Every Gift Is A Curse In Exact Proportion

Every Gift Is A Curse In Exact Proportion

This is a strong statement. I believe it’s true. I wrote about having a Venus Mars sextile in chart. It brings me good deal of satisfaction (Little Things Mean A Lot). Whatever love or money I get, I tend to feel satisfied with it. While this brings me pleasure, what do you think this does to my drive?

If I am satisfied… a fed dog as I say, I’m not inclined to go out and hunt as a hungry dog surely will. Consequently I may not achieve as much as a person with those planets in hard aspect.
You can’t take one factor in a chart, isolate it and make a judgment. Everything has a benefit and a shadow side.

It is a common mistake to look at a chart and say, this is good… this is bad, good, bad, good, bad which is actually, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.

Just remember you are looking a nature and to say something in a chart is “bad” is to say a rainstorm is bad. There is cost and benefit, always.

Pick an aspect in your chart and tell us how it costs… and benefits you.

47 thoughts on “Every Gift Is A Curse In Exact Proportion”

  1. (since we’re talking about Mars)…Mars opposed Pluto:

    good: I am able to stand up for my needs, and others’ too. I am a very brave person.

    bad: I suffer from guilt because of it.

    Come to think of it, I’d be an excellent traffic warden!

  2. Well I have Mars in Taurus, 29th degree, 7th house, opposed my Moon in Scorpio. I am pretty sure this is supposed to mean I am a raging psycho-bitch lol. I do have a temper, and it can explode, but I have learned along the years how to (sort of) how to control it – I mean I have not been arrested or anything, so I guess that is good.

    I would much rather be a person that others know as someone that will NOT take any of their shit, any day, than someone who is thought of as passive, and afraid to speak up for themselves. I would never want to smile and try to pacify someone who is doing their best to intimidate me (okay unless they have a gun to my head, that is another story).

  3. Neptune square Midheaven

    Bad: People just suck the life out of me. I usually stay in the house all day on Saturday just trying to get over the previous week.

    Good: I can have compassion for why someone is feeling or acting a certain whenever people around can’t.

  4. Saturn (Virgo in 6th) square Neptune (Sagittarius in 9th)

    The Bad:
    Constantly worrying of the worst things happening.
    (ie. Always worried I’d lose my job)

    The Good:
    Having faith that good things are meant to happen
    (ie. “I SCORED this interview!”)

    I seriously waver between the two – and this is situational -_-

  5. Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo in the 2nd house: Historically I’ve tried too much to control relationships and feelings. On the plus side, I can delve really deep into psychic shadow material and help people (including myself) benefit from it.

    I love this perspective on the gift/the curse – thanks!

  6. Avatar
    curious wanderer

    Great topic!

    I have a grand trine between my MC in Taurus, my Sun/Mars conj. in Capricorn, and my Moon/Saturn conj. in Virgo.

    Good – I can work my ass off like it’s nothing, and I can get it *done.* Give me a job, and that job won’t know what hit it. 😉

    Bad – because I know I can do that, I procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate. And often don’t do a complete enough job to fully satisfy me when I do get around to it. (Though it seems to satisfy others, which further feeds the procrastination beast.)

    Fortunately, I’ve been slowly learning over the past several years that procrastination isn’t worth the stress that it causes me. The last vestiges of Saturn in Virgo have taught me that what I can get done when I kick my discipline into gear is nothing short of amazing.

  7. Moon trine Neptune in the 8th

    Good: I see dead people.

    Bad: It’s just the assholes I work with (only dead until quitting time).

  8. Sun Opposite the Moon, by 3degrees. Yep, it’s a big one, but I’ve learned to deal.

    Positive: I’m pretty good at seeing two (or more) sides of a situation. I’m also good at compromise and making a win-win situation. I understand on a very deep level that there are lots of things in this world that take work and some relationships are one of them.

    Negative: I get a lot of people that take one look at my chart and are like “you’ve got issues!” That’s totally unfair for someone to say that doesn’t really know me, because, duh? who doesn’t have issues? Just because mine are right out there in the front of my chart, doesn’t make me an automatic mess.

    CARiE, I love the way you see your’s LOL! That’s hilarious! Thanks for the laugh,

  9. Mercury conjunct jupiter in leo: I can tell a tale with verve…but sometimes I speak without thinking things through, or speak too forcefully when a controlled response would be more effective (learning restraint from my cap husband)

    Moon conjunct neptune: I can bliss out, music really moves me. Reading people: piece of cake! But sometimes I’m too sensitive and people wear me out. And oh if my urge to merge isn’t met I can space out

  10. Uranus sextile Neptune
    I no have idea, what it will happen
    A gift or a curse,
    To me that, dont make money, but some day it will generous.

  11. Jupiter conjunct midheaven, trine Uranus, sqaure Sun and Mercury.

    Plus- I am optimistic that I will always land on my feet and I am unusually lucky.

    Minus- I often have to work very hard for protracted periods of time [Saturn is also involved] to earn said luck.

    So this plays out like this some times. Work very hard so that I can become a fed dog and then sit back on my laurels. It becomes clear that I will need more food, so I start ramping up the work ethic again.

    I am in this place now. Jupiter square Jupiter, so I can see that I have been living pretty high off the hog and realize I better start ramping up to keep me in the style that I have become accustomed to.

  12. Neptune touches just about everything in my chart…

    Weakness: No one understands me, including myself;-)

    Strength: I don’t care;-)

  13. Sun, Mars and Mercury square Saturn:

    Bad: I seem to get thwarted by setbacks in just about everything I try to achieve. I’m often frustrated and sometimes downright despondent.

    Good: I’ve had to work so hard to get anything. Nothing’s ever been handed to me so (a) I really appreciate my life, even the really small stuff and (b) I feel I can handle any situation. I’m not really afraid any more about what life can throw at me.

  14. Mars square Neptune.

    I’m utterly weird and think like no one else in the world (or not that many, anyway). I think emotions are a logical thing to act upon. I can be *very* manipulative and when I was young did not even realize what that meant or was.


    I’m psychic. Kind of a soggy, relational, near useless type of psychic. But psychic.

  15. Good post! I’d be happy to contribute.
    In my chart, my sun-venus-mars conjunction is a good and bad.

    Good: I know how to orient myself socially, I seem to have an inherent understanding of ‘charming’ thing to do and how to smile and how to come across and to be liked.

    Bad: too sweet. Too soft. Where is my assertiveness, my drive? Too likeable, to the point of being a people pleaser. Loss of self (ego).

    And how do I compensate for the above? I get overtly aggressive. So, there is a good AND bad to my venus-sun-mars conjunction. (Oh, and I haven’t even thrown in the other factors like jupiter, saturn, and mercury haha).

  16. Venus square Neptune. When all is going well in love potential I feel great. When it isn’t I feel cr*p. Loving myself works best cos I can trust myself at least.

    I don’t have any Mars/Venus but since Saturn has transitted both my natal and progressed Venus I feel rich just having a few hundred quid. I did without so much when Saturn was messing with them for a coupla years.

  17. Venus sextile Pluto

    Good: I know what I want and I go after it with patient, focused determination.

    Bad: I can be so focused on what I want that I take for granted the good things that fell into my lap. It’s like if it comes without a lot of blood sweat and tears, it doesn’t register on my gratitude radar.

  18. ipso facto; every curse is a blessing, and cursed we truly are:

    Looks like berri soetoro and Willard “the mormon white horse prophecy”Romney will be the puppets this round.God fukkin help the world.

    A bi daft puppet or a satanic chicken hawk.

    Obamney/Rombama 2012 “Change you should know better than to believe in”

    …and my favorite:
    Media: Ron Paul? Never heard of him

    …and as we contemplate aquarius moving into the navel of the universe we will all wonder wtf’s goin on here when greece defaults

    So, Where’s the Blonde?
    …and yes Virginia, there are ways to see the future (http://www.halfpasthuman.com/discontinuity.html)

    there is no law without punishment:
    …my question is then if every curse a blessing and every blessing a curse, what do we need god for.
    …if we transgress, natural laws will prescribe the punishment – a infinite karmic do loop of blessing / curse (punishment)until a level of perfection is attained; elightenment we rise above the infinite cycle of the karmic wheel and its infinite testing – then are we as gods where it is neither curse or blessing it just “is”, …or will we actually evolve to have some control over our own destiny

    …heyyy, just sayin’

  19. @Sam so funny!

    Grand Trine saturn(aries 4th house) Jupiter (Leo 8th house) Asc

    Plus:- gifts from universe
    Minus:- procrastination

    Venus/moon conjunct

    Plus:- sensitive kind forgiving
    Minus:- too much of the above

  20. Mars square Venus exact. Mars in Aquarius wants to jump out of planes with parachute,have its little jazz program on FM radio and dig Astrology– Venus in Taurus wants to tie on her apron and cook for friends, make marmalade, design dresses and decorate the house! I sometimes say poor old Venus in Taurus because she has to wait for that eccentric Mars to have his turn. I am Aries. Both are exquisitely rewarding. I hear that finding a mid-point is a solution but what do I do then, can anybody tell me?

  21. Mars trine Uranus. Instant attraction, instant repulsion. Quick temper, quick action. All things, physical, I need no foreplay. I’m ready. Impulsive, not a good thing when you can quickly decide, no, no–I didn’t want to do that. With that person. What was I thinking??? Good for bolting. hah.

  22. @Elemis, ditto on the grand trine in fire 🙂
    @Morgan, ditto on the mars trine Uranus. And then throw saturn in there and woooooahs I’ve got a split personality :).

  23. Mercury Rx. in Sag in the 3rd at the apex of a T-Square to Saturn in Pisces in the 6th. and Pluto/Uranus in the 12th.

    The worst stuff is mental chaos when trying to absorb huge chunks of information (because I get so excited!) and a kind of neropathy through out my whole body before storms.

    The good stuff is I’ve learned to see my thoughts as separate from myself. This is very helpful for me when dealing with The Heavy stuff my mind can pull in. I have great self-healing powers.

  24. Hmmm …

    Venus square Neptune = Good (romance)/Bad (delusion)

    Sun conjunct Pluto = Good (strength)/Bad (extreme life challenges)

    Jupiter opposite Saturn = Good (brings you up)/Bad (brings you down) i.e. Balance

  25. Sun opposite moon.
    Benefit: can see both sides to just about every situation or put another way, can also see a plus & a minus in each situtaion.
    Cost: I can be infuriating to be around when trying to make a decision. I’m gonna waffle, I’m gonna back and forth, I’m gonna feel my way thru it and most of all, it’s gonna take me some time. I’ve also noticed that the process of balancing it all and working my way thru to a choice drives others up a wall, but it works for me 😉

  26. Jupiter conjunct Ascendant

    Good: Well it’s obvious

    Bad: Overdo it sometimes

    Also sun opposite Jupiter

    Good: Cheerful! Proud!

    Bad: Sometimes I get too cocky! lol.

  27. Venus in Taurus square Pluto in Leo

    Good: easy to form intense emotional bonds with people

    Bad: hard to break those bonds after the relationship ends.

  28. Mars square Neptune.

    Plus: I can magically disappear from everyone’s radar whenever I feel like.
    Minus: I have trouble folowing through with my goals.

  29. Aspect: Capricorn Asc. opposing 6th house Uranus

    Good: Uranus in the 6th makes me independent, with my own unique ways of getting work done, and able to work on my own without supervision. Capricorn Rising makes me a hard worker with a stick-to-it attitude and able to work long hours.

    Bad: Uranus in the 6th makes me hate authority — i.e., I hate working for people who seem to be without the talent to supervise or manage — and to hate schedules and hate having to do things other people’s way — so I would leave jobs (some of them long-term), occasionally even walking off a job without too much notice. Capricorn Rising makes me feel the need for a steady paycheck — i.e., money coming in that I can rely on, so I can pay my bills and feel financially secure — so after quitting jobs and trying many different businesses, I would return to the 9-to-5 life.

  30. Avatar

    Too bad every curse isn’t a gift in exact proportion. Some might argue it is, but that depends on if you’ve lived to see that actually come to pass. Venus square Uranus for me has meant wonderful unexpected beginnings and abrupt, painful sudden endings.

  31. Avatar

    The most positive way I can see to look at it is, I’m easily bored anyway. So maybe a lifetime of brief but exciting associations in every area allows me to experience the sharpest possible pleasure points, repeat honeymoon-phase experiences with the intensity I crave. The price of course is the pain of having to let go. Yet. Again.

  32. Avatar

    So it’s just as well that other people and life situations become just as quickly bored with me. With my attitude I can’t say I blame them.

  33. 9H Scorpio Jupiter/Neptune conjunction quincunx 4H Gemini Mars: Obsessively (Scorpio) study (Gemini) astrology (9H) and art-related subjects (Neptune) a lot (Jupiter) at home (4H).

  34. Elsa, your posts are on point! You always speak to me at the right time. All energy has the power of both good and bad 🙂

    Here’s a couple for me…

    Mars conjunct Moon in 10th:

    Good: passionate, outspoken; noticed for work ethic
    Bad: gets angry quickly; impatient; aggressive at times

    unaspected Sun in 11th:

    Good: powerful identity growth when outer planets transits come along
    Bad: prone to feeling invisible or alienated even in a large group of people

  35. Oh boy – Venus square Mars – hmmm, yep I got that. Venus in Gemini 1* square Mars in Virgo 3* (h7/h10). Double-bodied Gemini meant I had 2 mothers; biological & foster. Mars conjunct Pluto in h10 – yep, she tried to abort me twice that I know of; the big family secret exposed when my ex-husband of 23yrs abruptly walked out of house, home & family & she was a Gemini Sun. Bio mother even tried to push me as hard as she could every chance she got, to get me to end my life. She’s a real piece of work. He was my Venus in Gemini (he had Taurus conjunct Moon Asc with a Virgo Sun). I have since learnt he did me a huge favour with his selfish act of walking. To this day, I have no idea what went wrong – no discussion, talk, nothing but a hell of a lot of others think they know more about my marriage & probably do. It is a strange feeling to be in something that involves you, includes you & to not know any depth. You cannot make this stuff up. The chart had it all there. I have Neptune in Scorpio in h12. Think I was blind-sided? Yep – on all accounts. And, just to finish Neptune sextiles Mars/Pluto.

  36. Thank you Elsa for this posting it drives me crazy that people who really don’t know anything about astrology go oh this is bad or this is good. They don’t look at the entire chart it is like taking anything out of context. Pick a subject the bible, the political seen etc….

  37. My Mars-moon-mercury-neptune between 6-10 degrees scorpio in my 3rd house gives me swift intelligence and instincts, and incredible success in school and in business, but it also gave me a backstabbing, money grubbing, merciless, overbearing mother and 5 sisters that dedicated themselves to torture or abandon me, without my dad finding out. I was locked into a folding bed, while three people jumped up and down on me inside, then left me there for a half hour. LOL. By the grace of God I suspended my breathing and did not die. They would convince me to get out of the kayak on a lonely island, and then leave me there when I was 4-5. LOL. They lied to the courts and interfered in my divorce, causing unbelievable havoc with my daughter. LOL.
    When I tell the family storyline honestly, people say, “OMG! How awful”, but then I say, but don’t forget I have incredible luck in my work, my job, my cars(always have had at least 2 nice ones my whole life), and the freedom to go anywhere and do anything I want. But without even a modicum of support from my blood relatives. I made a fortune in my company and they couldn’t even say thank you for putting in their heating systems at cost! Good riddance, I say!

  38. Mars/Uranus conjunct within minutes in Gemini 1st house: good, can be trusted to say what I see in an attempt to illuminate; bad, I expose shadows others want hidden and they get aggressively defensive. SaturnVenus conjunct within minutes in Cancer 2nd house: good, I know what I’m attracted to and instantly fall full on in love; bad, the objects of my affection either feel suffocated or only wanted to play, and so dump me, no matter how satisfied they were. Another good: I can sort through opportunities quickly; relevant bad, scorned women to deal with. Mercury retrograde @ 0 degrees Virgo on 3rd/4th house cusp/nadir: good, I am informed by constant double takes, aware of polarities involved; bad, few people measure up to my doubly specified desires and feel hurt by it. Re all the above, I finally gave up on finding The One, on that same day she appeared in my life, and for the past 35 years interdependently feels the same as I do.

  39. i also have Venus Mars sextile in Scorpio – I feel satisfied with little things, I also try to romanticize my life…even going out to a cafe for a cappucino can be joy!

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