Astrology And Antipathy

tweedledee tweedledumAntipathy is a nice word for hate. I’m all kinds of sneaky like that. Enlightened beings, such as we are, are not supposed to feel things like hate. We’re above that. Well, I’m going to admit to you, I have a shadow. Instead of pretending it doesn’t exist I like to mine it for information about how better to get along in this odd little life I appear to have chosen for myself.

Decades ago I discovered I have an intense sensitivity to oysters. I eat an oyster and almost instantly my face is covered in itchy, nasty, fluid-filled blisters. Perhaps if I’d hated the taste of oysters I wouldn’t have inflicted upon myself the idiotic misfortune of experiencing this more than once. It was possible to limit the damage but I did learn something: I’m not as smart as I like to think I am.

It’s pretty easy for me to avoid oysters. They don’t have free will (at least not the fried ones, as far as I am aware). They don’t frequent the same bars and restaurants that I do. They don’t hit on my man. I don’t lie awake on a bad night thinking, “fucking oysters.” It’s pretty much only people to whom I react in that way. So I became curious as to why I have such intense, negative reactions to particular people. What is the astrology? You know what I found out? It’s not all that different from the astrology of love.

I found that without an exception they all had outer planet conjunctions to my angles (the ascendent, descendent, midheaven or nadir), as well as Mars and Moon on the angles or in my angular houses. This is also true of people to whom I respond positively. I am reacting to their planets in my chart as though they were a permanent transit of that planet’s energies. But I am also reacting to how that person expresses that particular energy. I can’t control how another person expresses their energy. So, I decided I am going to stop looking at them and look at me. Where does this energy hit me? It’s on my angles. It’s who I am, how I express myself, how I am seen, what I attract. In other words, it’s All About Me. It takes two to tango. What is it I don’t like about them? It is that I don’t like what their energy makes me face in myself. It’s that and the fact that they really are total twatwaffles.

So I guess I’m going to use my feelings about these people to shine a light on my shadow and become conscious of the things I don’t much like about myself. It’s probably the enlightened way to view things, and it’s cheaper than a night in jail.

Do you have “strong negative reactions” to particular people? Have you compared their charts to yours?


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  1. i do, and i have. with one sibling, her 8th house moon/chiron is conjunct my SN.
    but–my saturn is on her sun.

    we work best when we are apart from one another as much as possible.

  2. I sometimes dislike someone on first meeting, for no apparent reason. I don’t always find out their astrology afterwards, obviously, but often when I have done, it turns out they are Scorpio Suns!

    In all cases I found them offensively intrusive, though a couple went on to be good friends when we got to know each other. But mostly if I dislike someone on meeting it’s with good reason, and I’m very rarely proved wrong, in the long run, even if the dislike was instinctual or visceral. I’m good at reading a face, even in photo

  3. twatwaffels!!!LOL!!!! That’s a very cute name for people you “hate”!!!
    Yes , I have some negative reactions instantly after meeting someone, but I usally always end up with mixed feelings towards them even if I can’t stand them at first. Have not been able to compere charts. But the last 2 where both on the cap/ aqua cusp. I have a strong 10th house , and uranus so I do recognize it was because I felt threathened…they are nice people though , we just can’t be around eachother.

  4. Sagittarius. They square all the square aspects in my chart–therefore activating my Mars/Pluto/Uranus in Virgo in the 12th house–and oppose four of my personal planets. I just figured this out recently.

  5. Oooohh, satori! I’m going through my rolodex (under “T” for twatwaffles) and compare synastry charts, outer planets and chart angles. Thanks for this great tidbit! Your tales always charm.

  6. There’s only one person I’ve ever reacted to that way and the only thing I know about her is she’s a Virgo sun.

    My ex-SIL and I never gave her enough notice to learn her birthday in eight years… *lol*

  7. Yes, yes. I don’t even have to talk to them to know that’s how I feel. It may seem unfair to some…of course if I am wrong, I will warm up to them but there is always a sense of unease around them.

  8. Yes, yes. I don’t even have to talk to them to know that’s how I feel. It may seem unfair to some…of course if I am wrong, I will warm up to them but there is always a sense of unease around them. And I don’t know the astrology as I never get that well acquainted with them.

  9. Yes, yes. I don’t even have to talk to them to know that’s how I feel. It may seem unfair to some…of course if I am wrong and they turn out to be somewhat nicer than I thought, I will warm up to them a bit but there is always a sense of unease around them and a feeling that I can’t be authenic with them. May be my shadow side is paranoid? And I don’t know the astrology as I never get that well acquainted with them.

  10. It’s weird, I have strong reactions to people born on January 16th — either love them or hate them, always memorable, and I can’t account for it. Those degrees aren’t sitting on any of my planets or midpoints.

    I guess I’d provoke strong reactions in other people since I have all sorts of things going on with my angles.

  11. Oh wow! I never thought of it this way. There was a woman who was a “shadow” in a relationship that I had. We broke up twice over this woman. So I’ve just compared her chart to mine and her Saturn falls on the midpoint of my venus conjunct mars in leo and she has 4 planets in my 12th house, conjuncting my sun. I’ll have to think now about my “shadow” side and try and bring it all together.

  12. Awesome post 😀 “fucking oysters” is brilliant as is twatwaffles lol

    There are few people I can’t find something in common with but there are just a few who just put me off instantaneously.I know none of their charts but it’s usually behaviors like egotism,pretentiousness,elitism,selfishness,genuine maliciousness and uncaring,cold and shallowness is another off putting characteristic to me.

    Most times,folks with those characteristics have redeeming qualities though,I try to find the good in everyone 😀

    Part of the reason those ways are off putting to be is that I have a lack of all those things.I couldn’t ever be a true blue coldhearted egotistical elitist asshole even if I wanted to,I could attempt to act like it but it wouldn’t be real,it is just not what the fabric of my soul is made of.I can stand up for myself and all and be selfish when it is healthy to be so but for the sheer unadulterated joy of it? Nope..

    Unfortunately,those are usually the kind of people that get ahead,that get adoration for whatever it is they do,regardless of the integrity of their character.They usually have some sort of power[look at many politicians for example].I don’t understand why all of that is ,but there is a marginal amount envy there from me.

  13. Hey Satori,

    I love the subject of the shadow so much I could write a book, if only I could find the time.

    Carl Jung said that the shadow is made up of two parts called: The DARK shadow AND the BRIGHT or GOLDEN shadow.

    But I will sum it up with a quote from Liz Green:

    “The Shadow is BOTH the awful thing that needs redemption AND the suffering redeemer who can provide it.”

    Have a great day, Satori!!

    Be Blessed!!

  14. loved this post..ive been doing deep shadow work scorpio ex..and I shared mars in libra 7th house @ 1 degree I got a harsh reality on projections..thin line btwn love n hate n all this you shared above..also tht conjunction is very close to both our dsc n she shares 7th house libra ..thanks satori..this helped me find out alot about this reality n ‘hologram’ universe or plane we operate I chuckle @ all that I project or manifest into my world

  15. Absolutely. It is two way street. At times I have done nothing and been hated. I think one reason is my packed 7th house and Moon/Mars conjunction on my IC.

  16. “I don’t like what their energy makes me face in myself. It’s that and the fact that they really are total twatwaffles.”

    Your posts are always brilliant, but twatwaffle! Hahaha I’m sorry but thats friggin great. But seriously, “what the energy makes me face in myself”–very interesting new way of looking at it, I’m going to need some serious time to reflect on this one..

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