Does The Bad In Your Chart Cancel Out The Good?

Green vintage zodiac plateHello Elsa,

My chart is rife with a multitude of squares, T-squares, oppositions, and  a quincunx. So, I go to astrodienst, to look at the daily probables, seems as if any good is being cancelled out by the good etc.

When dealing with personal, one on one relationships, well. I can be getting along perfectly fine with another individual, whether it be male/female or love related/ platonic, take a quick gaze at the composite chart etc. It’s all about hell-fire and brimstone.

Granted, my romantic life has been consistently disastrous, but I’ve always had strong and genuine relationships with my girlfriends, and yet the planets promise disaster and demise, in the end. And i’m super nice and kind to strangers, because I feel for them. Should I stop looking up charts, and just try to live my life?


Hi Baffled,

If astrology causes you more problems than it solves, I would definitely stop looking at charts.  There’s a strong chance this is case here. I’ll try to address your question anyway, just in case.

Your life, as you describe it, does seem to reflect your chart as you describe it. Challenge. Gridlock. Success and failure. I am not sure what you want astrology to do for you.

As for the good being canceled out by the bad, life doesn’t work that way. Good and bad coexist.

For example, the peppers did lousy in my garden last year. My squash and my cukes were fantastic.

The lack of peppers did not cancel out all the jars of pickles I made, or the twenty loaves of zucchini bread. When you read these “daily probables”, try to apply this example.

The other major problem in your post is the idea that the planets promise disaster in your life.  Planets don’t promise disaster.  They do not have this power!

If you’re reading that, something is faulty. It may be the writer/astrologer communicating something nutty, or it may be  that you are making something nutty of what you’re reading.  It may be that your entire perspective could use an overhaul.

For example, define “end”.  It’s pretty common that things that are over, aren’t actually over.

Bottom line, if astrology interferes with your life and your pursuit of happiness – run!  If this is just a block you can get around, I would do that.

But based on your post, it really does sound like you may fare better living life without a diagram.

Good luck!

Have you ever wondered if astrology does you more harm than good?

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13 thoughts on “Does The Bad In Your Chart Cancel Out The Good?”

  1. Many years ago before Computers became a household item I used to figure charts and became very proficient at it. However I was not so proficient at interpreting the aspects, transits and progressions. After a while it began to stress me out that I was not able to read the charts I created, so I pretty much avoided anything Astrological for about 10 to 15 years. Then I met my husband who is a computer wizard and he bought me a program it was wonderful the writer of the program didn’t write updated versions so it was not long before it would not talk to the operating system so I was back to square one. Then I found astrodienst but I don’t always agree with their interpretations as they can be very vague. Then I was introduced to Ms Elsa P and I just love everything you do you are very spot on with your interpretations and reasonable in price with your charts. As I no longer do the math to figure charts and since I was never good at the interpretation part anyway I want to thank you for your work.

    My chart is complicated as much like Baffled here and though it is a challenge I try to look on the up side even though I know that total optimism is unrealistic and I am very aware of what is real I still choose to look for the light other wise it is depressing.

  2. My chart is almost all RED. I have a busy chart with lots of conjunctions, oppositions and squares. My life has not been easy, but I do have a Mystic Rectangle connecting all my trines and all but one of my sextiles. I think that has saved me many times as it ties my oppositions to my trines/sextiles, which are easier to work with. That said, I have great relationships and a good life. I do look at charts of others, but I use it as knowledge, not direction (thanks Elsa – long time reader here). Astrology allows me to look at the possibilities, but the actual relationship has to unfold and nobody knows how they or another will react. And I’m the eternal optimist, so I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to everyone. I believe the good can cancel the bad if you play it right. But it sounds like you are overthinking/over-interpreting. Let relationships unfold organically and remember – those things that cause sparks?? Sparks can be good or bad. They can cause passionate sexual attraction or passionate fights. You control which will happen.

    1. Lately I am trying to tune into the geometric pattern and that speaks. A lot of squares with a mystic triangle maybe a pace maker or a person who doesn’t shy away from conflict, gets to he bottom of things, looks for under lying patterns.

  3. Yes, but only because I just started learning to read my chart like 6 months ago. I focus on the bad. I guess as I get better I will see it as whole because we are complicated beings. Nothing is black and white.

  4. I felt this way about astrology when I first started learning. Everywhere I looked, everyone I consulted, it was all doom and I’m a terrible person, etc. Then I found your sight and learned so very much! It’s not doom, it’s a certain set of challenges that I face and how I can deal with them (other planets in aspect) for better or worse. Like everyone, I have strengths and I have challenges and it’s how I deal with/use those that is too my benefit. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a different perspective, other times, it’s work that I need to do or will be faced with.

    As an example, I have my natal sun opposite my natal moon and they both form a T-square to my natal pluto. By learning (3rd house pluto) to balance these, I (sun & moon) can transform myself/my life, at a very deep level (6th & 12th house).

    Thank You Elsa, for being such a wonderful light to learn from!

  5. Hope I’m not too late to weigh in on this. Like many of you, I have a natal chart of all squares and oppositions. I keep thinking, “My life isn’t as bad as all this….” Oh! I have one single trine–Mars to Chiron. And, four planets in Libra (ridiculously optimistic) although poorly aspected. Bad things have happened, tough times and all that, but I’ve also had a lot of loving support. People keep telling me that I’m strong! I think bad aspects in the chart can point to strengths. I see astrological charts akin to DNA for our spiritual life. We might have some bad stuff in our DNA but we aren’t necessarily doomed by it. There are things we can do to overcome, y’know?

  6. I look at the natal chart as the thing we can work with. We change as we get older and so does our natal chart in a way.
    We learn to express the energy of the planets, of our own subconscious in a more mature way. So not all hope is lost, when you’re chart looks difficult. People with bad marriage aspects can still marry, but they should wait until they are in their mid-thirties or it will spell disaster.

    People with challenging charts should not underestimate themselves either! You’ve lived with this chart your whole life. You’re used to it. And sometimes you will see that people with the nicest charts are those who crack under difficulties immediately and are the most selfish.

  7. My chart is not an easy one, but Astrology (although fairly new to me) has helped me to understand why I tend to operate and relate differently than many people I know. I’m better able to focus my energy although I’ve never been one to get hung up on superficial b.s. or the people who live in those realms. I’ve also survived hardships that some could not. Understanding my packed 8th house in Taurus is enabling me to not get too wound up or “stuck” knowing Uranus will be transiting my Venus, Sun, Mercury, and Mars over the next 8 years.

    Had I been more knowledgeable in Astrology, I’m not sure I would have taken the risks I needed to take the last 7-8 years with Saturn transiting my 7th (where my natal Saturn resides) but now that I’m almost on the other side, I know the changes made were for the best.

    I think it is all how you interpret and live the good and the bad in your own chart.

  8. It’s helped me understand why I am the way I am and I appreciate knowing that. I’m not screwed-up, I’m designed to be me and apparently that’s ok or else I wouldn’t be here. Maybe I shouldn’t need a chart to appreciate that but for years I wondered why I felt and acted different and now I can see why with clarity.

  9. I could have written what Baffled said. I’ve stepped away from astrology somewhat. This is a timely post, though. I’m almost fifty. When I was in my 20’s, I found a program that allowed me to plug in any date in the future. Having a Scorpio moon, I dug very long into the future. I stopped short at my 50’s because there was a trend of going through something horrific and needing therapy. I dug through for another 5 years, and it said I would be helping people with what I’d learned. I have dreaded this all this time. And now that I’m coming into that year, I’m terrified. I wish I didn’t know astrology at all. Looking now, I’ll have Pluto square Venus next year. This may have been the start of the interpretation. I don’t want to dig any further. Terrified.

  10. Belle,when Pluto transits a personal planet things can get unwieldy. But it is Pluto’s job is to transform so do not be afraid of the changes that can come up. Sometimes they are necessary. I survived Pluto transiting my natal 12th house & conjuncting my natal sun & Venus. Now it is transiting my 1st house…sometimes I surprize myself…so it is not all bad. Keep up that chin!

  11. I think people who see it as a divination tool have a hard time. Its just energies and potentials and symbols. It offers guidance on how to approach certain energies. I dont think superstition marries well to astrology.

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