Shocking Tragedy In Norway: The Natal Chart Of Anders Behring Breivik

Anders Behring BreivikWhile I prefer to follow the idea of “innocent until proven guilty,” short of there being some massive conspiracy theory it seems certain that Anders Behring Breivik is the gunman that murdered, massacred really, 85 young people at a youth camp in Norway yesterday. I often hesitate to write about the charts of murderers because I fear someone will mistakenly judge certain aspects as murderous, as in “oh my GOD, my boyfriend might be a mass murderer!” You don’t blame the chart; you blame the individual based on their acts, acts committed through free will.

If you want more proof of that statement witness the fact that american actress, fashion designer and model Mena Suvari was born the same day with nearly the same chart. Ms. Suvari is not only a popular and successful public figure but a long-time activist for medical and women’s causes. What one chooses to do with their energy is highly individual, for good or ill.

Currently no birth time is known for Breivik so I’ve set the chart to midnight on the morning of his birth. This shows us that he definitely has a Virgo Moon in early to mid-degrees. The Sun, Mars, Ceres and Vesta are conjunct in Aquarius squaring their ruler, Uranus. This is indicative of someone who is fired up in pursuit of their cause, someone with a fire in their belly and a penchant for quick action. They nurture and are nurtured by action advancing their intellectual agenda.

Mars is closely trine Pluto; Mars in aspect to Pluto is the quintessential violence signature. With Uranus involved you have sudden violence of a shocking nature. With Mars and Pluto in air signs, and Uranus in Scorpio you have a blending that results in an energy that supports violence in pursuit of an intellectual ideal, with savage indifference. Here we can add in the negative use of a Virgo Moon, dissatisfaction with perceived imperfection in others. The Moon conjuncts Saturn in trine to Venus in Capricorn, feeling justified in judging others.

Another point of note here is a Neptunian energy. Juno in Pisces is a commitment to a spiritual ideal or being deluded; opposing Saturn it draws in judgement, possibly judgement based on delusion. Juno’s sign ruler, Neptune, sits on the midpoint between Mars and Pluto, creating delusion that leads to violence. It also widely squares the Juno Saturn opposition, more delusion, more foggy judgement.

Pallas Athena in Aquarius sees broad patterns, how things work in society. With Pallas Athena opposing Jupiter and square Chiron it is likely that there is an overblown infusion of emotional scarring that colors the mix when this person assesses societal patterns. Personal pain colors their worldview.

I do think it’s important to understand how neutral energy can be used to horrific ends, however it is important to remember that each individual is in control of their actions.

What do you see here?

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  1. (not an astrologer) He has Vesta at 29 degrees Aquarius which is currently being conjuncted by transiting Neptune. Plus transiting Vesta is conjunct his Mars.

    He was fighting for his delusional beliefs that he was devoted to?

  2. “One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests.” -*the gunman was quoting John Stewart Mill.

    What a perversion of passion and idealism.

  3. Also, the unaspected Jupiter is in Leo and on the midheaven. So that aspect does describe fame in this case. Just in a really awful way.

  4. perfect quote.

    i often pass people by and thing: that me but for the grace of god.

    and i’m not even into god.

    we are all so imperfect and are all in damger. i often wonder why i am still here. there must be some reason. (i might go make one up right now.)

    i’m not being trite.

    thanks for writing this, satori!!

  5. Glad you don’t judge people by aspects in their charts that they have in common with murders. I was born with hours of Eric Harris and have read some astrological interpretations of his chart that made me feel pretty shitty about myself.

  6. I have to question the common interpretation of the mars-pluto violence aspect. I am a pacifist, descended from mennonite pacifists. Though I often challenge authority and people who abuse power, I am rigidly anti-violence. I frequently argue with people about the my anti-violence stance (I am anti-military, anti-firearms, anti-violence in sport). This seems to me to me an alternative manifestation of the mars-pluto aspect.

  7. How about natal mars conjunct the sun (his dad?) next to his IC? His mars is square his neptune in the 2nd…confusion from being beaten as discipline by his dad who was not on the same page as his mom who probably defended him…(moon opposite sun natally) Also Sun trine uranus in 1st house. He was not a conventional kid from the very beginning… and that might have irritated his dad also. That might lead to choosing a more violent way of dealing with feelings and beliefs in adulthood?

  8. This is yet another psy-op regardless of WHO has been set up to take the fall; it is who is behind the patsy that requires attention. From my brief research, Norway had recently pulled out of NATO attacks on the Libyans and if that were not enough, also issued a warning to Israel against any further attacks on Hamas. This slaughter is a hint of what is to come unless they ‘toe the line’. It would be more helpful to look at the chart of the event rather than the media set up figure given as the ’cause of’ the event. Or looking into the bio of this individual for clues as to mind-control, such as military/intelligence family connections. All military actions are associated with sudden flashes of violence, after all.

  9. I have mars conjunct pluto in Scorpio. I have awful thoughts about people sometimes. They are so far out there at times. I haven’t acted on them, and never intend to. I feel it’s something that I’ve learned to control. So, do you think this is where some of my anger comes from (mars conjunct scorpio)? AND Thank you Satori for writing a post about this. You are so right about the free-will of people and how they use the energy!

  10. ThankYou Satori Great post as Usual !!!

    Midheaven Conj Lilith (Weird Fame aspect ) !!!

    Uranus Trine Natal Jupiter (International Expansive )!!!

    Blessings !!!

  11. Thank you for wringting a post about this Satori:) Great work.

    It’s intresting , friends of him from youth said he used to be a great guy, the guy who would stand up for those who where bullied, he used to have friends with multicultural backgrounds. It just proves that sometimes that dedication can change it’s face. Terrifying.

    He claims he has been alone, wrote a 1500 page manifesto.

    He is sick, he has requested an open jailmeating…He wants to broadcast this.

    Just came from the church , there was no more room inside. There is still people missing, 4 from the island, and an unannunced number from the explotion.

  12. Assuming the time of birth is correct, the stellium in his 4th might indicate a possible history of family violence, emotional violence or indoctrination. It may also indicate actively placing oneself in surroundings where the above can occur.

    Lilith on MC? How obvious can you get? Flamboyantly, exaggeratedly obvious, says Jupiter in Leo.

    PF in Aries, ruled by Mars, sextile Mars. PF Opposing Pluto. PF trine Neptune. PF Trine Lilith and MC. Good luck will follow you while doing violent mischief to achieve immortal fame? Holy crap! Transiting Pluto, of course, is on his Venus. Loves to destroy Capricornian structures, such as public security? Jeesh!

    NN in Virgo, conjuncting Saturn. Destined to suddenly deliver dread judgement in a bizarre, deluded manner, as indicated by the sextile to Uranus and the square to Neptune. The purpose, of course is determined by Virgo: Purging imperfection. That is, if not everybody is of equal length, you cut a piece off the tall guys and stretch the shorties till they fit the template. This was a re-enactment of the Greek myth of Procrustes!
    Procrustes, of course was a son of Poseidon/Neptune. See all that emphasis on Neptune? Including the sextile to his Mars and Sun? At the other end of that formation you can see Hades, destroying balance. What would this mean in practice? As I’ve already pointed out elsewhere, Pluto is in Capricorn, digging up his old agents from the vaults of Kronos, along with the occasional hidden treasure or two. Transiting Neptune is on a critical degree, trine his AC, conjuncting his stellium in Aqua, squaring Vertex in Gemini. Destined to be respawned as the evil twin Neptune’s son? Vertex sextile Jupiter means Zeus doesn’t mind, because it had to happen? To verify this, let’s have a look at the Sabian symbol of his NN at 17 Virgo: A volcanic eruption bringing dust clouds, flowing lava, earth rumblings. Kinda makes sense? The Sabian for his SN says: An Easter promenade. Easter? Death and RESURRECTION? Procrustes, brought back from the depths of the earth by Hades? Why? To find out, have a look at the Sabian for his Vertex at 2 Gemini: A nervous gentleman, dressed in an elaborate Santa Claus costume, is filling Christmas stockings furtively. OK, god is filling stockings with presents, but we were not supposed to see that yet. We don’t even know when that Christmas is supposed to be. Obviously, in the future, which at the moment is a relative concept. If Procrustes can walk again, the past, present and future must be happening at the same time to at least some extent. With Neptune in Pisces on a critical degree, this is exactly what might be expected. So, God is at work, the presents will be there when the (relative) time is here, but all we can see at the moment is the yuletide stress and strife among relatives.

    I could say a bit more, but I think this pretty much wraps up the case.

  13. Always appreciate the way you bring up the free will aspect, Satori !

    Just seeing the photos of the guy, I could have sworn there was some Aquarius energy gone terribly wrong involved here. In fact, wouldn’t be surprised if he was also an Aquarius Rising. That would put that Lilith I feel is important here too, on his Descendant.

  14. Sun conjunct Mars in Aquarius. Oh boy!

    Of course we have free will and he manifested this energy in a negative way!

  15. just a reminder: the birth time is not correct! it is unknown, but set for midnight to determine the range of the moon.

  16. What I see is that Gemini Mars transit 22 degrees, turns his chart into a kite pattern that has his Natal Neptune conjuncting the transit North Node at 22 degrees Sagittarius.. The Mars transit is opposite his Neptune Sag.
    He had said that it seemed right that he had to do this, as atrocious as it may be he felt it was necessary..
    I’ve been noticing this Mars transit opposite North Node transit to be sensitive, such as in the chart of Amy Winehouse who has her Sagittarius Moon/Neptune/South Node more or less in the same area..

  17. To be more specific about the kite pattern, in case it’s not clear, the Mars transit at Gemini 22 degrees is trining his natal Pluto and Sun/Mars..
    This turns his chart into a kite, with Neptune at the apex.. his Neptune is conjuncting the transit Node..

  18. I may have missed it but it seems nobody has mentioned that his Mercury is part of the Aquarian group and is exactly conjunct Ceres. His progressed (retro) Mercury would be at 8+ Aries rx, and square his natal Venus at 8+Capricorn. In addition his progressed Jupiter was at 29+ Cancer (retro) where the Sun was at the time of the shooting spree.

    When Pluto stationed retro last April it had reached 7 Capricorn 30. Also that month transiting Uranus had reached Aries and was trine his natal Jupiter in Leo. Something happened to him that month I’m sure and it has a feminine face. Perhaps it was his mother’s influence (Cancer, Venus, Capricorn, Moon conjunct Saturn.)

    Merle and Chandra, I too have a Mars Pluto aspect and I’ve not murdered anyone either. I bet you both are good at research though. Of course, we tend to forget the myriad of things these symbols represent, except for the lowest of expressions since we see so much of that in the news of our times. The higher expressions must be quite boring to the average news viewer/reader, you think?

  19. “Mars is closely trine Pluto; Mars in aspect to Pluto is the quintessential violence signature.”

    I disagree – I’ve never been in a fight in my life and I abhor violence and even people who lose control of their temper period. :\
    I could see a negative Pluto-Mars aspect being that way, but Pluto-Mars trines or sextiles being that way?

    If anything, I could see that bringing intensity or passion or a will to move forward with the violence based on other parts of the chart, but I’ve found that Mars-Pluto is one of my best aspects, it gives me strength, but I’ve never found it to bring out rage in me… Even though it’s the tightest aspect in my chart. It does however make me very black and white on how I view things. So while I do think it’s a contribution, I don’t think it’s the culprit.

  20. Personally – I think it’s that Uranus square Sun and Mars and Merc.
    Plus the Saturn-Neptune square would make his thinking a little off.
    Also the Jupiter like others said, but it is not unaspected – it is also square Chiron however loosely.
    I also wonder if Pluto would be in his 9th, 10th, or 11th houses ASC wise?

  21. mars to pluto is violence… it is not ONLY violence and it is not the only way to express that energy, but when you talk about an astro signature for violence it is the primary one.

  22. referencing the fact that lovely, humanitarian Mena Suvari is his astro twin was really my way of trying to drive home my point that there is not one way to express an energy!!

    some people kill with weapons, some people hang them on their wall as art. it doesn’t make it not a weapon because you use it as art.

  23. Norah, the paper today gives details of his father. They never lived together and the father divorced the mother when he was one. He says he did have some contact with his son though, although they have not seen each other for 16 years. He said he was “a very ordinary boy”.

    Astrologically, the Sun-Mars on the MC is connected with Neptune, Uranus and Pluto by aspect. This is the stuff that complexes are made of. A man profoundly and deeply angry at his absent father gets obsessed with deeply confused, racist, shocking ideologies and acts them out, alone.

  24. I’ve posted before and mentioned that the Mars Gemini transit 22 degrees turns his chart into a kite pattern with Neptune Apex. The Node transit conjuncts his Neptune.. The Mars transit is the tail of the kite, and it’s in his 8th house.
    I wanted to add that, the Mars transit is in his 8th house.. In addition to other things I’ve mentioned..
    This explains why he felt such a thing was neccessary, even though actions were atrocious, he said.
    I would look into his Solar return chart and/or eclipse chart to see what else was going on.
    But as for what triggered it, the Mars transit opposite Node transit.. Turns his Neptune into a kite with his natal Pluto, Sun, Mars involved too..
    That Neptune is square his Saturn in 10th so, I guess that’s the kind of action that sounds poorly on his reputation.. (sarcastic understatement!) and maybe also, it shows why he would feel it was a duty or responsible to carry out such a thing..

  25. Fascinating post and discussion.

    I have Mars in 8th sq Pluto in 11th in fixed signs and rarely lose my temper. But when I do (say every 5 years or so!) you will know about it and it physically and emotionally wipes me out for days afterwards.

    More frequently I am phobic about anger/violence in my immediate environment. If someone gets angry I have to leave the room. Even mild irritation gets my antennae twitching and the stomach starts to churn.

    I feel deeply threatened and endangered by anger, even if I am not the target. It’s no laughing matter.

  26. Interesting analysis and comments

    I am an old fashioned astrologer, don’t really use asteroids etc, more into midpoints, transits and secondary progression
    When i first looked at his chart I thought there is nothing particularly ominous here, but closer look there were one or two things of interest
    1st the Uranus/Mars square, can be difficult for a mild mannered aquarian to accept, so could likely be projected out there, particularly as transiting Pluto is exactly on the midpoint, an unconscious actor for the collective manifestation of Pluto in capricorn and the upcoming square to Uranus perhaps
    2nd I have done a rectification for 8 pm, purely spectulative but it does give him a Moon/Saturn conjunction in the 12, very much absent father; further natal mars by secondary progression opposed Saturn in early 2008, and he is said to have begun planning all of this over 2 years ago.
    thirdly another person commented on the Neptune Yod. I was reading an analysis of Amy Whitehouse and Charlie Sheen, commenting of the Virgo/Sag connection and the nodes presently being at 22 sag, which interestingly is the position of Rupert Murdoch’s moon, I am not sure why this is being triggered though

  27. I am so in over my head on this, but it’s so very fascinating to study this guy’s chart to hunt for clues as to his motivation. Satori, i did indeed forget no birth time was known.. mea culpa. But I am also astounded by astroair’s finding that his mostly absent father spoke of his Aqua son as ‘mostly ordinary.’ I have a sibling who is Aqua and have had several Aqua in-laws as well, and have a good friend now who is an Aqua. They all are anything but ordinary and very proud of that. I can see this guy making a big deal, in his fixed air way, of his Dad blowing him off as ordinary… not saying it is his whole motivation for what he did, but it might factor in. It’s late and my brain’s on overload..time for bed.

  28. @Satori – I can understand that – I don’t believe aspects can “make decisions” so to speak about how people choose to behave…. but it makes me wonder, what’s the point of have good and bad aspects, if it becomes so diluted? I know there are other things that matter, like other aspects, houses, etc. And I know that Planets like Mars, Saturn, Pluto are never easy because they are malefic as you say, no matter what aspect, but I dunno. I just feel as though things should be a little more distinct.

  29. Hi Satori,

    I wish I knew about your (western) astrology to have any intelligent conversation :). That said, when I asked another practitioner, he said something about “Taurus rising which is between 10.14 to 11.47 AM” if I think Anders was born between 9 and 11AM (the hour of the Snake in our terms).

    Would you and others care to elaborate on this, any reasonable explanation on “Taurus rising”?

    My reason: all methodologies should converge, as my rectification can still be wrong.

    Many thanks!

  30. I noticed that he has a Grand Fixed Square. That gives him six focal planets making it very difficult to satisfy his needs.

  31. I may have missed something here in the follow up comments, but Breivik was born in London,UK not in Oslo. (Though Oslo was a reasonable assumption initially when nothing was known about him.)

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