A Real Life Imposter

I’m involved in an interesting and disturbing situation. There is a man in the area, in close contact with a number of people I know.  I know him as well. I’ve interacted with him a number of times over the last several months.

This man’s claim to fame is his intellect. Everyone likes him because he’s smart. He adds to any conversation but my husband is not buying his story.  It’s weird because everyone else is (or was) buying his story. I was told his story, secondhand. I assumed it was the truth, but the minute my husband questioned his integrity, I realized it could easily be completely fabricated.

Over the last week or so, my husband as elaborated around why he’s suspect. He says the man might be legit, but he’d not take a chance.

This is a bit scary now. If this man has bad intentions, he’s got a lot of people involved and on board.  And if they start to pull away, it will be because of the seed of doubt planted by my husband and spread around by me.

I did not intend to spread anything!  Someone asked us if we were willing to put this man up in our home. “No,” I said. “That’s not possible; my husband doesn’t trust him…”

No one wants to discount my husband’s spider senses. We all know he has them!

I asked a local gal if she’s ever seen anything like this occur in this area. “No,” she replied.  We see this stuff on crime shows and now we’re living… maybe.

Have you ever met a real life imposter? What’s the astrology?

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  1. Yes. I’ve met a few imposters. It might be my Mercury Sq. Pluto but I can usually tell when people are full of sh*t or lying. I know a 12th house Virgo stellium that people would be shocked to oblivion if they found out what they’re really like. It’s remarkable.

  2. Please make sure your husband is not in fact jealous of the man. We never seem to question men’s pettiness when making these off the top evaluations of other men as readily as we do with women who do the same.

    Jus saying, insecurity shows up in a myriad ways..

    1. That’s really not his way.
      Once a person starts asking questions, the holes in the story are gaping. Also, the people asking us to put him up are not putting him up themselves. So on some level they have questions of their own.

      1. why don’t you put him up and find out for yourselves. I doubt he’s a murderer. Maybe he did some things he’s ashamed of but doesn’t automatically mean he’s evil. I’ve had people misjudge me also but usually I’m hoping they won’t find out about something innocent but embarrassing. Just saying, maybe his senses are picking something up because he feels guilty about and doesn’t want people to see just how sad he is but it’s totally innocent ya know? Not something to brag about but not dangerous either. I’ve been accused of things i didn’t do my whole life. My brother said i just have that “guilty look”…whatever that means. Just saying, only way to know for sure is to just ask the man the questions you have. who cares if it’s socially unacceptable…better than assuming without knowing for sure. That’s not really fair to the other guy even if your gut instinct is telling something is off.

        1. If a person feels that something is wrong with another person, it is never wise to go against that feeling. I can’t see how a person can just openly trust someone. Have you ever been robbed by a person that you trusted? It is not a nice thing. Not everyone is trustworthy.

  3. I know one. I have known the person for years. She travels in wealthy circles now. She was just a girl who came from nothing. (not that there is anything wrong with that!)

    She has no education. She has no job history. She has not really done a thing in her life that I know of but marry well, shop and pretend.

    She has moved to another community and they think she has done things that she would never be capable of with a HS diploma.

    Seeing her publically celebrated is somewhat scary. There are a few of us that know exactly who she is and what she has done to be where she is today. It’s sort of a black widow-ish story. And, rather frightening.

    I don’t say anything. Should I speak a word it would be turned back on me. Let them find out for themselves. They will eventually.

    A leopard doesn’t change its spots. She will strike again. When she is finished this time she will be wealthy.

    She hasn’t killed anyone. And, unfortunately what she has and is doing isn’t illegal. (it should be, but its not)

    It’s hard to watch when it lands in front of me, but its not my business. So, I mind what’s in front of me and say a little prayer for the people that will be involved next. I have been watching this story unfold for almost 29 years. She is a professional at this point. And, no one has ever done a thing to stop it.

    It’s always popular to blame these kinds of things on Scorpio in a birth chart. She doesn’t have a single planet in Scorpio but she has a Sag Stellium in her 8th house.

    How about that!

    1. Wow! Big time (Jupiter), pontificating (Sagittarius) bulls******! Venus in the 8H tends to socialize with people of wealth.

  4. My ex-husband is a true Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde: Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Pallas Athene in 12H Leo; Pluto (on ASC) with Sun, Ceres, Juno in Virgo also in 1H. Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio 3H. Mars on Taurus MC. A nice guy in public and a very different, calculating man in private. Wish I had astrology in my life before committing to him…

  5. I’ve learned you can’t go wrong listening to your “spidey sense,” but you can go wrong by ignoring it. If your husband is picking that up, that’s enough reason to go with it, end of story. Sometimes we can ask people things, and their answers may sound logical, but we get a gut feeling somethings not right. Perhaps this guy isn’t “dangerous” outright, but it’s not your job to put up anyone in your home that you’re not comfortable with, and you don’t owe an explanation as to why either. How interesting the people asking you to offer your home aren’t offering their homes…hmm…

  6. FYI: I had an experience this is reminding me of. I only remember the guy had a Libra Sun and Scorpio Moon. Wish I knew the rest of his chart but I don’t.

  7. I know a few folks that I do not trust and one is a family member. If your husband has a strong vibe about the guy, it is probably correct and you should steer clear of him. Liars and thieves are some of the worst kinds of people to have around you.

    1. Actually there are a few family members that I would never trust. And there are few people in general that I do trust.

  8. Yes, I’ve met people like this. Very intelligent but rendered homeless for months, years even. They talk a good game. Or not so much once you begin to unravel their tales. You are very wise not to allow this man into your home. He very well could be a murderer, or ‘only’ a sociopath. Either way, trouble looms with these types. Even if it begins and ends with their pathological lies.

    1. Yes, it seems along these lines. My husband met up with him in a different scenario than where I’ve been exposed to him. People were enamored with him and my husband was surprised. It seems obvious to him the man was lying his ass off, most likely.

      Clincher was when he shook his hand. He claims to be X, but to quote my husband, “His hands were as soft as a baby’s ass…”

      It just doesn’t add up.

      1. Sounds like a compulsive liar that believes his own BS to me. I dunno on impostor, but I lost a friend who married a compulsive liar and she believed him over me.

  9. I have a bad feeling about him.

    Anyway. Locally we had a pyramid scheme going on, the man was well married to a local woman and took a lot of money from people. He’s in jail now.

  10. Yes, it’s interesting what a handshake communicates to a real man, and in an instant. Everything else notwithstanding, it may be difficult to extricate someone from your home once they have taken up residence there. Also, private papers could be breached making identify theft down the road pretty easy.

    But you know all this, I suspect. I don’t read people as well as I used to. No help there, I am afraid. NN in Aquarius & a lot of 12th H Taurus. I am in the dark and mostly detached about it, just focusing on the next task. Hope he doesn’t follow your blog!

  11. we had a couple who moved to this area and began fundraising for multiple charities i was not one to have met but someone had a bad feel ;i read in the papers that they found troubles accounting for certain contributions it was quite a strange read in the papers/
    i think many are just learning about the nonprofits are not required to file taxes.
    i understand if you have more than you need to share beautiful
    however should there be a filing irregardless of intentions to play it forward
    and on the wonderful who are homeless many mysteries

  12. I once uncovered someone at work who was posing as a psychologist. It turned out he had previously served time for posing as a lawyer. I would go with your husband’s instinct, and I would never let him in my home. As far as the fact that most people like him, lots of people liked and trusted Bernie Madoff, too.
    I hope you update us on this unfolding story!

  13. Your husband is a Scorpio moon, right? They tend to have incredible “spidey sense” and can see through people from a mile off. Usually before anyone else does too. Just hold your cards close and bide your time. The truth will come out.

  14. It’s commendable that you have qualms about inadvertently ruining this man’s ‘reputation’ inspite of your husband’s strong instincts.

    But sometimes it’s about sensing ‘something doesn’t add up’, and it might be something harmless.
    In astro terms, jupiter neptune influence might give them the tendency to exaggerate or embellish.

    You asked for experience and I used to have a neighbor who’d compulsively lie and contradict herself in the same breath. Completely harmless otherwise.

    Not the same situation I’m sure
    but you know best Elsa that it never pays to ignore an experienced bullshit detector’s warning beeps 🙂

  15. Can you do a background check? Seems it would be worth getting to the bottom of it before a potentially bad situation occurs. Glad you have the Soldier to figure these things out, and protect the fsmily from him.

    I think people want to believe the best of someone, but it’s not always easy to tell the truth. There is a lot of ID Theft these days and it could be used to scam people for sure.

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