Saturn In Libra: Who Gets To Define “Rude”?

Yesterday I felt a person rude and said so.  The person strongly disagreed and wanted to discuss it.

I did not want to discuss it as I did not think them merely, “rude” but RUDE at a level of 9 out of 10.  If they were upset with my very mild confrontation, they would surely struggle with my unbridled thoughts on the subject so I spared us both and dropped the conversation.

What is “rude” depends on who you ask. I figure in my house, my blog, my business, I get to define “rude”. I also figure, I do not get to define “rude” for you.

Who or what defines “rude” for you?

27 thoughts on “Saturn In Libra: Who Gets To Define “Rude”?”

  1. Anyone who disrespects my time or my space (physical, emotional, mental). Someone walks in front of me while I’m deciding which pickles to buy, they better say excuse me!

  2. Mars in Taurus and trine Merc in Cap doesn’t say anything until it’s absolutely necessary but…just a few things that have been driving me crazy.

    -Running into others with a shopping cart and refusing to apologize
    -Stepping on people and telling them it’s their own fault
    -Smacking your food
    -Eating other people’s groceries and then complaining that they need to get more (children don’t count of course)
    -Dirty shoes on white carpet
    -A gross amount of hair in the bath tub

  3. No “offense,” but I attempted a reading with you and you were incredibly rude — prompted because you kept asking me questions, to which I responded with other questions… you didn’t like the fact that I kept asking questions based on YOUR questions, and promptly cut me off. I found that utterly inappropriate and egotistical for someone who is purporting to provide a “service.”

    Since you asked.

  4. Man, I was griping about this yesterday. 🙂

    My life, my rules for what I want in it. I try to overlook little things but once it’s becoming an energy drain, higher aims suffer. I’m an old lady and don’t want to spend time fussing with vampires. I’ve got better things to do.

  5. abby, if you think I am rude, you have a lot of company. For example, I also think I am rude.

    I have only “cut off” maybe 3 people in 25 years of consulting so the fact this happened to you may say more about the unpleasantness of dealing with you then it does about me.

    I think I remember who you are and if so, it’s possible to simply annoy someone to a breaking point which is what happened in this case.

    I have no regrets, I’ll tell you that.

    I’ll also say that I *try* to be polite however I am not a machine so have these human qualities.

  6. Uh, I take that back. I have broken contact with 4 people as I can recall. This is out of many thousands of clients so I can deal with that.

    Also, from my perspective it WAS a service because if someone does not want to deal with you for $120 an hour, that’s a wake up call. Sorry, sad, harsh but true.

  7. my definition is someone who thinks their needs are more important than anyone else’s. automatically.
    sometimes i can be rude. i know it. sometimes i’m completely oblivious to what other people need. why i make such an effort to use what libra i have, to get a clue. but often enough i end up needing a clue by four.

    i don’t mind as long as people will take the moment to listen when i speak up. a lot of things can be cleared up with respectful communication.

  8. i guess, by which i mean, indelible rudeness comes out when someone doesn’t care. when another person tries to communicate needs.

    i guess perhaps there’s temporary and more permanent sorts of rudeness?

  9. Since the “services” theme has been brought up and from the perspective of someone who has to deal with costumers all day, I find it rude to have an overbearing or despotic attitude.

    This can manifest in various ways but I find it rude when people, especially clients, treat me like I’m supposed give them my full attention and to attend their every need at all times (I’m very pleased to receive your order but I’m not your maid. Wait your turn.)and when people talk loud to me (Fortunately I’m not deaf, so there is not need to scream).

    By common knowledge, you might say that chewing with your mouth open or swearing a lot might be rude but the way I see it that is just an action. It doesn’t make a person rude. I mean, maybe it wasn’t the person’s intent to be rude.

    For me “rude” it is more of a matter of attitude, not just an action itself. People always have a choice but sometimes they choose to be obnoxious. That’s rude to me.

  10. I can sometimes be rude because I tend to blurt what’s in my mind – but I hope I can apologise gracefully!

    So far as others are concerned, I get to define who is and who isn’t rude! It’s rude for example to complain about food, drink, or amenities in someone else’s house (even if you have slept in their bed). It’s rude to criticise someone’s appearance, or paintings, etc to their face. It’s rude not to ring if you are delayed or unable to turn up etc.

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    Hahaha Elsa! Judging by your response to Abby’s comment, you have got to have mars conjunct mercury….I mean, it just doesn’t get any more blunt than that!

  12. “A gross amount of hair in the bath tub.”

    LOL, my son is rude. Except he’s unfailingly polite to me and everyone else. Maybe not cleaning the tub after himself is his way of saying, Get off my back, Mom! when I nag him about his unhealthy diet.

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    @ Elsa, maybe you’re blunt (with a valid point) ….and perhaps she’s just bluntly rude (simply because she’s…….just rude?)

  14. I decided I did not want to work with her after a series of emails. I never took any money from her so I see no foul here on my part. There was never a contract.

    Also, this was many months ago. 4 months ago at least, it might have been 6 or more and then she pops up with this comment today. ::shakes head::

  15. I had to call a guy to invite him to speak at a conference… and he was just rude, mean and very condescending. Needless to say, I concluded that I did not want to invite him.

    I get it that sometimes, when you’re pressed for time, you don’t want to talk to someone on the phone, especially when you already have the impression that they’re trying to sell you something.

    But you know, politely declining isn’t a 1500-calorie burning exercise.

  16. Wonderful topic Elsa… I’ve got a courteous, kind Libra Ascendant, and as Saturn transits, I’m much stronger and stern to not accept rudeness or enable bad behavior. As lessons creep in one by one… well, I’ll just say that this post was just very refreshing to see others on a similar crusade. <3

  17. ppl are too rude when thy come to me at my 1 hour break time “cuz im a customer service advisor” & ask me to do their job NO NOOOO NOOOOOOOO !

    OR when thy come the last moment of my day & ask me to open the system for them :s NOOOO

    Thy have no respect for my time ! i have a life as well as u do !!!

    when thy give their openions without asking for them in somthing that is a personal prefferance or a personal thing ! or thy dont act like thy advise i find it very rude !

  18. comment got eaten.

    “Also, from my perspective it WAS a service because if someone does not want to deal with you for $120 an hour, that’s a wake up call. Sorry, sad, harsh but true.”

    wow this could not come at a better time. just an hour ago i decided for myself that i would stop working for this one woman. it was a freelance gig and i really could use the money, but i’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t worth all the agita. you cannot pay me all the money in the world to feel so much frustration, confusion, and dread! life is too short!


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    @ Elsa, she was probably so excited to see this topic, and couldn’t wait to take it as an opportunity to “cut you down to size”, and then you just blew her out the water..hilarious. I don’t think she’ll be leaving too many more comments around here anytime soon:)

  20. I just don’t know how anyone can look at this body of work… at least 15,000 blog posts over 10 years, provided for free and then question me on the “service” front. The people full of complaints and criticism never seem to have any work they can point to.

    I just don’t know why they are still here if I suck so bad and/or why they don’t start their own blog and show me how it’s done.

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