A Corpse With Bad Makeup

pluto in a quadrigaMy Lupus is flared at this time. I’m not sure if there is a reason (sun, stress…) or I’m just so pressured, there would be no way for it to not flare up.

I am not too worried about. I simply have to get through the next week or so. Once I do, I can take a break. The way I look is funny though. Funny in  a Pluto way. Funny to a person like me, with Jupiter trining the 8th house.

A few days ago, I started to get sores on my face – gah. I fought them back but I now have the classic malar rash.  If I want to get rid of it, and continue to keep sores at bay, I have to use very heavy sunscreen. Sunscreen with zinc!

The zinc leaves a white film on my skin, which is how I get my corpse look going. Then the malar rash..well it’s red and prominent. So I really do look like I was laid out on some slab…none to happy about all this rouge, so I got up and walked around.

This is just how I see it. I also see no way to avoid it in the near term. I still have to go out and stake tomatoes! I have to mow!  Today, I tried out my new (old) mower. Unfortunately, I drove it sideways on an incline and it’s still there at this time.

Don’t think I didn’t try to drag and lift it by myself. You know I did. Stubborn.

How’s your weekend going?

23 thoughts on “A Corpse With Bad Makeup”

  1. Sorry!
    Has to be that there’s been more stress that one could imagine around moving. I often get sick at critical transitions (and when I get down on myself I remember that the Dalai Lama got intensely sick over the last days of his escape from Tibet so that he arrived in India in a fugue). That special way that the bodies of we sensitive ones ask for a break when we arrive. (And something about the immune system in that. The arrival at a new place.) So blessings. Give yourself a break where you can. — D

  2. I remember my poor aunt with lupus who had the same skin issues. She loved the beach though, even though it caused her body hell. She would be swabbed from head to toe with hats and gauzy scarves and use sunscreen and sun tents because she was determined to enjoy the ocean regardless.

    Looking like a corpse (which I’m sure is a blow to any Venus in Leo) sucks, but I bet it’s not as bad as it feels. It will pass. Only a week or so to go and then you can take a break.

    Please take care of yourself Elsa. Strange energy is afoot, at least in my area.

  3. 6th and 10th house and asc….what is really going on well you are doing it…..that is important…

  4. You’ve been under a lot of stress but things are falling into place right up. Things will get better soon.

    1. Yeah…by mid month I’ll be clear this rental house, juggling four addresses, three counties, double utilities, sale / 2 purchases of houses. Income tax dissolution of business. Dog juggling…and more. 🙂

      1. Dog juggling sounds like an interesting hobby. I tried cat juggling once but got all scratched up. Good luck in everything, Elsa.

  5. Ok so do I have to give you a time out? Rome wasn’t built in a day…slow down girlfriend and be as kind to yourself as you are to us. Love you/k

    1. I promise I will. But I do have to consolidate. We have half our stuff in storage! I just have to get everything in one place. Oh! And get the bedroom from the gal’ s house and the new stuff delivered!

      Still, by mid month we’ll have it done.

  6. ((((((Elsa))))

    Oh my Gee Elsa can you have Vid do the mowing until you feel better? Let the *mens* do the heavy lifting …. I am so glad you are almost to the finish line so you can relax and take your time decorating and putting all the finishing touches on your new home.

    You’ve been through so much in such a short time but it is paying off in spades!!! Almost there 🙂

  7. Could it be Saturn causing these hassles? I know Saturn is opposing my Moon in Gemini and on the 3rd of June, I woke up with every joint in my body aching. For the past several days, my knees and hands have hurt. You should be resting more with this flare up. Over working will make it worse.

    1. I think Saturn is a big help to me. I am strong and I am committed. I have a goal. I’m working towards it. I’ll get it down, provided I don’t have a stroke…:)

      But really, this is within my capabilities to do. And once it’s done, much of this stuff will not need to be done again. 🙂

  8. It really doesn’t matter. We have to move. I have the strength to do it. I just don’t look so hot. However, I *am* hot in pretty much every way you can think. I think this compensates some!

    I am no longer leaving the dogs though. Whichever house I am at, they’ll be there. Even if Lila slobbers the whole 45 min trip! 🙂

    1. Of course. Of course you’re hot, in multiple ways. ::obviously… Leo Venus, simply is so::

      I do know this. When you, Elsa, say say you’re getting something done, then that thing is going to get done – with pizzazz, to boot. <3

  9. Take it easy kid! Don’t get yourself tipped over in your enthusiasm! But I have to laugh to think of you, a woman of beauty, temporarily a red and white scary figure on a riding mower, mowing like a maniac. Ha. At least you gotta admit, you have comic relief…

  10. My neighbor came over and helped me get my mower unstuck. I then paid him to move my lawn…he’s got a zero-turn so it’s pretty quick. Just until we get settled.

    I then staked the tomatoes…or at least pounded in the stakes. I also threw up something I found lying around, for the grapes to grow on.

    The BAD dogs took off into the woods. They had fun but not fun for me!!! 🙂

  11. With all the stress you’ve been under its no wonder that your Lupus has flared. I never had luck with riding mowers on my lawn. Its a little steep in places and I end up speeding down the hill, a true disaster waiting to happen. My husband used to do it, but he hurt his back and can’t, so I found someone to cut the lawn.

    I haven’t started my garden outside this year. Its still in the upper 40’s at night and I wonder if its ever going to be summer here in NJ. I have Basil growing in the kitchen, but its too cold outside for it.

    I’m sure your dogs will be loving your new home. They’re just scoping out their new digs. I know, no fun for you.

  12. Dog Juggling…Love it. My daughter learned to juggle in college and tried to teach me. As poorly as I did, I might as well have been juggling doggers. BTW, if the corpse look alters your mood or you have an event to attend, try Dermablend (they have a website and some department stores carry it).

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