Being Partnered vs Being Independent

Libra scales carvedI’m just off the phone with a double Scorpio client.  Yet again, I had to state my bias in counseling because it exists!

My favor partnering.  With Mars in Libra, I have a drive to partner.

A person tend to project their planets in Libra.  Consequently, I have to be very careful to keep in mind that everyone is not thrilled (Mars) by love (Libra) in the way I am.

Knowing this, if you want to partner or stay married, it’s probably a good idea to choose me as an astrologer, rather than someone slanted in the other direction.  I feel that most do not want to be alone, especially as they get older.

Do you have a bias towards partnering, or do you prefer to be independent?

23 thoughts on “Being Partnered vs Being Independent”

  1. I want to partner up. In the meantime, I don’t sweat how long its taking to meet my partner because I’m enjoying my independence. Also, it helps to make peace with idea that I might have lovers in my life but no one long running partner. I guess I’m worried that if I put an emphasis on partnering that it will lead to the dreaded D-word, Desperate, a word no 30-something woman wants to associate with.

  2. I am a Libra with Sag rising, and like to be partnered up but also have an incredible need for space, which is why I need to maintain a certain level of independence in a relationship, if that makes sense. Well, maybe it doesn’t, which would explain why I am a single Libra. Haven’t found anyone who gets that it is possible to be committed but to maintain your self and identity at the same time. … Could be that my Aquarius moon plays a role in this as well. … I have no clue to be honest; spent a few hours in the sun today, and it’s hard to figure it out even without a fried brain 😉

  3. I want both. I want to be independant but have someone there to love and be commited to. I need Passion and independence is necessary for this I think.

  4. Huh. I have Mars in Libra, too and while being partnered would be nice, I’m more of the independent type. And my Mars is conjunct Pluto, so one would think that the Mars would be more intense, if I’m interpreting it correctly. Guess it’s the rest of the chart that’s emphasizing the independence?

  5. I have Mars in Libra too. I didn’t know that lended itself towards partnering. I either repel or meet abusive types so it is not a matter of partnering for me. I know that I will have to go it alone…so I do.

    @Spinner- I dont see that as desperate. Go for what you really want. Screw others.

  6. libra with sag rising………………what can I say? been married 4 times, feel better being alone and independent………..

  7. After serial monogamy and a serious heartbreak, I was happy to be free and independent for a while. Then the while turned into 10 years or so…still I didn’t find anyone I was actually interested in sexually….till I did…then suddenly, I found my self thinking about partnership constantly…but I toggle and I hesitate…and that’s why another 2 yrs have gone by! Finally realizing that a rlshp can be whatever we want it to be- Now I think I am ready to make a pass…

  8. With Venus in Cancer in mutual reception with Moon in Taurus and South Node in Libra I have a strong tendency to partner and coccoon. However events more befitting my North Node in Aries are forcing me to go it alone. I am having a hard time doing so.

    I am in love with a triple Scorpio with Mars conjunct Jupiter in Libra in the 9th house. He suffered a very ugly divorce and has been hestitant to partner. Does Mars in Libra always ends up partnered?

  9. I love being partnered (as long as I’m partnered with the right person). My fiance gives me plenty of space to be myself. I have Libra NN and a chart full of oppositions. I’m also a people person, generally speaking.

  10. I thrive on partnering as well as independence. 8th house moon. I just don’t limit it to one person or thing. I’m liking people again, human as we are, so I am getting in the groove. I know that sounds whacked most likely. But I love commonality, joint endeavors, and synergy. Right now, I just don’t see the special relationship on the horizon. Besides I sure the hell ain’t starting a special relationship with saturn still in my natal 12th. Forcing special relationship hasn’t worked for me. Not that there is anything wrong with that if it’s what you need.

  11. I think you have to stay independent within a relationship, too. If you wait for your partner to go shopping, hammer a nail in the wall or just go out and have fun, you probably stay at home with nothing to eat, no nail in the wall to hang a picture and you have to watch football because HE likes it that way. And you get frustrated as hell.
    I don’t mind to go shopping, hammer a nail or spend some time outdoors by myself. But need a man who at least doesn’t start whining when I do so.

  12. My chart is set up that I can easily live independently/un-partnered. Yet, I also have my NN in cappy & my 7th house (I will work to be partnered). So given that the easy path for me is to just remain un-partnered, I do desire to be partnered, making you a great astrologer for me. I have learned so very much and gotten so many great perspectives & reality checks. So here’s a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!!!!

  13. You got me considering drive. I had tabled it. What drives me, what drives another. Can we ride in the car together and for what length of time. When am I driving and when am I going with the flow? I’m a water baby so I like the flow. But sometimes I gotta start the engine and get the boat movin.

  14. There are LOTS of forms of partnership and connection to another in life that are ‘thrilling.’ We humans live all kinds of love stories. Some of us live a love story with one other, some with multiple others over a lifetime. Some of us live a love story with a place, some with a cause. Some of us feel thrilled when we are connected with others in a group (says an 11th H Venus in Libra, of course). Some of us ‘get off’ on creative partnerships and collaborative creative productions (as I do).

    One of the great things about astrology is that a chart can show you all your love stories, all the different KINDS of partnerships that will thrill you, enliven you, fulfill you. The signs, planets, and houses will give you a wonderful and authentic map of the different KINDS of partnerships that will fulfill you.

    Narrowing the idea of “partnership” to being with one human other versus being “alone” is, I think, listening to society’s ideas of what human relationships should be, rather than looking at the many diverse possibilities in the astrological chart as our authentic guide for our lives.

  15. Hah, beats me. I may want partnering, but independence is thrust upon me and it would seriously take an act of god for me to be able to go the other way. I am finally getting to the point where I’m learning to accept what side of the scale I’m on and that it just wouldn’t work for me to want the other. I don’t know if I “prefer” it or not–sometimes yes and sometimes no– but since I probably couldn’t find a partner even if I sold my soul to the devil, I’d better like what I can have!

  16. I need someone to bounce off of, personally. It’s all the oppositions in my chart. Then again, Taurus & Scorpio ARE the best match in the zodiac, if you ask me!

  17. There’s one major theme running through the comments: the closeness-freedom dilemma.

    Decades ago I wrote a piece entitled The Architecture of Love.
    It addresses bricks-and-mortar living arrangements as well as design on other levels of being with someone other than space and time.

    The frame wants to be a fit with the picture.
    My best counsel is to build your own frame to fit the picture you make together.

    The creative relationship with two creative individuals in it!
    The personal birth charts can be enormously helpful.

    Saturn in the 7th in composite helped me keep the faith when things got rough
    a few years back. We’re 21 years and counting, and thriving.

    Wishing you love in love, everyone!

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