Astrology and Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility between all the sign combos from

On Gemini and Scorpio:

“Sex can be horrible or amazing. This union is best for a one-night stand…”

On Pisces and Leo:

“Over time, Leo will come to the conclusion that Pisces is fun for a night and that’s about it. It’s fun while it lasts. A brief affair is possible but long-term love is not so promising for Leo. Pisces could swim away in a sea of tears.”

And on Cancer and Virgo:

“Virgo is supposed to be the virgin, but Cancer will laugh when they hear this. Virgo will be highly sensual in bed and Cancer will be elated. Cancer has been looking for you, Virgo.”

Do you gravitate towards a certain sun sign?

29 thoughts on “Astrology and Sexual Compatibility”

  1. My current is the same as mine, Sadge with Sadge sun and is supposed to be pretty explosive. Two exes were Sagittarius also, one an Aries. I’ve never cared for an Aries since. I guess I gravitate towards Sagittarius.

  2. Gemini sun here with Scorpio moon/asc. I guess I am my own one night stand. 😀 This would be much funnier if it weren’t so true at the moment.

    Am hopelessly hooked on Aries men. I keep thinking I may break this bad habbit but they just keep showing up and being charming. 🙂

  3. I’m a Gemini who tends to pine (12th house stellium in Cancer what-now?) for Leos, but never act on it, and then wind up getting seduced by Scorpios. I think I need to break this trend in the very near future.

  4. I used to date only air signs and that was a disaster and I’m a Gemini with Leo rising and Pisces moon with my Mercury and Venus both in Cancer. Now I am dating a Virgo with Cancer rising and Taurus moon with Mercury in Leo and Venus in Virgo…all signs that aren’t supposed to be compatible with me, and I’m happier than I have ever been in my life.

    Go figure!

  5. Libra and Cancer:
    These two could stumble upon each other almost anywhere and wind up getting married the next day.

    Yep, I confess to having played this one twice! 😛

  6. I have a weakness for Sagittarian types.
    Actually that’s what got me hooked on astrology in the first place because when I looked up in the ephemeris people I’d had been involved with or had huge crushes on then something like 90% had either the Sun or the Moon in the mid-late degree of Sagittaruis.

    Also on the whole Leos and Virgos have done well by me in bed.

  7. I’m a sucker for Aries and Taurus boys. 😀 Both flavors tend to take me (a Pisces) to extremes. Not always good, but the ride is nice. 😉

  8. I am a Scorpio with Leo rising. Leos cannot seem to resist trying to conquer me, in the worst possible way, one after another of them.

  9. I’m Aries and I keep returning to Taurus men. I don’t pretend to understand, but I’m currently working on my third Bull! At this rate, 3/5 of the men I get serious about will be Taurus. It’s sorta blowing my mind…

  10. I’m an Aries sun and I am constantly drawn Leo men. One other boyfriend was a fellow Aries. I just need fire 🙂 I appreciate the friendship of my earth and air sign friends, male or female, but I really need someone a bit, say….feistier? 🙂

  11. @sunnysadge – That cracked me up! Me, too, only with me it’s Leos!!! I just seem to draw ’em in, and then they proceed to try and change every facet of my life.
    Next guy that comes along, I’m asking for a birth date before a real date.

  12. My fellow Librans are my favorite dish.
    ButI had design my own personal 12-step program for Scorpios and Leos.

  13. If you are talking romance, I have dated mostly taurus men, with a occasional scorpio, capricorn and virgo thrown into the mix. As far as people go, my nearest and dearest non-related friends are cancers. Otherwise, I am heavy with taurus, pisces, and scorpio friends. I am very charmed by aquarians.

  14. what julian said. there are differences…I used to date Capricorn man and my bf (Leo) has a 10th House Stellium. I even started dating him when he was underemployed, WTF?

  15. I think some Scorpios could make it with a Gemini. If I’ve learnt anything about Gemini girls, its that they love a guy who can make them laugh. Just keep the sillyness going on tap.

    Mind you, I’ve also learnt that you need the patience of a saint with this match. That’s for both sides.

  16. I’ve dated the lot of ’em and can confirm that Aquarius are definitely the best lovers (for me)…thank goodness my current bf is an Aquarius 😉 haha! As for “gravitating,” I’m a sucker for the Fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, & Scorpio). Yum. 😀

  17. Avatar

    All the guys i get attracted to/go out with:

    1. Aries Sun…so aries that its almost taurus
    2. Taurus or libra moon
    3. have 2 sisters
    4. and an extremely overprotective mother!!!

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