Neptune Conjunct The Midheaven: Blurring Your Career & Public Image

tiggerI have Neptune conjunct my midheaven and various other sundries. There is always fog around who I am. It makes me hard to diagnose on every level.

I’ve written about this a lot over the years.  This will be a lighter treatment then what’s usual for me on this topic. I’ll link some of the other content below. You can also click the tag.

This surgeon I saw yesterday; the one who is going to save me? He’s a specialist when it comes to spine deformities. That sounds grotesque, especially to Libra.  But if you saw me, you would think I am someone with a “deformed spine”. This is part of the problem!

In regards to my Capricorn skeleton, I have seen nine different neuro or orthopedic surgeons.  Every single one of them has been interesting.  Two of the orthopedic surgeons were also mechanical engineers (that I know of). You know they’re brilliant. Brilliant people are often quirky. My new doctor is no exception.

It’s pretty easy to get to know him because while is office is large, his voice is even louder. Or the walls are thin, or it’s both. For whatever reason, you can hear absolutely everything he says to everyone. I’m talking about his conversations with other patients and/or his staff.  It’s all very interesting, I have to way. It’s way better than reading the People magazines they have lying around. Think about it…

Because of his booming voice, I know what kind of manager he is. I know what kind of boss he is.  He’s a good boss.

I know what he thinks is funny. I know he has very particular habits and I know his staff likes him a lot. They want to work with him, for sure.

I also know he chats with his patients, at length at times. He is particularly nice to old people. Really nice. If you’re 89 years old and you want go see him with your lumbago and talk to him about your method of making blackberry jam, he’s into it. He wants to know something about you.

I figured this out on my second visit. He tags people.  “Oh, you’re the golfers,” he says, when a couple mentions the sport. “Get that jam lady, set up,” he’ll say. And that’s it.  He knows who he’s dealing with.

It’s pretty funny. It’s pretty cool. Hell! The man works in three different cities.  He drives a long way and in fact, I met him one the day we had a tornado.  “That’s for coming to work,” I said. It took him four hours to get to the office.

So I have an identity too and of course, it’s utterly incorrect. He believes I am some sort of geek.  It’s my fault. I said I worked on a computer because “astrology”, around here, might be seen as satanic.  I really don’t want a surgical team thinking they are operating on a voodoo goddess / old lady.  So I am classified as a nerd and I pretend it’s true. But now he’s adding to my profile.

He thought I was ten years younger than I was. When I told him my age, he did not believe me but now he does.  And he can see my spine so now I have become a sort of crippled nerd who hops around and bounces.   Seriously, he look at me like I am Tigger and he wants it to stop.

I asked him if  I could garden; he asked me if I was going to pull a week or sling fifty-pound bags of mulch. I stared.

“You can garden but you have to do like you’re old. You know. Old?!”

I laughed because I’m not old. I was also not the one who though I was young. (Confusion, intended).

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13 thoughts on “Neptune Conjunct The Midheaven: Blurring Your Career & Public Image”

  1. hmmm. I have Neptune in my progressed chart for the rest of my life lol

    I’m so glad you have a great doctor and things are looking up!

  2. Hi Elsa – I didn’t know that you have Neptune-Midheavan conjunction. Reading article this reminded me of the picture of your progressed Scorpio stellium in a few years that you posted in the Forum a few months ago. The response I gave at the time now makes more sense to me, and I am even more certain of it.

    Personally I don’t have this aspect but a co-worker has the conjunction in Sagittarius, and so I get to see it take place from the eyes of an observer. I will say that he comes up with the most outlandish creative ideas, almost borderline genius if it wasn’t for Sagittarius’ tiny little problem of jumping the gun, high risk taking and exaggeration to the point of deceit; that last bit must be Neptune. So I’ve watched in amazement as he’s gone from untold heights of public achievements that awarded him an enviable reputation, to a hard ground fall from light years in outer space. The thing about public success is that others will inevitably try to copy the ideas; this happened which led to my co-worker’s ultimate demise. The truth (Sagittarius) was soon revealed that one of his most critically acclaimed idea was actually founded on fiction, dreams, illusions and deception. He has since fallen hard, and very publicly, ruining his reputation and that of many others who supported him. The interesting thing is that, I don’t think he is aware that he has fallen or if it has sunk in yet that the bubble has burst (Neptune is also his Chart ruler). I imagine that t.South Node in Sagittarius might be a rude awakening.

    This article is timely (like many others) because this co-worker has been the source of my work woes. Giving thought to explaining his Neptune-Midheavan in Sagittarius has led me to new understanding of why many things happened the way they did. With this new knowledge, I can peacefully let go of all the headaches from the past. On a positive note, I can see how my co-worker’s dark expression of Neptune-Midheavan set events in motion that forced others around him to change behaviors.

    Whether we know it or not, we are all catalysts for each other’s growth!

  3. my midheaven is in Pisces and I’ll be having Neptune conjunct my MC in a year or so. I don’t feel the confusion, or maybe that is part of the confusion? Im happy for you Elsa, Im hoping you will be pain free soon!

    1. I’m also having a Neptune conjunct midheaven now. I was looking forward to it, imagining it would bring enlightenment! But mostly I’m feeling confused and unable to decide whether to sell or stay! Hope you are doing ok with yours! 😊

  4. I have neptune and mercury conjunct my MH in Scorpio.I just tend to know tends to disarm people..comes out of thin air…

  5. How come Neptune is so associated with not knowing stuff? I am having a sun Neptune transit and don’t know anything. Is it associated with occasionally knowing stuff? I don’t get the sense that my intuition is even functioning.

  6. Avatar
    Clifton Greene

    My father was an orthopedic surgeon. Not a super specialist like your guy Elsa, but still very competent in basic procedures. He routinely would take people’s hips off then reassemble them, but he would get lost driving from Delray Beach to Boca Raton. In any case, he had his favorite patients with whom he might interact as you describe. If you told him that you were an astrologer, he would describe you as,”some kind of kook.” Well played for not revealing that info.

  7. Hmmm….food for thought. I have Neptune/Pluto/Midheaven conjunct in Virgo at 1 deg.
    Somebody asks me what I do, I tell them different things, depending on who they are. Who people think I am, and who I think I am are usually two different things.

  8. Neptune is transiting my Pisces MC, and will be for awhile. Just got laid off due to the virus, but didn’t like my job anyway and wanted a way out. Now to find another, better job, with this transit happening. Should be interesting!

  9. i have a pisces midheaven and a similar problem. who am i? what am i? if anybody knows, they’re almost sure to get it wrong

    once someone got something right, but then it turned out that it was something we had in common and he was just projecting on me ?

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