A Month Of Aggravation, Or..?

moon lunar cycleFeeling annoyed, I know I’m not the only one!  I checked my Lunar Return chart, or rather, next month’s Lunar Return chart. I do this, looking for the point in time when I can see things will break (in a good way).

Of course the Mars, Jupiter, Pluto dominates my next Lunar Return.  This is when I realized the obvious.  This energy will linger for all of us as it show up in your Lunar Return as well and your Solar Return too, if you’ve having your birthday around now.

I wasn’t happy but as always, knowledge is power.  The fact we’re stuck in paradigm for this amount of time, makes it clear to me I need to work with this energy.

Mars in Leo with Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius does seem to pack a punch… of potential. Creative drive, grace and grounding + explosive power?  Surely I can do something with that!


13 thoughts on “A Month Of Aggravation, Or..?”

  1. Jittery, anxious, irritable. My head isn’t getting clearer, mercury rx is out but it has been a stressful time due to my natal mercury in taurus in which the rx was. I don’t think transit uranus square saturn and opposite pluto are helping either.

  2. I’d better find a way to work with it! This threesome is in my solar return. And t-Jupiter is conjunct my natal moon. Jupiter, Pluto and the Moon form a tight grand trine in my natal. How’s that for emphasis? Oh my, what a year ahead !

  3. Aura of Annoyance x10.

    Looking at my Lunar returns I can see the possibility of using this energy to my benefit. Long term goals, creativity without creating unnecessary expenses, advancement with my career, lively social circle, harmonious times with my husband. It’s all there wanting to be channeled and focused. What I really need to watch out for is feeling boxed in, lost in fantasy, overly aggressive in speech and controlling to the point of not realizing I am just being triggered from old dust being kicked up. I’ve got energy smoldering.

    If I can control burn for a few months, this can promote essential growth?

  4. Yes, a lot is happening. It is stressful but…the best way of describing it is this: l’m focusing on the needful, necessary things– and following through when l can no longer ignore the ‘pull’… it really does feel like that. It all feels ‘new’ and l am feeling my way. And l’m making a practical start on a longer term plan too…something l never thought l never thought l’d be able to do…a ‘balancing act’required. Chipping away and sorting is fine for now. Like digging the garden over and weeding– but not all at once. Trans. Pluto, is not quite out of my 11th hse.l am also ‘thinning out’ and sorting…people, things, ideas. Finishing up and making clean spots.

    LunaBear, l like your image of a controlled burn…l hope you both like dancing.

  5. My Lunar Return is pretty much a mirror image of my natal chart with transits right now – 2nd and 8th houses heavily highlighted. I can definitely feel pressure and I’m dealing with this by having plenty of quiet time to see what my subconscious turns up, especially in nature – this helps immeasurably.

  6. LOL This was me Early this week until yesterday! The only way I could describe it was PMS-y. And I don’t get that anymore, and I’m not really a hormonal person! It seemed to have come on too quickly to be all that big drama in they sky and rather than dissect it, I decided to just plug through, “fake it til you make it”-style. And for whatever reason, a killer workout and some friendly conversation, combined with simply moving forward, seemed to break it.

    And now on to our regularly scheduled month!

  7. This (mars, jupiter, pluto) mash up was in my may 8th lunar return with another t-square involving moon, venus & neptune AS WELL AS three lesser grand trines (forming a cradle).

    My question is this, yesterday (5/17) was my mars return, so should I plan for this to be an energy I’m dealing with for the next two years as well?

  8. I have 10 active influences/aspects already in my natal chart + transits. All oppositions and squares, quite a bit of them from Saturn, Neptune and Uranus to my natal planets or angles.
    E.g.: Uranus opposite Venus-Sun-Jupiter-Mercury in Scorpio, Saturn squaring my MC, Neptune squaring himself (the big midlife transit) and Mars having a fight at the moment with my Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

    And now the grand cross from the sky?


    I am trying very hard to not act recklessly or impatiently! I am trying to work with the energy that everyone and everything will be “opposite” what I want or need.
    I have my ASC. in Aquarius at 2 degrees, so Pluto is nearing this point as well.

    And then this.

    If I get through this month without accidents, breakups or family drama I will consider myself successful!

    I just showed my BF the list of challenges I am going through these days. His words: “Wow, why do you use all that energy to let something tell you things will go bad?”

    “This is not how I see this”, I answered him. “I use it as a leverage to stretch and expand my ability to cope with life’s challenges by knowing about this, because otherwise, these things could have me make so so many bad decisions for my life due to stress. Because stressed people don’t always make the best decisions, which you already know”

    He seemed a bit baffled about my answer. Yeah, he’s an astro sceptic, and that’s fine, he doesn’t have to have the same approach to the world. But I think he respects that it’s important for me.

    *Gone checking my lunar return chart*

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