Using Astrology To Identify A Person’s Psychological Blind Spots

A person will tend to ignore, project or simply be oblivious of certain parts of their personality.

Planets in the twelfth house give reliable information in regards to this as do planets in the seventh.

Planets touched by Neptune or placed in Libra also give clues.

If your chart is super focused and you’ve got some planetary signature that doesn’t jive with the gang, the oddball energy will probably be projected or somehow set aside.

Anyone else got ideas about this?

65 thoughts on “Using Astrology To Identify A Person’s Psychological Blind Spots”

  1. Actually this is rather interesting. What of those mega Capricorns who have the loaded house 12?
    I have just seen a chart with all planets except Sun (H1), Moon (H8) & Pluto (H10) are ALL in 12th! I was a bit stunned – well, really stunned. This girl is gorgeous, with everything going for her – I hope.
    How would obscuration with H12 work on a person with the ruler of H7 in the first? Even the projection bit seems to me to be right back at her.
    This has me puzzled.

  2. Elsa, this is in my natal chart. I did a lot of research about myself 🙂 in the past years. Sometimes alone and sometimes with professional help. I’ll be extra alert the coming days… weeks.
    Thank you for posting this!

  3. “A person will tend to ignore, project or simply be oblivious … Planets in the 12th house give reliable information in regards to this, as do planets in the 7th.”
    Interesting, my Mars is in 12th, in Libra, and is ruler of my 7th House, which is empty.
    To say that this is a blind spot is putting it mildly. 7th H is a mystery to me. The only thing that reassures me is that this Mars makes only sextiles and one trine. That way I can imagine that whatever he’s doing can’t be ALL negative.
    But whatever he’s NOT doing that he SHOULD be doing, that’s something else…
    It seems too simple – that in itself, smells like a blind spot!!!
    Neptune’s in 12th too. Ruler of 5th or 6th (depending on house system), both empty as well. At this point, I’m lost.
    Yeah, blind spots… I agree!

  4. Someone called me a snob back in high school. I was in denial. Shadow Virgo parts? Virgo 12th house, Libra rising, for the astrology.

  5. This is a very important topic. I’ve reached a good place with this issue in being able to just forgive myself and others as much as I can. I often meditate on the song by Cat Power, “I don’t blame you…”

    Mars conjunct Uranus in the 7th House, 01 degrees Virgo

    I used to spend a lot of time bitching about the explosive tempers of other people, until I started looking in the mirror….

  6. With Pisces Asc but no 12th house placement my public image and the impression I make on others is a total mystery to me! I get tagged with qualities by strangers and comments on my appearance that I just can’t wrap my mind around. Mostly positive ones due to trines to Mercury and Neptune. I tend to avoid thinking about my “public face” much until someone else brings it up while I’m busy lost in my own mind.

  7. My North node is on my Aries descendant ruled by Mars in Leo. I feel happy when I express this energy and depressed when it’s blocked. When I was young, I think I projected it on my partner and hid behind my Libra ascendant (conjunct south node).

  8. Oh, that is terrible, simply terrible – being blindsided by your own self! I have both my Sun (at 29 degrees) and Moon (at 1 degree) in Libra, in house 7, and on top of that – the Sun is exactly sextile Neptune… If I am oblivious and ignoring my entire personality (Sun) and my feelings (Moon), how am I to overcome this? Where does one get one of those additional little mirrors that are supposed to catch your blind spot?

  9. Hmmmm.
    Scuse my French but in this way I’m all fucked up.
    While this isn’t a 12th h happening I’ve got Libra ASC w/Neptune wavin at me in the 1st.
    Does this mean sometimes I don’t know myself lol?
    I know MOST ppl don’t know me nor do they ‘get’ me. They often think they do though.
    Chart is ruled by Venus.
    Venus in my chart is perfectly trine Neptune and Pluto sextiles both.
    So my blind spots are in love and the things I value or ‘love?’
    Houses are 1,9&11.
    Maybe I need to meditate on this and see what I come up with.
    In the meantime I’m open to suggestions (reflections?)
    Thanks in advance

  10. Oooooh! I would love it if you would take yourself up on your thought that you might teach a class on this(!)!!:)

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