The Galactic Center

Galactic Center“There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza; there’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, a hole.”
–Traditional Children’s Song

The Galactic Center is of course the very center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. It is located at 26 degrees Sagittarius, with a definite orb of 2 degrees and affectively even a few degrees further. Exactly at this center is a super-massive black hole. Black holes have such incredible mass that they also have a super-massive gravity field; they suck in.

Our Galactic Center (GC) black hole also puts out. It radiates strong radio waves. Because of the orb of the GC it has been postulated that the Moon does not have a void of course phase when exiting Sagittarius.

Planets aspecting the GC and the house in which the GC falls are energized by this massive force. It strengthens their importance in a chart. A heightened sensitivity is also associated with those whose placements resonate with the GC.

Do you have planets at the GC or in aspect?

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  1. Yes– it is conjunct my ASC. I’ve been told by an astrologer I deeply respect this is where the magic happens in my chart.

    I would like to think this is true:)

  2. My MC is 28 degrees Sag and my mercury is 29 degrees Sag, and yeah I don’t know what I am suppose to do with that either. House 9 no less.

  3. i don’t have any clue about the GC—my sun/moon midpoint is square it in the 3H—–like i said i don’t have any clue

    but your song quote was also a friend’s status this morning on fb——-

    how is that possible?

  4. it’s funny, Lona, the song came first. I mentioned the GC in consult this morning, then I got the song stuck in my head, then I wrote the blog.

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    Interesting stuff satori! I can’t even really think about the GC without having my brain in knots. I just can’t really imagine such an object, out there somewhere.

    It’s conjunct my Neptune at late 24 Sag, but that’s generational of course. It’s also trine my Mars at 26 Aries. 2nd house.

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    Saturn at 29 degrees Leo, Regulus no less. That’s a trine? And what would such a trine suggest? Thanks!

  7. It’s exactly quincunx my 1st hse Mercury in the 9th hse (keeping Neptune company). I guess that could explain a lot about my religious/philosophical/spiritual views having discord with the intellectual/scientific-proof side of me.

  8. a trine is usually in the same element, so in this case it’s fire to fire relationship. it means that the energies are in sync and that less work is required to access the benefits.

  9. Yup… one, of the many reasons why that last segment of Pluto in Sagittarius could have given me hives (if I hadn’t decided years ago that *that* was not going to happen again). 🙂

    Like anything, there’s the upside of, “Heeeehhh, it’s in the past, now.” (Plus! free knives!)

    Back to current, ongoing normal times: in my natal chart, Mercury, Jupiter & Chiron aspect the Galactic Center – respectively, by trine, quincunx (which I count as a major aspect, because I’ve been noticing for years that it works like one, for me and those I know) and sextile. These aspects have been in play my whole life, so, normal for me.

    Thanks for another thought provoking question, Satori! You’ve given me some questions to chew on, regarding, Why else 28-29 degrees Virgo transits are such a delight for me.

    Saturn in 3rd house, I love ::<3:: ideas with some chew to them,

  10. My brother’s sun is 26 degrees, 35 minutes Sag. Is that why it felt like he was a black hole trying to suck me in as a kid? lol!

    I’m a Gemini 18 degrees – so we’ve a wide orb opposition. Boy did we butt heads!

  11. don’t you wish you could go back as a kid and shout at his kid self, “YOU’RE A BLACK HOLE!!” 😀

  12. How funny and cool! I love anything that has to do with the stars. My mercury is 26 degrees exact sag in the 3rd house. I wonder what that means?? My uranus is 19 degrees (and some change) in the 3rd house also. So interesting, I wonder what this means! haha

  13. I have Mars at 26 Sagitarius/the Galactic Center in the 12th house. Mars is square my Pluto Virgo and Virgo Sun, but trine Venus in Leo. Like some of the other posters, I’m not sure what any of it means yet!

  14. MC is 23 Sag
    Jupiter 24 Sag
    PF 29 Sag
    Mars 26 Gem
    Vertex 24 Virgo

    don’t know if all of this counts, but there seems to be quite a bit of emphasis on the GC…..great, I have a prominent black hole in my chart ~~~~~~~~~woo woo

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    I’ll attempt to interpret yours just because i’m familiar with Midheaven meaning.

    Mc is career so i assume it means everything to do with that is lucky for you, work success comes easily. Yes? If not, it would prolly be the opposite of that.

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    demelza, the same goes for you but you also have jupiter there – even luckier.

    Forgive me if im wrong, playing an astrologer here

  17. Sorry for my unfamiliarity with it, but how do you create a natal chart that says where the GC is in it ?

  18. Cool radio pic of the GC – click & it gets bigger

    I’m a radio geek & first learned about the GC from that (Jansky & his radio telescope). There’s a cool documentary on the GC here
    that goes into it.

    Pretty space pictures.

    my Mars is at 29 sadge and Vesta at 23 so I think the GC is right in the middle of them, in h 12.

    And I have a 26 virgo Uranus/Ceres and 26 Pisces Chiron opp so I guess GC squares those/is the midpoint.

    Thanks for the GC reminder satori.

  19. @ScorpioRising – yes, but no…not lately. Pluto in 10th is messing with me.

    I just read somewhere that it indicates a psychic opening…which would make sense.

  20. Yes oh yes oh yes!

    I have a 26d Sun in Sagittarius, which is conj the GC. I also have Mercury/Juno and my SN also conj my Sun, so they all conj the GC too.

    I have written about this on the boards before and speculated about how this has played out in my life. I do believe that those of us with direct planetary conjunctions (or conj angles like the ASC/DSC/MC/IC), have some element in our makeup which hints at “what the truth is behind all of this”. I have commented that I have often been an observer to large world events, largely by chance. For example, I was in Jerusalem during a terrorist attack and saw the bomb explode from a nearby hill. I was in Turkey a few weeks after a massive earthquake killed over 100,000 people (my travel arrangements had been made 6 months before that). There are many other stories like this.

    I am never directly affected by these events, all of them occur unexpectedly and I am merely an observer to the fact that life goes on after these events occur.

    I have also mentioned that another GC person is Brad Pitt (kind cool if you think about it!).

  21. my asc is at 22 deg sag & part of fortune at 27 deg sag – 1st house.

    by all accounts, i can confirm that there is a noticeable black hole in any aspect related to fortune in my life 😉

  22. North Node at 23 Sag,and the GC sits exactly on the cusp of my 5th also trines my asc and Chiron…black hole in aspect to my life direction and soul purpose,my identity and feeling of self,and my wounds..thank god it’s not a square or opposition..phew 🙂

  23. radio waves huh? interesting.
    Sun is sextile, Saturn opposes. This is where the cusp of my 11th is located and Jupiter sits just a few degrees away.

  24. Ox’s AC is conjunct (his birthtime has been adjusted, so there are quite a few interesting changes. He is Sag rising, not Scorp. And his sun is trine.

    The Aquarian’s DC is conjunct (and I just noticed that means that his AC is conjunct Ox’s DC and both of these oppose my Saturn), Venus conjunct, vesta opposed, chiron sextile

    The Gemini’s is conjunct AC (sag rising this is getting interesting) and vertex sextile.

    And looky here, It is conjunct the Pisces DC and his Mercury is square.

    First of all, I haven’t looked at synastry since I adjusted Ox’s birthtime after figuring out his neptune was locked in his 12th..not first. His AC/DC is the same (sag ac/ gem dc) as my oldest child’s and is opposite of the Pisces and Aquarian (gem ac/sag ac) and my Mc is sag with Ic gem (but at early degrees) with my saturn stuck on ALL their angles.

    Holy canolies bat

  25. SN, 23,01 Sag.
    MC, 26,42 Leo, perfect trine.
    Mars, 23,16 Virgo, square.
    IC, 26,42 Aqua, nice sextile.
    Saturn, 01,07 Pisces, loose sextile.

    What can I say? Earthlings, we come in peace!

  26. My MC is 28 Sag, IC is 28 Gemini, AC is 26 Pisces, and DC is 26 Virgo. Also, my Vertex is 28 Virgo. I have just begun to learn about the GC, so I don’t know what it means to my natal chart.

  27. WoW! Thanks Satori, I knew nothing about the GC until this post!

    The GC is in my 2nd House. This might explain why people are compelled to give me valuable things. It’s Trine my MC (24 deg Leo, 10th House) and Uranus (27 deg Leo) and Sextile my IC (24 deg Aquarius, 4th House). I’ve always been lucky in career (10th) and homes (4th) and it’s often a total surprise (Uranus).

    Thanks again Satori… I feel extra lucky today! 😉

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    If it were a regular planet I’d have two or three grand crosses in my chart instead of the two or three t-squared I have currently.

    I have NO idea how to read the GC as far as energy goes. Help? (squeeks under the gravity of the situation 😉

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