Using Another Person’s Status For Personal Gain – Venus in Cancer Opposing Pluto In Capricorn

I had a client once; she worked for a famous clothing designer. He’s at his peak today. His name is known around the world.

This gal was a close associate of his. She made a habit of dropping his name.

I think it’s cool to talk to people who run in these circles. But it’s cool for me to talk to anyone who runs in any circle.

This is just the way my chart is set up. I seek variety.  So when this gal tried to tap me for free astrology, insinuating she was in a position to recommend me to her boss if I found a way to please her, she was not at all successful.

It’s not that I don’t want to work with rich, successful people. I like to work with all people! But the rate and service are the same no matter who you are. Consequently, I had no motivation to turn tricks to get the carrot from this wildly manipulative girl.

I bring this up as an example of what we’ll see this week with Venus in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn.

Love, beauty, security, something of value, an older man, pressure, status… you get the idea.

If you don’t cave to the pressure of the “family”, you’ll probably get slimed.


21 thoughts on “Using Another Person’s Status For Personal Gain – Venus in Cancer Opposing Pluto In Capricorn”

  1. So basically she had Venus oppose Pluto in her chart? She was a manipulator…. and how do you read the trine of these two energies in a natal?

  2. My father (another generation) had the opposite – Venus in Capricorn opposing Pluto in Cancer. He was incredibly manipulative. The lies never stopped. As long as you were talking to him, he was winning. So I, and I assume others in his life, became Capricorn-y – distant, cold. This was not, btw, that he had no love for me or others. But, he was all about binding you to him.

  3. this is to the point my current work dynamics. How to turn it around or neutralize it if cannot be avoided? thank you!

  4. Mmm, I like this story. I saw something like this in action a while back. A woman known in the media at the time, in a store wanting to get some flowers for the public holiday. But she was trying to charm the store owner into either giving them to her free or for a heavy discount. Because she was on television. It’s not clear how that was supposed to work for them – perhaps she thought they could just feel grateful to be part of her circle. I would’ve though she earned plenty of money but she needed the power of persuading people to give her favours. It was fascinating and repugnant to me. I gather that’s a strong operating mode in some wealthy circles – more money you have, more favours you get. Ugh.

    1. I was wondering why someone who can afford the service would not take delight in paying for it. I mean spread the wealth, right? So it’s something more than money hunh? Thanks for the insight.

  5. Over the years, I’ve had a number of clients be very clear, they were ambitious, to the point of cutthroat. I don’t know that they’re necessarily sociopathic, but their stated (in various ways) goal was to connive their way to the topic.

    It’s pretty interesting. I am not a moral judge. It takes all kinds, and I work with whoever wants to work with me. But this gal wanted to test me…and this is just not my kind of bait. She wanted to form an “unholy alliance”, for lack of a better term.

    This is not attractive to me. It would be like stepping in a cesspool.

    Have you ever been near a real, cesspool?

    I have. No thanks!

  6. My step father is a rich and powerful man. His accomplishments are his to use not mine. I can’t imagine using his prestige to try to get something for nothing. That would feel really gross to me. And uncouth and tacky as well.

  7. I like to see the opposite: a high-profile individual wears or uses something created by a small (tiny!) business and it happens to get a lot of impressions and increased sales for that business.

  8. For the record, the woman did pay. If was after the session, she kept mailing me for this and that…or rather, “this”. Because when she asked for “this”, I responded, politely. But when she asked for this, that, and this and then this, I realized what the deal was and sent her a link to the page where you pay.

    See, people project their values. It’s so common. So she wants to run in these circles, means that I want to run in these circles. But I don’t.

    I want the life I have.

    1. Sometimes too, Elsa, people get used to the freebies. Dangerous place to be because then you might start expecting freebies elsewhere 🙁

        1. No, I completely agree with you, Elsa.

          I have an acquaintance whose jewelry was bought by a news anchor, because she genuinely loved the piece. So that was a nice door opening for her business and just by chance and her talent.

          But pandering and expecting freebies, add-ons? No. Kind of tacky.

  9. I have a saying for customers who approach me like that. “My services are for sale but not on sale.” This is intriguing to me now. I have worked really hard to build my business. I’m in a serious growth phase.( Jupiter just moved through my rising 2nd house/natal 10th). I have people coming in now that would like to take the glory for the work I have done. It’s an entitlement thing. Even though they have something to bring to the table, mostly connections, I’m not sure I’m interested in consuming what is hidden in the casserole.

  10. free stuff…. *shakeshead* when we were in the U.S., my goodness, there’s so much FREE stuff given out everywhere. Even the get a free 2nd cup of coke and 2nd cup of coffee thingy. Also, the free samples at Estee Lauder and Lancome perfume and make-up places at the pretty department stores. you go into the big name stores and there’s freebies that are so nice you think, gosh!! why so much free stuff? 😛
    are they trying to get you to buy too? Really, honestly, the U.S. is amazing!!! Free stuff everywhere. My husband tells me, you don’t get anything for free, and sheesh…’s so different in the U.S.

    1. Ha ha! I thought of that too.

      There was something else, I read yesterday, in the same vein.

      When hate doesn’t work, people turn to lies.

      I feel sorry for anyone who did not learn to think/discern when Saturn was in Virgo. I sure harped on it enough.

  11. How to avoid the slam from a rejecting authority (family, in your example – and it is certainly relevant in my own life at present)is the question. Any insights on that would be fantastically helpful <3 Great Post

  12. Celebrities often aren’t rich, also fashion designers…some of them spend so much money to “play the game” and keep up their show of glamour that they’re constantly broke. It’s really about showing off how much you have for people who are in the public eye because if they pretend to have a lot, other people are attracted to them and offer more deals.

    Models, Actors get a lot of stuff for free from their PR agencies or jobs, parties etc. They get taken care of by the people who make a profit with them. Some of the luxurious fashion designers have a lot of loans (but they also get them) they pay off a lifetime (same with famous Musicians). Of course it’s not always that way, but the media and people working there are very deceptive (Neptune). It’s a huge lie what people see.
    A lot of girls learn to mooch their way up by playing Miss charming and promising things to others—it’s probably just what this gal is used to from her environment. Nevertheless, i can’t stand these people. I prefer paying someone and getting what I want than playing games. I am telling people all the time, the internet should charge more often small amounts for specific services. Things also lose quality if you get them for nothing. We somehow become spoiled kids who get a lot but the ones who want to work and offer services don’t have the ability to earn more(inside the Internet) because everyone expects things for free now.

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