Black Moon Lilith In The Cardinal Grand Cross

White Zombie“I hope the junkyard a few blocks from here, someday burns down. And I hope the rising black smoke carries me far away and I never come back to this town.”
–No Children, The Mountain Goats

Black Moon Lilith, the dark, primal woman, is at 12 Aries opposing Saturn and further complicating the cardinal Grand Cross. With the zombie-inducing component of Venus opposing Pluto we can also add in the possibility of dark women (BML) from the past (Saturn). What a great plot for a horror movie.

I have Venus at 12 Aries. Twice this week I experienced the emergence of female zombies from the past. A friend called and asked me to attend a concert at her business. The performer? It was the husband of a gal who wants to eat my brains. I averred. A few days later I was cutting another friend’s hair and she received a text about another unrelated event and asked me if I’d go with her that night. The text was from the same brain-eating gal. I averred. And nothing happened. There were no consequences. Why? Because I didn’t participate in the drama. If you go Saturn and stand down, don’t rise to the bait, many times the zombie will just pass you by.

So for me the lesson here is clear: So the corpses rise, you don’t have to. Don’t feed the zombies.

Have you seen the walking dead this week?

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  1. I’m afraid I might have been the walking dead. It’s square my saturn and trine my neptune right now.

    I need to keep aware of transiting karma, too.

  2. Oh. Boy-oh-boy. I have Saturn/Eris conjunct 12 Aries. Mercury/Pallas conjunct 12 Cancer.

    I’m thinking I have big-time pro-tec-tion going on.

    Am I making things up? It just feels right. And, whoa, I am grateful.

    I just noticed this part of things thanks to your post, satori.

    Saturn, more and more, is feeling like a friend. (Historically, this is how I have dealt with authority.)

    My brain is blowing up tonight, in a good way.

  3. Watched the movie The Magdalene Sisters this week. Fortunately The Jane Eyre Book Club was available for a chaser.

  4. That quote, that’s exactly how I feel!

    I’ve been watching BML. Yes, I’ve seen the corpses–but that hasn’t been unusual given the sky for the last 3 months to a year. But, I have Chiron in Aries. So she is bringing up a lot of pain and it is associating itself with her persona and since I do want to recognize my wound I really don’t want to castrate anyone because that is messy. So..I’m watching her.

  5. So far, so good… Thanks for the heads-up Satori. My Venus is at 17 Aries.

    With all the talk of Venus/Pluto- I did a facebook search and found one of my ex-husbands. I discovered by his listing of ‘family’ that he has a daughter I never knew about… born during our first of seven years together. I have no idea who the mother is… and although I’m curious- I’m not interested in digging it all up and causing drama for me or for anyone else.

  6. Yep. A childhood friend I haven’t seen in a Saturn cycle, found me on Facebook last week. I have 1st house Uranus/Pluto conj., so nothing or anyone from my past really sticks around; so this was really weird for me. The jury’s still out on whether it was a good thing or not, that she found me.

  7. Salali and Jilly, I think we should form a club! 😛
    Because this is exactly opposing my Pluto (!!!!!!) and squering my Moon, and yet, no zombies have emerged. Which really makes me wonder… Could I be the one ? I came back to work from my honeymoon this week, and although loads of people seem to be genuinly happy (Libra diplomacy always wins in my profession, although I guess it’s my bad ass Virgo Mercury organizational skills that they value the most), some may think I’m the corpse.

  8. I’m thinking along the same lines as some of the others….BML is opposing my natal Venus in the 7th and squaring my natal Saturn in the 10th and BML in the fourth…….no dead folks wandering around that I can see………perhaps the dark woman from the past in my first house is me…..gahhhhhhh

  9. An evil corpse called me yesterday on my cell but i certainly did not answer or call back. And, she’s definitely the walking dead bit**.

  10. Avatar

    BML… Totally over looked her crossing over my Chiron as she entered my 12th … Lot of deep introspection into past wounds and patterns but it’s been trine my Neptune as it entered neptunes house and I’ve been in a fog maybe the fig will lift soon and I will be able to see and think clearly.. And growth can resume?

  11. Oh, Carrie:(

    BML Is conjunct my Pluto, square my Moon, opposing my Venus.

    This t-square keeps getting hit by everything. this. summer. Just keeping my course as best I can.

  12. Not yet, but I know they’re coming – I can feel them. One is an ex, the other my sister. I ignored emails from both of them within the last 6 months, but I know I have to face them for closure. Part of me dreads it, the other part wishes they would hurry up and get the show on the road (dynamics are complicated, I can’t make the move). The sister is going to be a whammy. Scorpio just like me, we have nearly 50 years of shit to get through. Can you just imagine?

  13. CArRiE, that is major, but it sounds as though you are handling it as best you can with not feeding it anymore than necessary. Hugs to ya.

    BML is exactly conjunct my Aries Moon/Chiron conjunction, but no zombies here, as I’ve proven in the past that I won’t feed them. Worked like a charm.

  14. I haven’t noticed anything like this for a while (it has happened in the past) but the only thing BML is touching in my chart at the moment is a trine with natal Sadge Saturn.

  15. Oh and a handful of sextiles with all my Aquarius planets as well but they’re not harsh aspeects either are they?

  16. I’ve been in a very reflective mood a bit before the eclipse. Tired, wanting, and asking for space for a bit, but my friends don’t understand and keep pressing me to do what they want. I feel like my boundaries are being crossed so I’ve withdrawn even further. Saturn is transiting Libra in my 7th opposing Lilith, and there’s a conjunction with my ASC and Chiron in Aries in my 1st. Does that mean they are the walking dead or am I?

  17. granted we’re all goth industrial rivethead girls over here, so it could be a community rebonding sort of thing for lilithey women of the more healthy sort 😉

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