What Makes Your Skin Crawl?

skincrawl.jpgHere’s a little question from my 8th house: Have you ever seen a person’s skin crawl?

Yesterday I could swear I saw a person’s skin crawl. This was an entirely different experience than having my own skin crawl.

What makes your skin crawl and better yet, why? Add the astrology if you can…

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13 thoughts on “What Makes Your Skin Crawl?”

  1. People being mean to prostitutes. Working at a drop in centre for women who essentially live on the street, and reading the every-growing list of ‘bad date’ incidents of prostitutes being assaulted, that made my skin crawl.
    (The program was dropped and abandoned which is why I’m no longer there).
    Sexual abuse of children (or anyone).

    The veil between what’s mine and theirs is too thin some days. Although I’ve never had these experiences directly, it is part of my legacy and it’s a fact that’s got me down more than once.

    (8th House Saturn square Sun, Mercury; trine 12th House Neptune; 4th House Venus/Mars conjunction)

  2. I know my skin crawls, but I can’t articulate why or when right now. I do have some phobias, though, and of course that provokes a strong reaction. The time I “overheard” my niece playing house with her dolls and using abusive language stopped my blood cold.

    I’ve seen it happen to friends, too, and that always triggers “analyze mode” in me. 🙂 Have to dig, have to know.

    I know the astrology behind analyze mode, but I have no clue where my strong reactions would be found in my chart.

  3. Literal skin-crawl for me is insects and other minor creepies.

    The big-ugly-bad stuff in life (abuse, murder, cancer, death, etc.) hits me in the gut. It kills my appetite and makes me nauseous, not that I could throw up if I tried.

    Oh, wait… My skin will also crawl if I’m hit with a sudden realization that someone has done something horrible and completely unexpected, or that a horrible situation has eerie similarities to something in my life. Example – I was pregnant with my son and planning to name him Conor when Laci Peterson went missing and was found dead. Then I was pregnant with my daughter and planning to name her Madeleine when Madeleine McCann went missing. Both of those will STILL creep me out.

    No idea of the astrology, unfortunately…

  4. Elsa, do you mean you actually saw something happening with their skin? Goose bumps or hairs standing on end or something, or is this a metaphor?

  5. Charlotte – that gets my vote. Concur. Bleeeeech.

    I have this thing about weird patterns on skin – one summer (and thankfully only one) – I would get a heat rash on my body, but particularly my hands. It looked the way pizza crust does, when you peel the cheese and toppings off – a web of red circles following veins in your skin, with yellow centers in the middle.

    To this day, this is one of my ultimate heebie jeebies. I almost think I’d rather shave my skin than have to see – most especially – a raised version of that.

    Do not know why I react so strongly to it.

  6. OH MY GOD!!!! You guy have to be fucking kidding me! What’s that! Ha ha ha…bleh. Thanks for bringing me back to earth with your humor I’m much too serious for my own good!

  7. Charlotte I almost puked. Dee Snider in Strangeland almost makes my skin crawl, at least he makes me sick. A lot of body modification usually does, like the cat man or Jocelyn Wildenstein or the Lizard Man, a lot of people with all over tattoos. I used to be a little scared of Marilyn Manson and at certain times during dinner, drag queens or the smell of Barbies would put me off my food. At the same time I’m fascinated. “Scary/dark” Stuff that’s kind of over the top starts to freak me out like some death metal outfits, Lordi, and some comic art though I have a big fascination with Lobo.

  8. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    My ex wouldn’t watch “Trauma” with me (real life ER on the Discovery Channel). I love the program!
    He’s a Scorpio with the Moon in Pisces square Neptune – and another three planets in water signs as well…:) He’s a sweetie and the best friend I’ve ever had.

    My skin crawls more often than not when I hear news related to organized religion. The monotheistic religions in particular:P
    (I can recommend the movie “Priest”, btw).

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