Neptune Transit Conjunct The Ascendant – Dreamy & Unreliable?

Neptune statueHi Elsa,

I’ve been going through Neptune conjunct Ascendant transit. Am I able to make any solid decisions at this time, or are all my beliefs dreamy and unreliable? Should I just coast for another year until the transit is over?


Hi, Wondering.

I can’t see your whole chart so I don’t know exactly what’s going in. Strictly speaking, when you’re talking about making decisions and/or your beliefs, you’d be looking at Mercury and Jupiter.

Now if you’re talking about not knowing what to do with yourself, I’d tie that to the Neptune transit. I don’t mean to split hairs. But you’re talking three things here and I’m thinking it might help to define this.

My concern is that you “believe” you can’t make a decision, because you are unreliable at this time due to a Neptune transit.  If this is the case, I would call that “self-undoing”. It’s the worst way to use this energy.  You’re disabling yourself!

Instead, think about using your intuition which should be heightened at this time. You want to rely on faith…faith that if you do make a wrong move, you’ll find out in time to correct it.

So the answer, yes.  Coast for a year or two, but don’t be afraid to flow one way or the other.


“…or are all my beliefs dreamy and unreliable?”

They may be dreamy and unreliable, but there is only one way to find out!  And if you flow the wrong way, realize it may be an illusion.

In concrete terms, I have done a lot of things in my life that people thought were quite stupid. But I wound up, richly rewarded down the road, in ways that might not be obvious.

That type of belief (faith) will serve you better, then assuming yourself to be a flake! Good luck.

Do you have Neptune transiting conjunct your ascendant? How’s it going?

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11 thoughts on “Neptune Transit Conjunct The Ascendant – Dreamy & Unreliable?”

  1. In 2007 I had neptune transiting my ascendent and progressed neptune hovering over my descendent . My husband was really struggling with alcohol and depression and my 15 yr old son was just starting to get into drugs and alcohol . My husbands alcohol issues were a slow creeping variety and I found myself gradually accepting really unkind behavior. We were spending a ton of money on counseling for my son while my husbands drinking was out of control. I had to draw a very painful line in the sand and he chose alcohol over our marriage. Ouch. But I won the right to educate my children properly over the dangers of addiction. I extracted myself from the drunken stew of our marriage. After divorce I had an affair with a spiritual guru who stole a bunch of my settlement money . Now 7 yrs later as neptune travels slowly through my 1st house , I am still single and have had Amazing sexual adventures – that just keep coming- no pun intended. I’m spacey , forgetful, can’t do math anymore, my bookkeeping gets neglected bc it is so painful . I have entered the realm of the symbolic and choose to live there after living from the perspective of scientific proof and reason all my life. I’ve gained 25 lbs after being a slender athletic sagittarius all my life. I wonder day to day if I’m going to survive neptune in the 1st house. My 1st house encompasses 20 degrees of Aquarius to 4 degrees of Aries. Oh boy. I keep praying for angels to help me with my material world cuz it is very hard for me right now . And that is my neptune ascendant / 1st house experience .

  2. Here is something interesting I noticed in the transits and progressed charts in my Husband’s chart and mine.

    When he had transit Neptune conjunct his Pisces ascendant my progressed ascendant changed over to Pisces. I thought that was interesting.

    He spent a short time wondering what he would do after he retires from his current job in a couple of years. He really didn’t have too many issues with it.

  3. Clarity through intuition? I guess it’s safe to say that if you wake up everyday with a different idea of your path. Too much info but nothing useful. Your not using your intuition. I have Neptune in the 12th conjunct ascendant in cap. The discipline is to use my intuition. Because “I’m so confused. There’s so much information. I dont know what’s real.” that gets old. I have to use my intuition to get to my reality. Thank you for the post. Neptune is something I want to work with. No more excuses.

  4. “You want to rely on faith…faith that if you do make a wrong move, you’ll find out in time to correct it.”

    I’ve never heard it put that way and this is the way that I can understand. Thanks!

  5. My ascendant is 5 Pisces….my Sun 5 and Merc 6 degrees Sag.(9th house) For awhile I was a space cadet and on the brink of depression; decided to heal myself with my art. I abandoned my art years ago in a fit of anger….brilliant if one wants to suffer for nada, zip, zilch! Pulling my head out and following my intuition to create, create, create. In the course of a month I have purged all my art supplies, constructed a rolling cart for my paints and pencils, corralled all my art books and paper in one place. Redesigned my studio to fit my working style and stopped doing shit that doesn’t feed my soul, just because I always took care of it in the past. Dusting is overrated, and how clean does a floor have to be anyhow? I was dreading this transit and now that I have surrendered and trusted myself to navigate this part of my journey, I am finding myself happy and capable.

  6. I had Neptune crossing my Aquarius ascendant at some point and it’s still in my first house, though thankfully it’s on its way out. My sense of self has been extremely malleable and not at all concrete, and I’ve been terribly unreliable. Since Neptune went direct, however, I’ve found some much-needed clarity and I can see the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

    It hasn’t been a bad transit for me, just confusing. For that I am thankful.

  7. I’ve Neptune conjunct my ascendant natally: Does this mean I’m a floater as such in terms of life direction and ideas? I’ve been around the houses a few times and had a number of disparate experiences that slowly but surely are all meshing together to help integrate my new experiences. For example, I have found I have talents that I would not have dreamt of having prior to finding myself in a situation driven by fate rather than personal design that caused these to emerge – like Elsa says: going with the flow. Little in my life seems to run in a linear fashion but the circuitous route often gifts me more than I could have received or experienced if I went the way I thought was best.

    Apologies for the waffle, this letter got me thinking and reading Elsa’s response (specifically her penultimate paragraph), made me realise that what experience doesn’t seem to fit now often comes in very handy in the future. I suppose some of us take the bendy route, and some take the linear one.

    P.s Neptune rx 22’02 conjunct Ascendant 21’05, 1st house Sagittarius)

  8. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    I’ve been a scattered dizz-head on a quest for “home” and “purpose” for over 20 years since Neptune crossed my Cap ascendant. It has now progressed to my 2nd house, and I’m more confused than ever, losing my heretofore super-vigilant grip on finances, and really tired of being in limbo. I feel like Nero fiddling while Rome burned!
    Pluto is now crossing my ASC, not helping! Late last night I found a wonderful job opening, this morning when I went to apply for it, it was gone! Typical for me.
    I’m so out of touch with my intuition, I fill my brain with information, pray for guidance and clarity, but continue to change my mind every five minutes! How do you find, hear, let in this elusive intuition?

  9. Born with Neptune, Mercury and South Node all conjunct the ascendant within a minute and sextile Venus and Pluto. It seens that I can achieve anything I dream up, but that doesn’t mean I don’t also work hard to achieve. I have 5 cardinal planets including a Capricorn moon and a strong Saturn.

  10. When I had this transit my son was born. Low selfsteem was something I experienced because my body changed and needed almost one year “to get back” to normal. I was caring and in love with my baby. Actually this was a beautiful transit for me… not bad as It normally can be for some people. My natal Neptune is in my 10th. I stoped working for 1 year and a half to take care of him. Was the best thing I could have done for both of us.

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