Virgos And Criticism

Virgo goddessThere is no debate that Virgo is a critical sign. Whether this is a boon or a bust for people who interact with them depends on the Virgo. For example, I work with two Virgos. They are both critical thinkers with keen minds. I’m fortunate to be able to run my ideas through their filter.

Virgos are efficient and can save you a lot of time and pain. The have the ability to catch your errors on all levels. Provided you can bear this, it’s a tremendous help.

I realize there are people who want to make their own mistakes but there are circumstances where mistakes are costly.ย For example you don’t want to print a million copies of something that contains a typo. In a case like that, it’s foolish not to run your copy by a Virgo.

I have definitely met Virgos who are absolutely insufferable. They can’t go three feet without criticizing you (or themselves) and they feel all pristine about it too.

What are your experiences with Virgos and criticism?

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  1. @Nota … They can dish it out … *snort*

    I’m involved with a person who has a Virgo stellium … Man, oh man … We need to have scheduled days when I can be whiny, so that we’re not both being self-indulgent at the same time. haha

  2. Hi CLD, I call what you describe being the last one standing. It’s what makes virgo a great friend. And it’s why this virgo always has virgo friends.

  3. I have a friend who is a triple Virgo–Sun, Moon and Ascendant. She is very reality based, which is interesting for someone who exhibits an attraction to the occult. She started trance work saying she can’t do it so often everyone started smiling when she said she couldn’t do something else as well. Eventually, she mastered it as she most likely masters everything she puts her mind to. When a group of friends wants to go somewhere, if she vetoes a destination or a restuarant, it’ll never happen because she’s immovable. She hates it when someone doesn’t have a preference–because she always does! Yes, she’s rigid and stubborn, but can also be very kind. And she can be counted upon to take the best notes ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi CLD, being the one that was there for dear old Dad. When I read your account, I felt it in my bones from top of the hierarchial chain downward as one looked to the next to the next to the next helpless, until all eyes were on me with that “Do Something” look. There is always the choice to spit in the eyes, but no can do, can I?

    My dad’s mars was in virgo. Besides one taurus moon, my bio family lacked earth energy something terrible. Full of air. Oh well, gave my air Mercury a workout. aaargh!!!

  5. Scorpio female here. Yes, the criticisms from virgo males can be downright cruel and hurt like hell. Not sure how bashing someone is supposed to “improve” anything. Being honest in a effort to help someone is one thing, but pointing out every little thing that you virgos think is wrong is a total turn off. So many great qualities in a virgo but none are worth all the hurtful words some can spew. I could handle it if they could at least apologize when they realized they hurt you, but that would mean admitting they are so perfect afterall… and that’ll never happen.

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