8 thoughts on “Birthday Gifts For Gemini”

  1. All the Gemini men I know are musical and very knowledgeable about it too, so I guess anything about music history as well as any odd musical instrument. None of the Gemini women I know are as musical as the guys are, though.

  2. I agree with Marly, gemini’s do seem to love music so you can’t go wrong buying them a cd they’d just been dying to have. That’s what I got my friend anyway yesterday. =)

  3. For Gemini’s in general I’d go for 1) Something shiny, 2) Something that tinkles 3) Something gadgety 4) Something movable that they can fiddle with. If it’s possible to get all four in one gift they’ll be amused for 5 minutes! But for my friends I’m getting swing dancing lessons and a spa day, because that’s what they want.

  4. I am a Gemini and it’s the best sign in the whole darn zodiac. My advice? Never buy a Gemini anything they sell in the mall or in a cd store. I don’t know any Geminis this day and age that enjoy receiving CDs or DVDs or books (unless of course they really really really really want it and its out of their price range).

    Always go for something that can maintain their attention, or something timeless and classic and specifically – ONE OF A KIND. Geminis, like myself, love a lot of tiny things. My mother goes to the Salvation Army or just little stands on the side of canal street and buys me crazy little pieces of jewelry and puts them all together in a gorgeous box from a yard sale or something. WE LOVE THIS STUFF. Anything that will make someone go “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!?”

    Plus, being the thoughtful beasts that we are, we definitely appreciate any effort put forth in thinking of a special gift.

    And being well, Geminis… if all else fails.. a little cash in a nice card never hurt. 🙂

    ***Especially if they are of the intelligent Gemini ilk! We LOVE ourselves some great books! Anything where we can learn something new!! Brain Teaser books are always loads of fun!

    Music is a superb idea-just make sure it is a genre which they will like. DVDs of relaxing ocean waves on exotic beaches are nice (pseudo vacation)-especially if they are one of the more ‘sensitive’ Gems (meaning-lots of water in their chart too!).

    Travel gadgets of all kinds are great-neck pillows, a fancy travel wallet, travel alarm clock, foldable umbrella….anything you can take easily when traveling!

    Even buying them a subscription to a cool magazine for the year is a fantastic idea! It is inexpensive and always a thoughtful gift!! They will remember you each month when they receive their magazine in the mail! (Travel and Leisure, InStyle, Gourmet, O (Oprah’s), Martha Stewart, etc…)

    Nothing tacky…..please. And of course, always include a nice note-we love ALL communication!

    Gemini Sun

  6. Hey I agree with Marly and Lori My guy loveS music to bits.He’s Good at producing and has started his own studio am thinking of buyin him a gadget like a nice Laptop or headphones for his studio

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