A Person Dies Twice On This Plane

Lester mooreThis idea is not mine. It was shared with me and I was told it was real and factual: a person dies twice on this plane.

The first death occurs when their physical body dies.

The second death occurs the last time someone speaks their name or thinks of them.

I was assured this was real information of import. My source has a solid reputation.

So a person like, Henry, is still all over this blog; people think of him, though he’s been dead for forty years.  A guy who’s name I can’t remember is… well, never mind.

Some dead astrologers still loom large and Lester Moore is hanging in.

What do you think of this concept?  Have you heard it before? If so, where?

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  1. Yes, absolutely. I live near a very small old graveyard where people kept telling me that slaves are buried there. I looked at all the markers, but found no info. Then I noticed near the entrance, ( it is in a very remote location), that there were a few of these rectangular shaped, roughed carved markers, and a few crudely cut to resemble a simple arch, markers placed somewhat close together. These were the slave graves. Why were they not marked with any info whatsoever, not even a historical plaque? Also, nearby where I live, in another area of town, mysterious coffins containing shackled skeletons were buried. They were unearthed accidentally by moving equipment clearing land for a building. They too have no identification, the local anthropology dept. at the college was called in to reinter the remains in a respectful manner.

    Turns out that it was illegal at the time, to record any human details of a slave, because they were considered at the time to be chattel, to be property, not deserving of basic human rights. What got me, looking at these grave markers, was how as far as the 1940’s, there had to be someone out there who could provide simple information. Had it not been for the people who told me about them, and the unearthing of the others by earthmoving equipment, they are sadly lost to history and time now. Think of how many hearts could have softened, how many parents, grandparents and even school field trips would have brought children there to visit and reflect. It would have been such a simple gesture, that would have gone a long way to ease historic tensions, simply by acknowledging and the granting of some sort of dignity, albeit late.

  2. My husband texted me yesterday, reminding me to pray for the souls on the USS Arizona. He does this from time to time and now I better understand why.

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