Do You Marry A Person’s Family Too?

Venus-Cardiff_castleBeing as I’m an astrologer, I work with a lot of Indian people.  Having Uranus in my 7th house and planets in Libra, I am interested in marriage of any type.

Some people jump over a broom and that’s it! They’re married.  Indians adhere to their cultural tradition. A couple who wishes to marry must go through a series of tests over several years in most cases. It’s fascinating to witness.  

At some point, when a couple decides they’re serious about each other, the parents on both sides have a formal meeting.  It’s understood, deeply, if the couple marry, the two sets of parents will have to get along with each other. The parents on either side may withhold their approval.

You can see the stark difference between a situation like this, where a marriage is known to join the two families, as compared to two individuals who marry without family involvement.

How do you feel about marriage? Is it important to get along with your partner’s family and vice versa?  What’s your 7th house look like?

17 thoughts on “Do You Marry A Person’s Family Too?”

  1. Not to make any generalisations, but meeting someone’s parents is like gathering additional data, which could be useful to spot the traits that run in the family, if there are any.
    Looks like such marriages are a way to, sort of, permanently extend your social circle. It’s not just two people in love, but something more than that. I mean, I’d like to get along with my in laws(I’m not married),so, you now have two families, one by birth and one by marriage.

    1. Agreed! It’s just interesting how one culture views it this way and ideas like this don’t factor at all for some.

      This is a Jupiter heading into Libra post btw. Marriage ’round the world, basically. 🙂

  2. I moved in with my first man after dating him for one week. We got “married” at a drive-up window in Vegas within a month. The marriage was null and void because he had forgotten to divorce his first wife. My first real marriage lasted for three years and my second marriage lasted for seven years. I do hope to get married a third and final time. I view true love and true marriage as the same thing: a mutual exchange of energy. Ideally the energy never runs out. I’ve got Mercury in Pisces in my seventh house. The tightest aspect it makes is square to Saturn in Gemini in the tenth. Squares Neptune in Sagittarius and my moon in Virgo less tight. I only have Pluto and Uranus in Libra. They make a few aspects. I guess the most notable is the grand trine involving Uranus, Venus and Saturn.

  3. I have a stellium (Uranus, Pluto, Venus, asteroid Juno, asteroid Pallas, Mercury, asteroid Ceres, and Vertex) in my Leo/Virgo-ruled 7th House. I’m all about relationships on MY TERMS. However, I wish I was less headstrong and had listened to my family’s concerns before I married. They were right and I eventually divorced.

  4. Based on my experience of life, the family is something you have to deal with if you live close. Many people from India I know are weird about astrology because they associate it with arranged marriage. As a non seventh house person, I think wanting to take someone quote far from the cynics in this town is often a scary and misguided idea. A team of two is not enough to escape family pathology or give familial nurture. A person should be comfortable inside themselves I think but that’s some old individualistic thinking on my part. When anyone in a movie says I’m your family now to some girl I am deeply suspicious.

  5. I think men in a close partnership are not dependable and the relaxation and nurture and stress relief you need should come from family home and job but that’s my chart. And currently I am seeking someone cause I’m tired of being unlovable and without romance

  6. Also Indian culture is more we and hierarchy and elder focused which comes with its own constrictions and issues

  7. My first and seventh houses are empty. I married my mate after learning all his secrets and he mine without family present. The families did not factor in until after the fact and all were wonderful; we love all our siblings like one family tho his never visit. Still my 4th house in Libra is full with neptune, mars, venus and jupiter. We both share pluto in gemini and try to stay in touch tho we are distant from family. Thank you.

  8. I have a vacant 7th H. It represents your relationship with society and others(family and all). The ruler of my 7th H is in the 5th H. It means my interaction with others would be related to skills I acquire. It would be a love hate relationship. Jupiter(R) is the ruler of my 7th H.

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    My first boyfriend was from a big family. We weren’t meant to be for other reasons, but the thought of having his overbearing mama, whose sole reason for living was collecting grandchildren from her offspring as an in-law was beyond unappealing. I have natal Uranus in the 8th, never wanted children and I mean never. Scorpio moon opposing Saturn in the 4th.

  10. I think marriage should be between two individuals and that the extended families should stay in the background. However, my husband is from a different culture and his family is much more involved in our lives than I ever thought possible. I think it’s difficult on both sides when the expectations don’t match up. I have Jupiter in Libra in my natal chart, so dealing with cultural differences in marriage is a part of my daily life.

  11. I do believe that a couple should realize that their marital life will involve parents and siblings of both the husband and wife. I think that this is more relevant for those who are marrying while in their 20s…I am single but do expect to marry. I have Cancer-Leo on the 7th house…I definitely want someone who is capable of nurturing me 🙂

  12. True to my 9th house Moon and Venus I married someone from another culture and this Irish girl became Latino 🙂 and have been for closing in on a quarter century. Our core family values,are the same though and our families are actually very similar.His family is big, closely tight knit and I love every bit of it though there have been moments where its overwhelming but thats true for those born into the family as well. Never once have I seen in our big family and through the extended family a partnership survive when the partner didn’t didn’t get along with the family.My husband gets along equally well with my family and our to families get on well with each other. I feel blessed to be a part of my wonderful family and we are all very aware and proud to be branches of the same tree.

  13. There was a comment on the radio today ( radio one) about, dowries (bride gifts), being a way for families to convey the value, that the bride, *& her family,* bring to her marriage. As a way of establishing understanding between the two families.

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