Main Problems In 2023: Anxiety, Loneliness & Feeling Insecure

building implodingI’m in a quandary around what to focus on right now.  Waffling Libra is no help but I’m ready to call it.

Yes, there is a collapse underway. I hate to say it but we are all merely spectators for the most part, meaning most of what happens is completely out of the individual’s hands.  But you can get hold of what you can get hold of and sure enough, this is what my consultations are about at this time.

The anxiety out there is off the chain.  This is something a person can address.  If you’re not clear about this, let me offer some example of things you can’t address: what gets reported / not reported on the news. Who gets prosecuted / not prosecuted.  It’s a simple prayer:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

In short, forget the news and focus on getting your mind calm and settled, before you disable yourself.

Secondly, on the “security” front, these fears will deepen when Pluto returns to Capricorn.  No foundation? No support?  You’ve got to do something about. YOU have to do something about it!

Forget the lies you have been told.  Simple logic: two can pay bills easier than one. People need people. If you struggle to form relationships, then address it!  People who are taking this on are the rest of my clients at the moment.

If this is you, I would watch that video class.  IT’S FREE! Forget being uncomfortable. I have decades of experience; I see the same things over and over.  If you watch it, you cannot help but raise your awareness around what’s actually going on when people attempt to form relationships.

The information I provided is hardcore and irrefutable. You will see yourself and others and be able to correct and change your course.  Playlist here.

The idea here is that you invest in yourself and your relationships with people who can and will actually help you, either because they are in a position to via their location or perhaps because they have knowledge you need that they are willing to share.  Discriminate! Quit wasting time.

List your top three challenges below. Which will you deal with first, and how?
List something you know you need to let go of.  Can you do this today?


28 thoughts on “Main Problems In 2023: Anxiety, Loneliness & Feeling Insecure”

  1. That video series is fantastic Elsa! It really opened my eyes.
    I feel a bit more anxious but I have been meditating everyday for two and a half years now, which helps immensely! It’s funny I just recommended the Serenity prayer to my SO. I want put it on the wall paper of my phone!
    I have a Virgo Moon and need to let go of wanting perfection all the time. Yes I can let go of it today!
    These are very intense times and my heart goes out to all the victims of it everywhere, who have lost loved ones through gun violence, car crashes (which are accelerating in my area) and any manner of hatred and violence. 🩷🙏

  2. Honestly? My challenges weren’t addressed in that series, but also my problems aren’t that common. I like very few people, very few people like me, and there’s almost no overlap. I know I should settle and not be picky, but my options are SO bad I just can’t stomach it (example: dude is old enough to be my grandfather). I don’t think there’s any way to solve that other than “shut up and settle, honey.”

    1. No need to settle or feel bad about being solo. I’m 53 and very content to be single, childfree and even petfree. I don’t like most people and they don’t like me, but I have my garden friends and that’s perfectly fulfilling for me. No shame in being single and bio-family-free.

      1. I agree. I wrote this for the people who do want to break their mold, motivated, in some cases by the harsh reality of the economy.

    2. Avatar
      Hildegarde's Noviciate

      My Cancer Moon son experiencing his 1st Saturn Return in Pisces. He been having this ongoing emotional and spiritual pain that I want to help him deal with. He wants to do alot of travelling this year. Mostly with a friend. His choice of destinations are OK(stateside) but He is acting like a bird in a cage. Flapping and occasionally pecking at me in his pain and frustration in his current circumstances.
      I try not to be worried so much about the increase in violence out there. But He is going to Montreal alone without anybody else. It has a reputation of being safe but I still worry given whats happening everywhere
      Ill have to practice that prayer as much as I can.

  3. Elsa, during our consult you recommended breathing as well. Watching The Voice last night I noticed the girl group was doing breathing exercises…breathing in with the nose and slowly exhaling through the mouth while awaiting results. The breathing through the nose and out SLOWLY through the mouth really helps me too. I’ve been incorporating this throughout the day.

  4. I found this article rather hard hitting and almost sent a shiver down my spine, but in a GOOD way. Like the no-nonsense friend who tells it like it is 🙂

    Aside from Pluto’s return in Capricorn, what other transits do you see attributing to the partnering issues? Do you see the South node in Libra from July ramping this up?

    1. Pluto in Capricorn is not associated with partnering, it can signify a deep depression… I’ve been writing about “collective depression” for years. We’re suffering this and have been. I personally think it will get worse.

      Partnering comes up because it’s easier to secure your position if you work with others. I don’t think people will enjoy weathering this alone… and people have been consistently asking me about this. They want this content – for me to write in a no nonsense way. I am trying to do this… to offer an alternative view and approach to life that may serve you better in this era.

      1. I enjoy reading the no nonsense approach as well 🙂 the whole ‘love and light’ stuff you find with some astrologers can feel like a disappointment when it never manifests! It’s quite refreshing to get a heads up that’s unfiltered.

        I think the whole ‘going it alone’ is getting harder, I agree, especially with the ongoing and accelerating financial crisis. Taurean style self sufficiency is not feasable unless you are a millionaire! People do need to confront and have a hard look at relationship behaviour patterns, especially the shadow ones, if they want to start – or restart – truly connecting with others, sharing their lives. There’s a lot of work to do. Hmmm upcoming Venus retrograde night be an opportunity there?

        I include myself in this, which is why I will also ponder on the questions posed at the end.

  5. It will get worse and that’s where it becomes ultra lonely, fearful and full of anxiety and very unstable. You become so unpopular and disliked saying this but we created this mess with our silence which is ultimately acceptance has perpetrated all the shit show in front of us – we collectively reap what we sow.

    Hope’ism and these nebulous concepts of hope and you are ‘protected by the creator’ (whichever) is difficult to navigate during times of blatant truth. My gauge and rudder, ***the children*** …I don’t think the young children being sold into sexual slavery at the southern border feel all that protected right now!? Lies come in all forms and are most present in duality …till then i know we are on our own.

    So my solution is to be so entirely truthful with myself and see it for what it is…no lala land here however difficult, cause its not just about me its about what i carry when i go…When its my time to go i will carry with me the knowing.

    Think of those who passed after the shot dealing with intense health issues and turbo cancers thinking they ‘did service to the world’…come on how sad is that and it goes right back into the wheel of life. This is happening in my family right now, its crazy!

  6. yes feeling it all lately. Life is busy but I still feel so lonely. My husband can do no right in my books the past few months, everything seems to bother this double Capricorn! I do feel grateful for my safe and secure life but I also get so triggered – I need to stop focusing on the negative!

  7. Top three things I have three days of class and two tests. I want to pass them both.. to stop worrying for my adult children and grandchildren and little ones how do I stop the worry just remind myself constantly ! I need to the faith in the human population to understand how much I love those kids how beautiful the springtime weather has become and chuck the rest off. Someone told me once stay in your hula hoop, but you Gotta keep it moving, I really have to let my fear leave my body. It doesn’t produce anything for me. It’s somehow is this protective behavior in my brain that was really blueprinted too young and has no purpose for this 64-year-old woman I am today.

  8. I’m old, but still constantly changing in small ways…It seems to me that something is always collapsing, and other things are growing..The West had stability, but threw it away for some silly baubles, so just have to deal with it…
    O/T Elsa, I see evidence that AI’s are doing astrology online!

  9. I have pride problems, so I isolate. I really want to be with people and cooperate ( not romantic) but I struggle so much with being not the one who can give. I think it might be my leo moon. I want to host, give gifts, provide ect. The moment people want to treat me or provide/ help. I feel so embarrassed. It is not logical, but I cannot help it. It makes me feel both angry and lonely.

  10. I will watch it tonight. Pluto is coming back for a second hit on my Saturn (the same Saturn I shared with Dad). I feel like I have lost both of my brothers. I am not well. And now loosing the family home.

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      Hildegarde's Noviciate

      So sorry Liz! I experienced losing my family home during this transit. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you for a safe, healthy and loving landing.

  11. Liz remember home is where your heart is.
    Can’t even count how many times my dad moved us as children he would buy it fix sell it we would go live on his little boat often but I look back. It was such a warm memories my mother and her candles. She always seem to pack blankets and candles, you’ll do fine promise you

  12. definitely people need people. so many people now homeless, and after the covid/pandemic, the homeless population grew. After the capricorn stellium (staying home/jobloss, businesses closed) and the new era has emerged. But, people who didnt have family or friends that were close enough to offer them a haven, went to the streets. It’s so sad. But today i saw on the news, some glimmer of fantastic hope. The biden administration is going to 5 cities and their communities to counter homeless and help people and the community. I hope the economy will get better and people will have a place and trust in the government again.

    1. in my view/perspective, if people dont help other people, communities and cities and the world will get worse. It’s this help eachother to counter any evil/bad /karma that makes the world get worse. I was also reading that a city in california (because there’s so much homeless there now…. and many buses were offered to homeless from the east coast for a one way ticket to live in the west, so many east coast homeless went there: for one its warmer. and they wont die so easily on the streets) and this city was trying to stop a religious community offering free food to homeless, saying it brings dirty homeless people in, and making the city not nice looking. Wtf. Ew. they only care about what looks nice? where’s their heart?? Anyway, i was happy to also learn that the government has stepped in and is most likely going to be federally protected. Good! welp my thoughts went from there after reading, two people need to pay the bills, and forget the lies. everyone needs each other.

  13. Things to get rid of:
    My cat.
    She adds too much stress to my life and my home.

    Things to work on:

    My creative skills

    The amount of hours I am able to work in a job, to return to the job market

    My relationship with my partner

  14. Something is definitely ” collapsing ” in my world recently.

    And maybe it NEEDS to collapse.

    I had tended to give other people WAY TOO MUCH influence in my personal life.

    A series of odd events has been unfolding…..leading me to FEEL unsupported, un caredfore and frankly abandonded by the very people I had held in high esteem previously.

    Frankly, the sick underbelly of SOME people has revealed itself….and it sickens me to think I was so gullible.

    They (? ) can all go F themselves….my stance today is utter coldness and detachment.

    I do not need ANY feedback or support from such negative individuals….especially my once beloved and trusted close relative….who is neither as of today.

    I will listen to God and Source now,.and not try to be close to others at this time.

    This time now is to deepen my trust in MY SELF and MY HIGHER POWER.

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