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  1. Always enjoy your work Elsa including your videos. I have Sun 13 degrees Leo and in 2021 the Saturn/Uranus square kicked the sh*t out of me! On 2/17/2021 I fell on the ice got a hairline fracture on my tibia and received several fractures on ankle and injured my knee. It took me a while to summon the maturity and discipline to adjust to the situation. Also had to wait (along with everyone else) for surgery. Being a Sun Leo with an Aries moon patience doesn’t come naturally. I want it now and I don’t have time for injuries or illness. Let alone slowing down to accommodate an injury. Yes, at first, the tantrums were many. I learned to slow down because I had no other choice. During the ice storm, my husband and brother warned me about walking on the ice. The egotistical Leo in me laughed off their concerns. No silly little ice was going to stop me. Within minutes, laying on the downhill driveway in pain and feeling foolish. Yes, I had to welcome humility. My beloved dog died in May (suddenly). Not a good year but I learned the hard way.

      1. Yes, I have had to eat my fair share of humble pie this year and in this lifetime. It certainly has helped me to grow spiritually and learn some common sense along the way. I remember on one of your posts about how the fixed signs were going to be challenged and you weren’t kidding? Live and learn.

    1. Gina, get yourself some Stabilicers or Yaktrax for your boots and you will be invincible on ice. Trust me you’ll be able to walk anywhere any time. Sorry about your dog.

      1. Thank you so much. The Yaktrax sounds like a great idea. I wore Keen shoes for years and felt like I could get some sh*t done! I wasn’t wearing them when I fell, btw. Anyway, it has been just 2 months since my surgery and I have lost that confidence. Perhaps the Yaktrax can help. Baby steps taken a little bit at a time. Have a great day!

        1. Honestly – I have Stabilicers and can walk uphill or downhill on glare ice in a gale of wind with absolute confidence and ease. You MUST put them on your boots for them to work, though. None of that “I was just going out to get the mail” so I didn’t put them on. ?

          1. Thank you Martha! Yes, I would be the type to buy them online because it would be too much trouble to GO try them on. Can you purchase them in big national stores (Target, Walmart, etc) or did you go to a special shoe store?

            1. They’re rubbery & stretch over any boot. I got mine from LL Bean but Amazon or probably retail stores too. Get 2 pairs & leave 1 in your car.

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      Kristina McClatchie

      Sun 13 degrees Taurus. I also had a nasty fall (in the mud though), while lifting my grandson up for a piggyback ride. Broke my wrist in 3 places and a concussion, but thankfully that was it. Lost my beloved dog as well, she was 7 and it was unexpected and devastating. I am so sorry to hear what you’ve gone through and my prayers and comforton the loss of your dog. It’s a new normal every day it seems.

      1. Wow! Just like my situation. I am so sorry about your fall and the loss of your beloved dog. Losing a beloved pet is always devastating. A concussion is always serious I am glad you were able to recover. I guess the 13th degree really was on the chopping block. Sending you love and blessings!?

  2. Elsa, I love your videos and look forward to seeing more.
    You are beautiful on camera and I commend you for doing videos.

  3. Thanks for this Elsa. I’m going to learn (Saturn) to use this Astrology (Uranus) to get me to where I need to go. I’ve been feeling powerless but I do have things I can do to feel better.

  4. Great advice, I took notes! Glad you are making videos again, taking a risk seems to pay off in this astro climate.

  5. You do you, Elsa! To hell with the trolls! Don’t give them the satisfaction of taking up your time or head space. I love reading and hearing you! BTW, the pandemic gave me space to grow my hair out. It’s almost all white and my hair cutter gives it a great style. Liking it more every day! It grows on you! Relax!

  6. Elsa, I love your authenticity~ keeping it real and relatable. You are an intelligent, wise woman. As a Taurus/Sadge/Cap, I start my day reading your forecasts and tips and later checking out the related info. So glad to have found you. Maybe now with your beautiful pewter/silver hair, more will give you credit for all the knowledge you have and share with us.

  7. So appreciate you doing your latest video.
    Brave and true and elegantly gracious.
    You are inspiring.
    Thank you so much Elsa.
    Wishing you and your family peace and much joy in this new year.

  8. Elsa, you’re awesome. You do have an excellent insight and you are able to see the core of the issue at hand and say it without sugarcoating. I love that about you and it’s what brings me to you blog over and over again.

  9. No! Your lipstick is NOT crooked! You look great! Purple suits you well!
    And a very good explanation of the possibilities of Saturn square Uranus.
    Thanks for the creative approach and positive outlook on this.

  10. Excellent video and excellent approach to the conundrum that is Saturn square Uranus! Uranus is transiting my 4th and opposing my natal Uranus – chaos! I’m looking to Saturn transiting my 1st, and as he is the traditional ruler of Aqua, have decided to hoik my big girl pants even higher and just get the hell on with it, no shortcuts.

  11. I’m so glad to see you doing videos again, Elsa. You look great, and you did a fantastic job! We talked about Saturn square Uranus during my recent consultation and it really helped to get your advice specific to my chart. I feel like I have a much better handle on this transit now!

  12. Elsa, I tune in to you because you’re real and you know what it’s like to get the sh!t kicked out of you & get back up, how to work the chart so you take your power back. You’re a great example and an excellent astrologer. Do any of the aging male astrologers worry about their gray hair or double chins? nope. go for it!

    1. Yeah, I actually like my hair, a lot. I wish I had never colored it and if I knew then what I know now, I never would have.
      The insecurity is a function of Saturn transiting Venus. It’s classic. And I tell people to do things like this all the time. But now you can see, I follow my own advice.

  13. I wouldn’t consider NOT coloring my hair (Venus, Sun, & Uranus in Leo). To each her own. My late friend Gail used to henna her hair so all of the grays glowed a copper color. It was beautiful. As for your presentation, I don’t really care what your package looks like. I watched a video yesterday and the astrologer looked like an Aquarian hippy flake — until he started talking and his depth of knowledge was all I saw. Same with you…it’s all about the content.

  14. This was great and very helpful. I’m going through a rough Saturn/Uranus transit, it’s hitting my Scorpio AC at 11 degrees and Moon at 13. Last year was just one big restriction after another. Mostly lack of money, travel and opportunities. No job for a while now so I have to think about changing and reinventing myself professionally. I’ll be glad to see saturn and uranus move away to later degrees.

  15. Tr Saturn is in my Aquarius 1H and Tr Uranus is in my Taurus 3H. This square works with the Covid-19 quarantine. I’ve been doing small DIY home projects this past year.

    It’s great to see you again, Elsa! Personally, I prefer your written posts as I pause while reading to digest your information.

    1. I understand! I’m going to maintain my newsletter and write on the blog as well. But this door is open now and I’m going keep it that way. 🙂

  16. First of all I never understood why you’d stop w/the vids. I always thought you had a fine kinda Anne Baxter sultriness about you.
    At any rate I don’t really understand.
    Not much of anything is happening good or bad yet these planets have literally been dead in conjunct/square Sun, Moon n Mars like forever.
    Sun = 12 degrees Taurus 8th h
    Moon = 7 Aq late 4
    Mars = 11 Aq same (although in whole sign houses are they in 5?)

    I’ve said it before. Even while Jupe was dancin through there : nothing. Death as usual. No kind of relationship.
    I workout daily and practice almost as frequently.
    Lately I’ll say I’m feeling much deeper n have had periods of serious retrospect n introspect which have informed me of much.
    Oh I forgot to mention Chiron is conj moon n Mars.
    I don’t kno ‘what’ to do to be honest.
    I’m not getting any ‘messages’ of note.
    You’d think things would be poppin.
    Nope. I don’t get it.

  17. I watched and listened to the video twice, but I still don’t understand this Code you have broken. I heard the words Innovate (Uranus) and Maturity (Saturn) but still don’t get the overall message. You clearly had a personal breakthrough that involved pushing through discomfort and fears. I hope as time goes by you will find ways to convey this revelation that I can hear and use.

  18. I love your hair!! I love the purple !!. Saturn square Taurus has hit my 6th house. A year and a half ago I got a wakeup call that my A1c was 8.3. A year and four months prior I had lost the love of my life and thought I just wanted to die. Hoping I would die of a heart attack like my Mom. I ate anything and everything. The Dr visit made me realize, I did want to live, and I had more to do here for my kids and grandkids. I have since lost 65 lbs., my A1c is 6.0 and I have actually just overcome a bout with covid. I might get to live after all.

  19. I think we love you pretty good Elsa. You’re beautiful and wise. And VERY much appreciated. I’ve got everything transiting the 12th, Asc 17+ Aq, so just about everything needs renewing or changing big time. It’s exhausting and tr Pluto’s in there too. Tr Saturn’s about to drop on the asc back and forth, I’m going for total victory if I have to crawl to the finish line 🙂

  20. THIS IS GREAT!!! Love the video. There is so much freedom in old age. This S/U square is pulling in my natal 10degree Mars in Scorpio. At 66 years old I’m going back to work too. Everything old is new again.

    1. daisy, you are amazing. I think of you all the time. I vividly remember when you decided to go back and further your education. I so appreciate your candor and integrity; also your grit. Just so you know. 🙂

  21. Elsa, you look more beautiful now than you did 12 years ago! You look softer, and you seem more mellow. You’re surely wiser now than you were 12 years ago, so I would expect your videos to be even better than they were before.

    When I went back to school for an advanced degree 17 years after graduating college, and with a baby, I was so grateful I had the opportunity and the wisdom to really benefit from my education. There’s much to be gained from maturity! Please don’t apologize for your age!

  22. Some astro reports are unintentionaly funny. Transit saturn conjunct natal saturn :this is a time period when you are planning activities that will entail greater responsibilities than you have previously undertaken. Transit uranus square saturn: This is not a good time to steadfastly pursue discipline. Saturn: Put yourself together. How? Uranus: Crazily. Get all of your crap fixed in a state of chaos and crumbling. Message received.

  23. I so appreciate you did this video. I have this energy on my Venus and Mars (in Leo conjunct). I’m working hard on those boundaries. You put it so clear here, thanks a lot! <3

  24. Elsa, don’t ever go down in a ditch again! Very sad to hear this. When I opened your video, I did notice your hair, which looks lovely, your personal warmth and sincerity shines through your lovely face. Love your candid and often very funny take on events.

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    Shimmering Light

    Just re-watched this video. Love the last line “if you don’t like me…just leave”. Uranus-Saturn won’t be hitting my Venus (end of Scorpio) for a while yet but hey, that’s my stance too :-).

    There’s a way of delivering this line – spoken, written or by general attitude – in a defiant (Uranus) or aggressive way. Or, as I sense with you, a mature (Saturn) And refreshing (Uranus) way. Thanks Elsa. The endless beating of my Scorpio planets by Uranus and Saturn are moving me in this direction also.

    1. Thank you. I am the kind of person people want to control. It’s an interesting phenomena which I’ve recently come to better understand. I hope to write about this soon.

  26. Agree w Pan a little bit. If I get it, you are saying embrace the depth of your fear. Make it tangible. If someone has a problem with the results, it’s their problem, not yours. You may come out the other side much stronger & freer.

    I think you look great, by the way. More to the point, you look real. With the increasing number of Macy Thanksgiving Day Balloon Faces online, you are refreshing!

  27. “if you don’t like me…just leave” YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am the kind of person people want to control. (Please write about it soon!)

    They cannot control me anymore E and that is making a lot of people mad. Can’t control me? Then they don’t want me. I love them all, but I am not taking orders. I can’t do it. I don’t even have anything left in me that will allow it. I’m not being defiant. I just can’t do it. It’s like the universe set the boundary because I would not. It took a long time for me to stop crying about this, get used to this. There is no going back.

    18 Degree Scorpio Mercury in this rat’s nest. That’s that last of my Scorpio that will be hit by this (before the Pluto Squares)

    1. 18. The hot degree.
      Mercury… far more important than people tend to think!

      You should be updating your boundaries under this transit. I think you’re on track!

      1. I agree. Also looking at myself as to why it was happening in the first place. Why did I allow it? What was I getting out of it? ME. That is where it stops see. What do I allow in and WHY? I am trying to work on the pathology within myself. What is it that I needed so badly that I invited such a thing in in the first place? We can blame other people but before we do we need to look at our own role in it. Where was I so empty that I would invite that into my life and how was that helping anyone… was I helping myself? See, that is what I am looking at. It’s fair to do this. Was I filling up a void within myself? Did I feel more important being needed in such a way only to find how dreadful that ended up being? I have no interest in inserting myself that way again, but I also don’t want it done to me. I think its damaging all around to everyone involved. I have been sitting alone for some time now going over what I do/did, so I do not repeat it or allow it to be repeated toward me again. Somewhere in all this I can see a pattern of not feeling like I am (or was) enough which makes this all a ME problem. Not them problem. I need the boundaries, so I don’t do it.

        Pluto digs up the grossest things. Here is a mirror, you are pathetic, clean it up.

      2. Then old man Saturn sits you down with restriction and says.. sit here and get your sh$t together. You don’t get to blame other people as you are not a victim in all this. Uranus moved it all away in one fell swoop … and here I am. Faced with no one but myself. Lots of crying but mostly as an emotional dump. Feel a little better every day. This will come back around as another test. This time, I am ready. With love and kindness, I will decline to do it again. And be honest as to why I am doing so.

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