Am I Cut Out To Be Partnered?

“I  don’t think I can do anything without a partner,” I explained to a pal. “I really can’t, I just get stuck.”

“I can’t either,” she said. “And people give me a hard time about it.”


“Because they think you’re like them?”

“I don’t care what hard time they give me. I can’t get anywhere without help. Like a book. I can’t write a book until someone shows up and partners with me. If there is no partner, nothing is going to happen.”

“Well I’m the same way and I don’t know why it bothers people so much,” she said.

“Maybe they have a lot of Aries or a packed 1st house. I have no idea but have come to this conclusion: If someone doesn’t show up, I’m going to be screwed until they do. And if no one ever shows up then I’m going to be screwed, period. I don’t mean, just anyone can show up. I mean an actual partner. Someone I can exchange with and go back and forth. Otherwise, nothing. It’s just a pure hardship.”

“I’m in the same situation,” she said.

“I’m sure some people operate better independently. But for me everything is 1000 times as hard if I do it alone.  I’ve just got to have a running buddy, which means I’m dependent or even disabled to a degree when there is no partner. I don’t mind saying so.”

Do you operate better when partnered, or does a partner hinder you? How does this show in your chart?

53 thoughts on “Am I Cut Out To Be Partnered?”

  1. Phew! These comments have taught me a lot! Thank you.

    I have had long periods of being alone, and one long marriage. My partners before marriage, and my marriage partner, were all highly critical of me, sought to impede my academic progress, ‘borrowed’ my money, and ‘ran me down’, either to my face or behind my back: Natal Sun conjunct Scheat in 10th House Pisces opposite Neptune (ret)in Fourth House Libra. My partners were remarkably like my father!

    But I like men, and still hope that my soul mate will appear: Ninth House Venus conjunct my Aquarius MC and trine Mars in Twelth House Gemini.

    My Seventh House Capricorn Moon is the apex of my Yod, base Saturn in Twelth House Gemini and Second House Jupiter in Leo. So no: I am not cut out to be partnered. But I never miss a ‘good'(?) opportunity to partner up. There are all these nice things to do, like dinner and concerts and trips, that are no fun alone or with other women. And you need one for the garden. 🙂

  2. Since I am older, many of my men have been older bossy chauvinists. But I am too independent and smart to tolerate that. Since Im a painter, I normally work alone. Recently I got a studio working with a younger artist nearby. We have become friends and colleagues in the work. We are both painters and my work has accelerated and grown immensely since having him around to bounce ideas and art philosophies around! And so has his!

  3. Libra AC, a stellium in Scorpio including Moon and Mars and Saturn in a wide conjunct with my Sag Sun, I’m definitely not the freewheeling, independent textbook Sag. I love to be partnered, I wanted to be a Mother, Cancer on the MC.

    But my AQ Venus opposed by Uranus and the Moon being the apex of a T Square, I really felt that I can and should decide for myself. There was no happy ever after illusion, either we make it work or not, one day to the next.

    ‚I don’t need you but I want you‘ was the credo. Same for my work since I’m widowed. I work together with a Capricorn woman who’s Sun sits on my Mercury and it’s wonderful. I wouldn’t want to do it alone.

    But it needs to be worked out between us, with honesty and depth and it might look strange to others (my marriage did look strange to many people), there’s no glove that fits, we have to cut and sew them.

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