A True Story Only Three Could Tell

Here’s a strange story but I think it might help you.

When Annalisa and I were kids, we used to be sent outside to pull weeds in the desert. My older sister was there as well and I am glad of it because I was really confused by the situation and she clarified it for me.

I was about six at the time and as industrious then as I am now. I was also obedient so when I was told to go outside and pull weeds until there were no more weeds, I had every intention of doing exactly that.

There were other conditions and instructions. Namely we had no shoes and were forbidden to have any water or drink from the hose.

I didn’t particularly mind this. It was normal to me for one thing. I saw it as a game and not a particularly bad one even though the dirt in the desert gets mighty hot when it’s 110 degrees out.

In whatever case we were out there pulling weeds in the desert, sent out about 8 in the morning and at some point, hours later, someone wondered aloud when we might be able to go back inside. I was really surprised.

I was surprised because we were nowhere near done. I was working like hell, see? I was trying to GET done so we could go inside and have some water or whatever. I just wanted to finish and this is when my oldest sister told me the task was impossible and boy did that confuse me.

Why would someone give me an impossible task? What did it meeeeeeean?

I actually argued this with her. We are a Mars Mercury family, yes? That is why we’re out in the desert with out feet (Mercury) burning (Mars).

There was some discussion about how we as sisters might handle this. We could go on strike for example. We could have a sit-in protest, after all it was the 60’s. We speculated how that might go over and continued to pull weeds.

We also discussed sending an agent back to the house to make a plea for mercy. Would this be a good option?  The sun had begun to set.

My point here is that this is when I learned there are times when life presents you with situations that are impossible, really and truly impossible. Distinguishing between that which is merely hard as compared to that which is impossible is a supreme skill.

I wrote this for you but I also wrote it for my sister, Annalisa who is in a lot of pain right now. I think she will enjoy it because another thing about my family is this: We know a good story when we hear one.

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  1. genius..

    “My point here is that this is when I learned there are times when life presents you with situations that are impossible, really and truly impossible. Distinguishing between that which is merely hard as compared to that which is impossible is a supreme skill.”

    sending light and love to your sister, and you

  2. (((( Elsa and Annalisa))))

    That hug is not really only for annalisa’a pain right now, but more because of the love between you is so palitable! Blessed with challenging roads and inspirational love..

  3. Horrible horrible. And I know about that choice.

    But in that in between stage, when you turn from this to that, I pitied those who had it easy. They had no means to grow, see? And I would not have exchanged my hard hard childhood for anyone else’s.

    Even so I recognise there is hard, and then there is harder

  4. No doubt your sister was very wise, as a young child, I hope she can cope with her situation, whatever it is. I think it was hard for the children of our generation to deal with the pluto-cancer father. Thew wher over demanding complainants and health visitors. My mother had a saturn-capricorn and a virgo sun so guess what, I’m not surprised the issue of weeds. But she was also a Neptune-virgo and venus lbra so I think it helped to tolerate their children (Pluto-Virgo generation, really obnoxious) I particularly remember my childhood with 6 to 8 years old, walked barefoot, as long as possible Even with temperatures that were boiling water on the pavement, where the lizards did not dare to go. Then I remember that my mother forced me threatened me begged me to wear shoes, and I wondered what the hell is wrong? Why this mania to wear shoes? “I do not need shoes” then I leapt by hot pavement, to find some ground in the shade (I’m also from the desert) running from here to there, like a wild animal with other children. My mother was a teacher quite sensitive and I think she understand, but some super-ego obliged to require me walking shoes. On the other hand I do not remember having had any serious illness or Trauma or any of that situation – The craziness my mather demanded me was – couple of times- to lift the stones of the yard. Great fun for a dreaming mind I had in that moment, I don’t know if that thing was for punishment and believe me I remember it as a fun thing, not resentment.

  5. Tugging on my heart strings. I guess we all had our weeds to go pull one way or another. My sister, who passed young by the assistance of a drunk driver was told by my grandmother to go outside and water the brown spot in the lawn till it turned green. Fruit salad was the reward. Still searching for the magic remedy for emotional scars. For awhile I thought the answer was Ben & Jerry’s but then I was directed to the awake stage and now walking through it is an ongoing venture. With hope,faith and love I will reach the finish line before Scotty beams me up.

  6. ((annalisa))

    sometimes impossible tasks can be comforting… give you something to focus on. think, maybe, that’s a neptuney sort of danger?

  7. “Did you read that story?” I asked, Annalisa this morning.

    “Yeah, I did. What the hell? I will never forget those weeds. Ever-y summer. Every summer we’re out there with those weeds.”

    “Yeah. Sometimes on the side of the house but remember, when we were across the street in the desert, desert by the telephone pole the cat used to climb? Remember? What the hell was that? XXXX (our other sister) was there. She was still at home them but do you remember the conversation? We were trying to figure out if someone should go say, hey. We’re out here and if so, who. Who could get results.”

    “We sneaked and drank out of the hose sometimes. It was all hot”

    I remembered the rubber taste. “Yeah, remember he would check and see if there were any drips / water spots on the dirt by the hose?”

    She remembered

    “Yeah, so if we did that. water spills when you drink from a hose so we had to be careful. Basically we rubbed over the spots but could still be caught. The sun had to dry the water completely or we were fucked. Anyway, I thought you could pull all the weeds in the desert, why not? I guess XXXX, she must have thought I was crazy but I remember it well. I didn’t have a jaded bone in my body back then, do you know? Not one. I believed every fucking thing, I just had no idea it was not a regular day.

  8. I just want to know why a child who was working outside in the hot desert sun was not alloed to drink water. Was it because there were health concerns because the hose was plastic? Why the punishment for doing drinking out of a hose then? I am incredulous that you were sent out there with no water. I was raised in Palm Springs so I know about heat. By the way, 4 planets in Capricorn, one in Virgo and Scorpio ASC and Scorpio moon. Grrrrrrr. I’m from the pluto in Leo generation.

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