Losing Weight With Saturn In Capricorn

I saw my doctor last week. He told me that I’d lost twenty pounds since March. I first wrote about losing weight, March. Clearly, I’m still trending down. I’m to a point where I need to buy some new clothes or dig out some old one or something!

Here’s the original post:

I’m just off the phone with a fellow Capricorn rising. She said she’d been steadily losing weight. I’m losing weight as well.

I’m not sure that Capricorn suns would have the same experience. It’s the ascendant that describes the physical body.  I expect to be, gaunt, by the time Saturn and Pluto meet in my first house.

I am rapidly turning into my Capricorn grandfather, an authentically interesting person, Henry.

That’s him in the picture.

Are you losing weight with Saturn in Capricorn?

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  1. I replied to this on Twitter, but I’m going to leave it here, too, since not everyone has a Twitter and I’m not as character-restricted.

    When Saturn was in Leo (my first house), I lost loads of weight I didn’t really have to lose. I definitely think there’s a Saturn/first house weight-loss connection.

    I’m curious about Saturn and the moon sign, too. I’m a Capricorn moon, and it’s happening again. I’ve lost two pants sizes and these are getting loose. Went to the MD to make sure I didn’t have a lurking illness. I’m fine. Saturn’s restrictive. Could it cause weight loss in certain “tender spots” of the chart?

  2. Definitely know someone who put on a lot of weight during saturn in sagg 12th house. Crossed his asc at 27 sagg and it started to bother him. Entered capricorn which is intercepted in the 1st, off it goes. Slim shady now, keeping up steady with his fitness program. As for myself, it happened during saturn’s tour through my 6th.

  3. Saturn is opposite my Ascendant in Cancer, (as is Pluto).

    I went from 197 to 176. I don’t look like a running back anymore, which is nice. My gym habits were magnanimous, expensive and painful.
    My work outs are less, but usually yard work, bicycling and being with my son is plenty. Plus I plan on building homes and more soon.
    Time to be practical damnit.

  4. Nooo, I’m packing it on but I’m having a Jupiter moon transit and food is life (more than usual haha).

    1. I have it natallyin Taurus, imagine wgat happwned whwb Jupoter opposed them…overeating carbs and excessive baking was a standard.

  5. I have yet to lose weight with Saturn passing through my 1st house. However, I recently started choosing more salads when grabbing fast food. My PCP suggested lowering trans and saturated fats, eating more fish, etc. I don’t want to take cholesterol pills, so I’d rather just eat healthier and see if it lowers the numbers. They’re just a bit high, thankfully.
    My vein doctor also suggested losing some weight to take some of the pressure off my veins. So who knows, maybe the salads will help.

    1. NotMyCircus – also take Red Yeast Rice tablets and CholestOff Plus with plant sterols and stanols. Those two supplements alone, with no dietary changes, have significantly dropped my bad cholesterol level.

  6. Well…. mine was due to depression/tower moment/third party situations. Lack of appetite and wanting to stay in bed all day for about a month pretty much did it for me. So…

  7. Hmmm. Right now Saturn is smack on my Sun (at 19 Cap) starting its Trine to my Ascendant (26 Virgo). I’m eating smaller meals, and not emotional-eating, since my mother passed away last month. Plus I’m earnestly getting myself into the gym and doing *some kind* of movement.

    Maybe the Saturn/Ascendant thing will help me shed some pounds???

  8. Saturn is transiting my 12th, my ascendant is 24 Cap. I’ve lost 40 lbs in 21 months, and have also been working out steadily. Transiting Pluto has been opposing my progressed Venus in natal 6th house on and off since the weight loss started, so I thought perhaps it was that influence.

  9. I’ve lost 20 lbs. during this transit; intentionally. I’m wanting to drop 10 more. I’ve been able to focus with Saturn there.

  10. Cappy sun moon and Saturn I have been running a lot and pants feel like
    They hanging abit but usually
    My weight goes up when running
    Stopped gluten 5 years ago only organic meat and vegetables
    Etc. 3years use honey or maple syrup in place of sugar
    Little dairy haven’t drank in 10 but think of driving down town
    For wine but $30 hard to part with, it’s my skinny love life
    Most aware of ;engine running just dragging my toes ,so nice
    Single nervous to not really have time:(

  11. I’ve been losing a lot of weight steadily. I’m a Cap sun, Gem rising. Was always skinny to begin with but now there’s a lot of muscle underneath.

    When Saturn was conjunct my Sun I was finally diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disorder and my L5 is pretty crap. So in typical Cap style, I said ok got it, now what’s the solution? Joined a gym with yoga class, began working out 6 days a week and now my core is strong and I’m steadily strengthening my back. It’s been an year long arduous process.

    My orthopedic is very proud of me. It’s possible that other Cap Suns are also losing weight because the Saturn Pluto stress is triggering something in their life.

  12. I natally have Saturn in the first house, though is Sagittarius. Since Saturn has moved into Capricorn, yes I have been successfully losing weight and taking diciplined action to turn my health around. It is so much easier than when Saturn was in Sagittarius.

  13. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Capricorn in my 12th is good because the Jupiter in Sag over my natal moon has me 20 pounds higher than my usual 160. People won’t stop reminding me either with Venus going into my first house (square that natal moon) currently!

  14. yes I am!!! Down the lowest I’ve been in years. I started dieting and exercising back in September and haven’t looked back since, I am addicted to it now. It also helps with my Mars in Cap in the 12th.

  15. I may be, tr. Saturn’s close to my 4th house cusp and Pluto’s passed it. People tell me I look underfed and malnourished when actually I fit the same clothes I bought in December, which is when in BMI I was slightly overweight but oh well. I threw my weighing scale to the bin in January so I wouldn’t check it continuously so I can’t be sure but I was slightly overweight last time I checked. I may still be, I can’t be bothered anymore myself.

  16. I know I need to shed a few pounds but Jupiter in the 12th house is not working with Saturn in 1st house. Hoping to use Saturn transit to set a good foundation for many areas of my life

  17. Been deliberately losing weight for awhile, then gained while I couldn’t walk, now losing again. Maybe I’ll hit my goal by the time Saturn makes it to my AC in Aquarius. ☺️

  18. Dear Elsa, i think that also Saturn transiting 12th and coming closer and closer to ascendant will make people lose weight (from various reasons).with myASC in early Aqua
    I have already shed 14kg and I need 5 more because of my bones and spine problems -Saturn thing.
    I must weigh as much as during college times because my sacral bones had never grew up and they are not bind together as in grown up humans. It is called lumbalisation I think.
    I have put on weigh due to pregnancy post 40. And I could not lose weigh while Jupiter was in Scorpio opposing my large stellium ( typical!)

  19. Tr Saturn and Tr Pluto are also in my 12H. Tr Saturn won’t cross my ASC until February 2021. My extra weight is still hanging on despite working out and watching my diet. Arghhh!

  20. Didn’t but that’s because I don’t stick to what needs to be done. I start 200 times and quit 201. I said, ok 2 weeks, it was a shorter period of time and kept repeating that in my head like a mantra and I lost weight in those 2 weeks because there was a stylish kaki coverall in my closet since 2013- worn only once! And after those 2 weeks it fitted! And there was just – exercise, drinking enough water, quitted the snacks, carbs and sweets. Not starving, ate like 5 meals, 3 main and 2 fruit snacks. But after seeing the result I went back on snacking and gained it back just as fast. But saw with my eyes that yes, it is possible to do it and fast. Saturn is still in my 1st with pluto so ..

  21. Yes, I’ve lost a lot of weight with Saturn in Capricorn. I don’t have Capricorn rising though. Saturn has been in my 8th house. I also gained some back, but there’s still a substantial overall net loss, and I’m working to get back to where I was. Now I’m trying to focus more on working out, than just pure weight loss.

  22. I’m trying to take advantage of this energy through exercise and healthy food choices. Transiting Saturn is on my venus, so I think this is helping with my discipline.

  23. When saturn was in my 1st, i lost so much weight it scared me. My daughter however, capricon sun and rising,mis not though saturn has been in cap for some time now. Strange…

  24. Yes water makes our enzymes a nd hormones was told once that people keep eating.when they are thirsty
    Yes Saturn and smaller than need income keeping everyone here slim
    Hoping to find fishing buddy in fall thinking to run add want have some fish in my
    Freezer,hoping to get oyster license if I can bum my way onto boat this winter
    And or find the great deer hunter who likes to share or trade laundry sewing
    Book keeping I am open

  25. I’ve been overweight since I was a child, and Capricorn in Saturn has me at an all time high with the constant stress; work, family, finances all crazy. I have never been comfortable with Cap energy, and knew this would be a doozy. I have been successful several times in the past with weight loss, and have to do something soon, because I’m miserable. I don’t know as much as any of you, don’t know the reason why Capricorn is so difficult for me, but I can’t wait for this to be over.

    1. Do you perhaps have any planets in the signs of cancer, aries, libra (capricorn too)? Leo, sagittarius and pisces can be bogged down by it too. Or capricorn in your 12th house or 8th house? Sometimes this can show some struggles with the capricorn energy, but this saturn/capricorn energy can be heavy regardless if there are signs to tell or not.

      1. X-rayed, I have Aries moon, Venus in cancer, Leo midheaven, Capricorn in 3rd house. But I suspect it might be the node thing. I have Capricorn south, Cancer north, which I understand is the current placement.

  26. Thank you, X-rayed! I think (hope!) the worst is behind me with the squares. And definite node placement, so the return is happening as well. Wow. I’ll just keep on keeping on. It can always be worse!

  27. I felt I ate, profusely throughout the holidays but when I went to the doctor, I’d lost one pound.

    I am losing again and and headed into Lent, which involves a lot of fasting. A new low is practically a given.

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