of personal, intimate contact with this. I can definitely “go there” as they say and pretty think as they would. This is completely new to me.

I don’t think it’s new-new. It’s clear this ability resides in me but I’m aware of it now and I can access it at this point; quite easily.

It interested me that Pluto in Aquarius is conjunct my progressed Jupiter, exact, with transiting Jupiter fixing to square the two bodies. Talk about a revelation.

Since this portal opened, so to speak, it’s been bothering me greatly, how people admire those who are abusing me. It reminds me of my father’s charisma which was formidable and essentially, unstoppable as well. People fell under his spell, reliably.

So have these matching circumstances, with the difference being that today I am aware, if I wanted to mess people up, I would know how to do it.  I can access that icy detachment and do you want to hear something wild?

My father was an Aquarian with an exact, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto T-square.  Not only that, his moon is part of it, though off a couple degrees. It’s obvious this energy is part of my DNA.

What’s happening with you?

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  1. i have been noticing similar….how the elder women in this small town can hear a definite abuse and say…”well, he is handsome… “well, he is funny” and turn the other way to the shitty, abusive behavior. to me this speaks of the millenia women have swallowed men’s shit…that they say basically….’boys will be boys’. i prefer a legit Man

  2. i dont trust those men who are overly charming and handsome, but i know there are good looking men who are very kind and actually good people. so it’s not a bias./suspicion. but i get really strong vibes or energy off people that i feel so grossed out, like something is off and wrong. Obviously when i was really young in my teens/early 20s, the men i had chosen didnt seem cruel and mean, so i got in trouble with the 2nd one who was also just as terribly cruel but he had PTSD,(from childhood getting hit in the head with iron frying pans and hairbrushes from his mother) and always cried after he went violent. My Aries /pisces venus gemini mars girlfriend told me she was going through dating apps because she wants to find a man to take care of her and share a loving life together and she dont want to be alone. One of the men she was considering was in the military, and at the time in Afghanistan and she was boasting how handsome he was but she felt something “dark” about him. I told her it maybe ptsd when he gets “dark” and has those strange “blackouts”; she stopped messaging him and blocked. she doesn’t want a violent man who will abuse when he gets into his “dark” moods. I also have family members who have that darkness, but they drown it in alcohol so they try not to get violent.

  3. In your consult, you said, “you’ve got the power, so use it!” I’ve been gradually trying to embrace it. During a recent meditation, I got the image of all the swords I’ve been (metaphorically) stuck with over the years (and mostly at work and interactions with women). Instead of laying there bleeding, I imagined pulled them out of me and healing. Some of the swords I buried, some I burned, and the rest it occurred to me that those knives gave me knowledge of how people operate. I can deflect the knives which turns them around. I can reuse the steel to become shields or other tools.
    I’m pretty sick of being stabbed at this point in life and feel ready to take a stand (and take whatever rewards and consequences come my way rather than what I’ve been getting).

    This is a wide square to my natal Mars in Taurus. I’m P.O’ed.

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        Aquarius Lurker

        Ability to become psychopathic at will! And then turning back to normal. ‘Who me? A psychopath?’ – I imagine Normal You saying…

        1. I don’t know where you got that. I don’t have the ability to be a psychopath. I have a conscious! I have no desire or drive to harm anyone. The last time I acted against someone was in 1995. I don’t remember the time before that. They may not be one!

          All I’m trying convey here, is I do have very good knowledge on this, I have observed psychopaths all my life and this remains true today.

          What I am aware of today and what I was trying to report, is I see legions of people… the populace, admiring and looking up to people who are (brutally) abusing them. I would like to see this stop.

          I’m beginning to gather, it’s not going to stop for most. It’s the 180 degrees thing I wrote about which I think I took down since I can’t make myself understood.

          But this was another attempt and it’s worth having out there for people who realize they are dealing with this. They know where to come!

          But the last thing I am is a psychopath.. not surprised I am mistaken for one. Neptune on the midheaven strikes again.

          I will try to be clear. I do not become a psychopath. I understand them, far beyond most people, including the educated expert. Because how could I not? I am half intelligent and been around them all my life.

          Could it be so I could help others? I think so and I work to do this every day, seven days a week… oh, since I was about four years old.

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            Aquarius Lurker

            All clear. I had a knee jerk reaction because I’m fearful of psychopaths. Sorry if I hurt your feelings by what I said. I fear psychopaths because they are very smart, but for no good reason. No bad reason either. But without good reason, having ‘no bad reason’ is not enough to be a good, smart person. I hope I’m being clear (about why I fear psychopaths)! Sorry again.

            1. No problem but let me tell you something real and true. Psychopaths are not smart. Seriously. Some of them are but on average they are less intelligent than average. This is a fact.

              They are not encumbered by emotion, which allows then to do… Anything. But this is also a handicap. It explains why they love the data so much.

              1. i agree Elsa, I was reading that too, that they are actually below average intelligence. I think people think they are smart because they charm people, be kind to others and be deceitful that way. And people are normally trusting; we’re not expecting that they are going to do bad to any of us.

                but in movies which are untrue, they are portrayed as super smart (like Hannibal Lector, or American psycho films & batman’s nemesis Joker) but true life psychopaths like your father, and Bernie Madhoff (he conned even the smartest people) Ted Bundy, even that Josef Fritz who put his daughter in the dungeon. so disturbing and gross.

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                Aquarius Lurker

                Regarding intelligence – good to know that psychopaths aren’t more special than ordinary folks! I guess I am always defensive. I’m thinking, this psycho is bigger, smarter and quicker than me.

  4. I’ll weigh in. It’s scary when people realize you have the power to access the inner workings and methods a psychopath or sociopath operates in/by. Means a) you could easily flip the switch now and then and use it to your liking and technically remorse-free, b) you can identify one pretty quickly which can be the case of the person youre dealing with. Sociopaths abhor the idea of being found out inadvertently. Psychopaths not so much, but even so they rather know than not, so they can be in control of how it unveils.
    I have jupiter in aquarius 10H/11H tsquaring roughly at the mid point of sun opp pluto and mars opp saturn. Uranus sextiles jupiter, mutual reception, Uranus 8H. You can imagine the revelations since tr uranus in 2015, in my 12H then, squared tr pluto… and now it’s in my 1H, jupiter will be soon too and again they will square off with pluto by sign while tr pluto is tsquaring the sun/pluto. I AM taurus, but all things scorpio/8H, and all things pisces (venus/merc 12H) seem like… obvious to me. I get personality disorders very well. Because I have neptune sq venus I sometimes get blindsided, but should I add, it happens because I want to be wrong about it/them so badly?… I can play with them too. And think like them. Use it to protect myself only though, as I really have a compromise with truth and doing good only (to the best of my awareness, that is). Thanks for this post. Goes really deep for me. My chart is a bunch of blades pointed at me from every angle most of the time. better to know how to make them fight each other if I can’t hold one 😉

  5. “I’ll weigh in. It’s scary when people realize you have the power to access the inner workings and methods a psychopath or sociopath operates in/by. Means a) you could easily flip the switch now and then and use it to your liking and technically remorse-free, b) you can identify one pretty quickly which can be the case of the person youre dealing with.”

    I guess this makes sense. Thanks for telling me. I did not hesitate to post it. I thought 25 years of daily writing to help people for free, would act as currency, lol.
    And I can’t flip a switch but I’ll tell you who can. The people you idolize, which is my point.

    I’ll tell you what else. They are super revealing themselves at this time, in order to groom you. You are being advised to lie, cheat and steal, to get ahead and also, that you are stupid if you don’t take this path…

    They are modeling it for you and especially for your children and if you don’t think they are going absorb it, you’re wrong about that.

    My point in writing this is to say, I really don’t think people have a clue the depth of this. I’m somebody who can tell you. It is unique.

    Can you see what is happening here? The shadow is cast on me, which keeps the shadowy people safe to idolize. Nice trick!

    You may as well be admiring my father (who would never tell anyone the truth about anything, under any circumstances), while casing aspersions on me.

    Anyway, I am trying to say these people are everywhere – EVERYWHERE. There is more of them than you think and they are very busy and also very successful in grooming others. But the astrologer who has sat here with her broken back and fucked up everything and typed and typed and typed for you, night and day is scary?

    It just goes to show how twisted it is. I’m at a loss for words.
    I’m trying to help, you know. Desperately trying to help, per my natural design.

  6. you have helped me for decades now to work on digging those hooks out. it’s really really hard. they start on you as children. i am now very suspicious of anyone who shines bright lights on me too fast. trying to parse authentic self from charisma. so tricky. they’re amazing at deception. and certain behaviors (danger triggers/gaslighting…) throw me off my grounding so fast… trying to build mental equilibrium.
    you’re right- they’re drawn to power.

  7. i’d say the problem is cultural. our culture feeds and rewards them. but also i think they’re drawn to what the culture rewards, so i’m not sure where to break that loop…

  8. I have a history of abuse from my holocaust family. I have tamped down my rage and usually keep it under control. Once a European woman who was standing behind me in line maneuvered herself in front of me b/c she thought I was a soft American. I saw red and flipped our positions.My friend who watched this from a distance said she never saw that side of me. Don’t take my weakness for kindness…Fixed grand cross.

      1. Elsa, you are our enigma. Don’t ever change. Many people want to analyze you I am sure! They haven’t walked in your shoes. No matter how much you share you cannot be categorized or really known. I’m sure the soldier or Ben may have an inkling about YOU. When you are “magical” or enigmatic others want to “dissect” to discover the secret. Rock on Girl.

        1. Ben came here once and it scared the shit out of him, though he doesn’t talk like that. He said, “they don’t know you at all, do they?” He also said he couldn’t believe how people talked to me. I didn’t ask him to elaborate!

          Anyway, it was disorienting for him, because I am not how most think.

          My husband never comes here. People used to contact him and alert him to my writing. They were trying to get me in trouble with him or something. He told me when he proposed we get together after 23 years apart, my blog was very important. A light. He had prayed intensely. He felt my blog was so important, it was more important than our being together. People need it, he said.

          So he prayed and prayed and told me he would never interfere with my writing. He has kept his word and all the troublemakers gave up.

          About this deal, I think people will eventually figure out I know what I’m talking about but it may take a dozen years, as history has shown.

          And I can’t help it. I try to figure out why people can’t see things so I can get around the blocks, but it’s hard or maybe impossible. Search, Little Match Girl, on this blog. That could be it.

          I light the matches and I can see but you can only see me, in my ridiculous attire or whatever. And call me names I guess.

          But I’m drawn this way, so obviously, I guess it’s too obvious or something. I want to go to the light.

          1. And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
            Friedrich Nietzsche

  9. “go to the light”
    i like that. i’ve been trying to wrap my head around next steps. that’s a simple motto that might help keep my focus clear. thank you.

  10. Elsa continue to be you. I like that you are frank and tell the truth. Sometimes people can’t handle the truth or will misinterpret what you say. I’ve had that happen to me. I’ve stopped trying to tell people the truth of what’s going on in the world, because they don’t want to hear it, they would rather stay in an insulated bubble.

    I have a stellium in Scorpio and I want to know the truth so I will keep digging and it leads to some dark & scary stuff. I also have a strong interest in what makes people tick and am drawn to knowing about the dark sides, so I’ve read books on serial killers and also books on personality disorders like Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I’ve had an abusive boyfriend and first husband, so a close up look at psychopathic/sociopathic men.

    A funny thing, when I was married to my first husband, my cousin sent me a quiz on how to identify a sociopath and my husband scored like 9 out of 10, so I told my cousin he’s only 9 out 10, not all 10! He’s not a sociopath. LOL, how deluded I was back then.

  11. One more remark about why this is important.
    A person who is unaware of unfamiliar with psychopathy is not going to believe it is possible someone with authority would encourage you to give your child a shot that will ultimately sterilize them. They just can’t entertain such a thing. In this day and age, that’s a dangerous blind spot to try to maintain.

    You also won’t consider things like the idea your broker would tell you to buy or stay in a stock, because their firm is unloading it asap, intending to leave you holding the bag.

    1. Re: first paragraph…Those people are also harming LGBT+ folks while claiming to do the opposite (I say as a bisexual). Super backwards.

  12. So many naive people who don’t want to know the truth. I always wonder with everything that’s happened in the past few years how anyone can not know that the world is being run by psychopaths? I talked to my mom a long time about what’s going on in the world and she just didn’t want to believe it, she kept listening to the news thinking they are telling her the truth. So frustrating, but I guess it’s scary to think that you are being lied to on a massive scale, surely the news media is telling you the truth, the government wouldn’t lie to you, trust your doctor he’s the authority etc. She’s opened her eyes a bit because of me, my husband and one of my brothers. She finally admitted something was really off, but she didn’t know what information she could trust anymore.

    I feel like if every one could just wake up and be aware of the lies, then maybe things can change for the better. Majority of people are decent people, I think true psychopaths are in the minority.

  13. Okay, first of all, what you wrote here is insightful, not scary.

    As for what’s happening with me. Well, Pluto transiting my 9th has been a trip in terms of my beliefs and seeing more of the darkness brought to my attention. In Aquarius I’ve realized there are some internal ideological cords, based on how I was raised and the environment I’ve grown up in, that I need to sever in order to stay true to myself and level up spiritually. I’ve already been building up to this point but I see now how radical the shift needs to be. People who I’ve been trained to believe are good people are clearly not, and I can no longer convince myself to look away from what’s obviously in front of my face. Everyone can be brainwashed but I don’t have to be. I’m not going to bother trying to convince anyone who won’t believe me but I can damn well be liberated as an individual. I can heal and attune to my higher self and higher power and be a light in this world.

  14. I was relieved for a bit, but now that it is back in Capricorn, the power struggles at work are back. Ugh. Can’t wait for it to get out of my 10th house. I know it is going to be conjunct my venus next year, but the daily struggle with my career is killing me.

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