Achilles Heel In Your Natal Chart

Achilles heel“Achilles Heel” refers to a weakness or a vulnerable point, in spite of overall strength.  A client read Passive Aggressive – The Unconscious Mars. It caused her to ponder the damage done by the repression and denial of her anger over the course of her life, though she’s been successful.

I have another client; wounded by his father who withheld his approval, no matter what. The father created a situation, where no matter what his son did, the prize the son wanted was forever unattainable.

The Gemini son is an entrepreneur, who developed a second career (two lives) in the sports field. He has talent, which he’s developed to impressive degree. Still, this is not the son, the dad ordered. It hurts. We see this in his chart, with Uranus opposing Saturn, square the ruler of his sun and moon.

As aside, I worked with both these people. yesterday and today. They both have Mars conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, a decade apart.  Late degrees, so Jupiter Uranus transit, incoming. Can they break free?

Do you have an Achilles heel? Can you see it in your chart?  Have you tried to address it?  How did you fare?

11 thoughts on “Achilles Heel In Your Natal Chart”

    1. Elsa wrote:
      Can they break free?
      I wrote:
      Yes. (see above)
      To elaborate, today I broke free from inherited and stagnant anger that has stopped me in life. More importantly, I can begin to forgive. Thanks for spelling it out, Elsa. I appreciate the tireless effort you put into your work.

  1. I’ve long wondered about this in relation to my 8th house Leo Mars tied right to Saturn. Act up, but no acting out! When I worked I’d often be called on to make up another way…do the not yet done. I was paid well but never felt well.

    In a society that values you only when you’re productive my decision to stop working and retire very early created the life my husband and I now live. Our currency is different, and our foot print small. Is it an Achilles Tendon to not be able to participate in the real market medical system because we can’t afford it? Sometimes.

    But what I am discovering is my Achilles Tendons are often inflamed and I need to pay attention with loving self care. It’s another way to understand the vulnerability of that physical zone.

  2. Anxiety is the disease of freedom.Shake off what is a constant worry, it limits you.
    I am inspired to accomplish small acts, and marvel at this planet’s beauty !!
    Through out my waking hours. However , the night /my sleep is a river sometimes I am kicking my way out of stuff, hard to remember; Sometimes hard to wake ?and try again.

  3. I think Saturn in my 4th may be my achilles heal. I can let my fears overwhelm me, resulting in anxiety and stagnation. For the most part I’ve managed this by working on it (CBTetc). It occasionally resurfaces in periods of great stress/vulnerability. It just reminds me to keep working at it.

  4. I feel like I have two Achilles heels much of the time, but I can’t seem to spot them in my chart. Big old blind spot maybe. Be a great how-to article Elsa – break it down for us please – DIY steps to identify that messed up Achilles heel(s) in your chart.

    On a side note, I was in very bad wreck some years back and my right foot was almost severed completely. The only thing holding it on was the Achilles tendon, and since the main blood vessel & nerve bundle for the food is attached to the tendon, neither of them were severed either. So they reattached the foot successfully. The heel is a little crooked and I can’t walk barefoot anymore without pain, but I am a big fan of Achilles tendons, even if the heels suck a little bit 🙂

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