Absorbs Bad Energy: Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon Square Mars

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Dear Elsa,

I don’t believe I have psychic abilities. However, I tend to absorb vibrations and energies from people and the external world. These energies in turn bottle up in me, and I take these energies on as my own. One minute I’m as nice as pie, the next an emotional roller coaster who can’t understand why I get so upset or could unleash some electrifying energy onto some poor unsuspecting soul.

Is there a way I can harness these energies to be more productive?

Loose Wire

Dear Wire,

Yes, you can absolutely harness the energy because it yours. The idea it is coming from outside of you is false. That’s a mind trick – and one you need to overcome, if you want to get on top this.

See, your Sun in Pisces and your Moon in Virgo are part of a T-square with Mars. And this is a configuration with tremendous energy… of the raw male/anger type. And it is apparent from your post that you are identifying with the yin parts of this, and denying the Mars.

Like this: your Pisces Sun absorbs. Your Virgo Moon wants to be productive. The other energies (Mars) you claim come from outside you. In other words, you are a victim (Pisces) who wants to do good (Virgo). And that’s fine.

But guess what you need to defend yourself? Mars. And what about being productive? That’s Mars too! Mars is your “get up and go.” How can you get anything done if you don’t act? Mars is about action!

So here’s my advice: give up the idea that you are fired upon, because it’s not real. Instead get comfortable with the fact you own a gun – a big one – and force yourself to learn how to use it.

See, all that stuff you unleash on the innocent? That’s you shooting your gun all over the place. And when you do that, who’s the victim, hmm?

Think of it as three points in a triangle. Virgo, Pisces, and Mars in Gemini. AKA, you, you and you.

Good luck.


4 thoughts on “Absorbs Bad Energy: Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon Square Mars”

  1. Take one sensitive soul (12th, pisces) that sees need or pain in the world. Add two cups of the need to serve (virgo). Sprinkle a pinch of mars (action, drive) and stir. (well, maybe, that’s a dollop or a whole bucketfull of mars) What do you get? A person that can help others. I say bravo to the t-square, but boy, turn it outward, turn it to something bigger than your interpersonal relationships (if at all possible). I have a similar hook-up (three t-squares- only one with mars) and am happiest working towards helping others. I don’t know if my experience is something to go by (LOL) but it “takes the pressure off” of a lot of other things to pick something so much bigger that you can turn your caring energies towards.

    Good luck!! 🙂

  2. Wow. Now I finally understand my t-square. Hard to control that energy, though. Venus in 12th is at the apex.

  3. I know a lot of super sensitive types (not new age flakes btw, but sensible people) who would advocate learning to “ground energy” instead of “dumping” as has been described.

    Also, generally, I find mutable people are more influenced by their environment simply b/c their instinct is to adapt. Those with Sag/Pisces placements in particular need to be more discriminating about who or what they surround themselves with.

  4. Avatar

    “Also, generally, I find mutable people are more influenced by their environment simply b/c their instinct is to adapt.”

    I agree with this (even if I was the poster of the original question to Elsa).

    I believe I am a very grounded person, in fact I am quite flippant and dont take life too seriously at all. My sense of humour is my saving grace.

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