A Fish Tale – Two Pisces With Cheating Husbands: Breast Cancer And Storytelling – Part 2

cancer_patientI became a remote, somewhat eccentric source of support for the gal with the breast cancer. Her husband had come back to her and she had friends and a strong family but I filled some sort of niche for her with my perspective and my astrology…and my writing.

She liked my writing a lot. It offered her an escape somehow. It gave her some sort of respite and she while she elaborated around this, though I can’t recall details.

I do know that when I asked her if there were anything I could do to support her as she headed to the hospital where she would undergo a double mastectomy, she asked me for a story. She said she was in good shape – surrounded by people who loved her very much but…

“When they roll me out of the operating room, what I want more than anything is one of your stories to read…”

Well, what could I do? What would you do? I had to write this gal a story.

I had one started so I worked to finish it and nearly killed myself in the process. Because the story was long! But what could I do? Truncate it? Of course not. She was going into the hospital in whatever it was. Something like four days? Five days?

So here I was writing this story, and maybe you can imagine my horror when it just kept going and going and going.

Er… I only know one way to tell a story. I sit down, start writing and the thing unfolds. And I have no idea how long it’s going to take to finish something once I start it. I don’t think like that. My stories are true and once I start recounting one, there is nothing to do but tell it.

neptune statueSo this thing just kept growing and growing and I’m not kidding; I wound up working nearly ’round the clock. I was cross-eyed, blurry-eyed, but I kept working and you know what? I didn’t finish.

I got 102 Elsa-pages done, which I now know equals roughly 250 book pages written before the clock ran out. I turned it over to her and then collapsed into a heap for about a week.

Now it was sort of cool because that story was a Neptune tale. It took place on the sea so it was very “Pisces”. It was called “1-800-getmeoutofhere” no less, which seemed inordinately appropriate for a Pisces lying in a hospital bed wishing to escape. But I have to tell you this whole thing was sickening to me. Mostly because of my son was the age of her daughter. And something like this had happened to her, but not to me.

Breast cancer is very aggressive when you get it in your 30’s. She was being ravaged and I knew it and she knew it. We also knew I was NOT being ravaged and you learn a lot when you’re in situation like that, all of it painful.

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*pictured: Neptune Calming The Waves, Lambert-Sigisbert Adam, 1737, Marble, MusÆ’

10 thoughts on “A Fish Tale – Two Pisces With Cheating Husbands: Breast Cancer And Storytelling – Part 2”

  1. It just clicked who the Pisces is….these things you write are so gut wrenching to read…I can’t possibly imagine what they do to you to write them. Thanks…off to hug my 3 year old boy.

  2. ever since that story there will be times when I think, “ahhhh, I’m gonna dial 1-800-getmeoutahere!” I guess that’s my favorite pisces quote and it’s not even quoting a pisces!

  3. I don’t know this woman so I don’t know where else I can say this, but I just want to let her know that my thoughts are with her and hopefully that energy is going to go somewhere.

    Writing this story is going to put her in a lot of people’s minds. I think this is something every powerful you’ve done, Elsa.

  4. It is a great gift to be able to provide real comfort to someone in need. It’s even more of a gift from the soul since you put so much energy, so many nights, so much thought into something that would be meaningful to your friend. I’m so glad that you were able to give this–and that you posted this so that we could all keep our good feelings focussed on your friend.

  5. Damn cancer……(sigh)…….writing a story for someone, I can’t think of a more personal straight from the heart gift.

  6. Oh Elsa, I am so upset. A dear friend died on a cruise this weekend and his body is still in another state. My husband’s aunt died just before Christmas and we were in charge of the funeral. This dear friend who died came to the wake. Last year my dear sister had treatment for breast cancer…she lost her hair and had chemo, radiation, lumpectomy…took one year almost. I am fairly sure that I am having my Saturn return. I am a positive person overall but too much misery can be wearing. Thanks for putting things in perspective. ((hugs)) Tupp

    PS How is Adorable Dora?

  7. (((Tuppence)))

    Good to see you but sorry about the news. I thought Dora’s eye was better but then I see her in the right light and yikes! we should know something by the middle of the week.

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