Tired of Tinder? What’s Next?

I read today, people are tired of Tinder. It’s not surprising. It’s so superficial, it could only be a fad. It’s easy to imagine a person realizing what they were doing amounted to nothing in the end. But what’s next?

I’m guessing that Jupiter in Scorpio will teach people the richness of what lies beneath the surface.

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve been thinking about a lot about Jupiter in Scorpio lately…I hope that what you say comes true, about the depth and all. On the surface I am expecting the switch from the pinks and mauves to reds/burgundy/black/gold…but truly, as a Scorpio Asc. with 8th house sun, I am looking forward to going deeper. I hate surface, although that’s what much of my life is.

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    Ugh. I Am so backasswards about the dating world of 21st Century. I Am not even used to the idea of my divorce and it’s 2 years this June. I have been a bit damaged by my old coworker sending me what my 22 year old Aries daughter referred to as a “dickture” and I have Scorpio all over the place and Aquarius ascendant. But he was epic fail in the turn on department. Technology and genitals together go like ….mayonaise and erasers. Isn’t there enough trying without a real hologram of a human being trying not to seem like they are trying too hard?

    That said, I need some old school 8th house maintenance. Nobody’s home in my 7th house so F the romantic stuff. F the courtship. Maybe it’s just a good F I need? Menopausal swine. Kindle. Tinder. Match. I have not gotta be the only one who has seen the same, names and then thought about Fahrenheit 451? What Is this, burning up into virtual caches of the way I knew? More reason why I got a nook and not a kindle m OCD and superstition….And I do love tucking into the nooks and crannies by hear vents to read with coffee and a cat.

    That said, I have typed that sentence, re-read it and realize that I maybe jinxed the chance of getting F’d ever again.

    Coffee and my cats and a good book. Tinder THAT!

  3. I like that thought about richness. That’s what I want…I don’t even mind being single anymore, but if I’m to be involved with someone I want it to feel like God himself ordained the match by twisting our stories together at the right time and place. And I mean in real life. I’m done with dating sites/apps and I doubt I’ll ever go back. It’s just not an organic way to create relationships of any kind, at least not these days.

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    They (dating apps/sites) haven’t worked for me. I’m too sensitive for that shit and my current man and I met through a friend, specifically a family gathering. My feeling is people are going on and off line for periods at a time, unless they are addicted to the stimulation. If they want to have healthy connections to real people, they will take a break, and learn how to reconnect with the people around them.

    If they are lucky enough to pair off because of the dating sites/apps, the dating sites/apps are described as great tools. The more data, the better it seems to feel safe… If not, they will blame all women or blame all men, or attack themselves!

    Not so great experience.

  5. I dominated Tinder! People’s jaws drop when I share my assorted tinder tales. When my current boyfriend asked me out about 8 months ago – we met in real life, he gave me his number and said “it’ll be better than Tinder!” Thank God he was right!!! I was so over it, but Tinder was incredibly fun while it lasted. I certainly milked it for all it was worth. Ciao!

  6. Create a rich filter,one soul-ly for you(universal you)
    I am real gun shy when it comes to dating( 3 years divorced).However I was asked to movies, innocent fun
    Quiet, few texts, another movie, more time hanging out
    Children friends, THEN, I start hearing critiques of other men , hmmm, insecure a different honesty, then a play
    Comments about women, chauvinist? OK the slow down,a basketball game, his daughter, insulting other children
    Whoa! I’m out , oh brother the insulting texts he sent me jaw dropping
    Creeps can be hiding, listen , listen if you are reining off fast judgement,if it doesn’t jive with you , Jump fast jump first, jump far. This universe loves you , there are good souls waiting for you don’t worry.Remain true to yourself
    Listen. Honor yourself Love is real

  7. Jupiter is alteady transitting my 8th house, and will continue into Scorpio…

    Even if I became single and felt like Needing someone, I was picky. I didn’t use Tinder (never have) and didn’t hook up with a guy before I knew him rather wellz No, casual sex wasn’t really the thing. It could be any flavour, but anything superficial wasn’t my style.

    Jupiter will transit my Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio and thus have his return. This will be interesting…

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    What’s next? Hmm, therapy treatment for Internet/phone addiction. Then, some will begin to learn again how to be close with each other again. Others may learn to be more alone. Just depends on the culture’s current ebb and flow of what is “healthy”.

    If people are yelling at people for being “codependent”, we will feel shame for needing company. If people are yelling at others for being “antisocial” we will feel shame for needing a break. If society is yelling at other people for being “weak”, we will feel shame in asking for help, etc. After feeling shame and judging ourselves for being these things and binding ourselves to their will because of fear, we begin to judge others for these exact characteristics that we felt bad about before.

    Compassion here then dies.

    What’s next? Either mass-hate and increasing distance between each other or the rebirth of learning. I see that some people will understand how to be giving and flexible again (via classes, teachers, matchmakers—on the micro-level, since everyone seems not to be paying attention to the same things anymore) by small gatherings of people, boys and girls learning it’s not okay to take advantage of each other, when love (and sex) are involved. Sharing perspectives. Everyone learning that we can’t just do what we want with another person and not hurt ourselves, and our society, on some level.

    Shame doesnt work to improve things for the long-term.

    Only explanations of the emotional process of how you got to this conclusion. Only taking a deep breath and sharing, I know you might see it differently and maybe I don’t have the full picture, but here’s a story about how this feels for me.

    As for those who can’t feel empathy: set clear rules and clear consequences, follow through on those consequences.

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      I am going to pray for some relationships between whoever it is that I have become/AM becoming and the people who are not…… it’s not been so rosy since Saturn in Scorpio started to get the rest of my planets awry. Brown period of my life and I am praying for the fertilizer part of all THAT SHIT that I am really gonna get a pony or regrow the rain forest!

      1. Can relate to this. Sparkly…..especially “…between whoever it is that I have become/Am becoming…” bits of who I’d become are dying/have died and bits from who I used to be are starting to regenerate….I think….Strange Brew, anyway….

  9. Fascinating article posted there.

    Rather interesting how one of the people in the article mentioned how dating in the early 2000s was a lot more fun and rewarding, as it coincides with the last time the North Node was in Leo.

    We will have the same node sign coming up early May, which at some point in 2018 will receive a square from Jupiter in Scorpio. The South node will be in Aquarius, which rules networks, wider collective, technology, so maybe this will further the need to let go of the technology driven current Tinder hookup instant gratification mentality which often leads frustratingly nowhere. Let it burn itself out!

    Not that I’m a Luddite, technology is a tool after all, and it’s up to the individual to use or abuse it. But it would be nice if, collectively, technology shifted towards a more authentic and meaningful way of connecting and dating.

    Not forgetting that Uranus will enter Taurus in 2018, so adding more Fixed sign energies. Some people may scoff at Fixed signs for being staid, routine, immovable, but I welcome the upcoming shift to Fixed energies; for stability, staying power, taking time to get to know people ‘fine wine style’ (not technology and mayonnaise lol, brilliant analogy!!), and sticking to their word.

  10. I feel like the move of Jupiter to Scorpio, along with Saturn to Cap, pairing with Pluto Cap will mean a different level of superficiality- Not so much about looks, and more about the money. Especially as Uranus moves into Taurus. Something more about what you can bring to the table besides your good looking self. Since Uranus’ last round was marked by the Dust Bowl/start of WW2- The switch out of Aries to Taurus while Jupiter’s in Scorp might feel like a sense of paring down in the technology sector. All of the flash in the pan apps, copycat startups (things that we Scorps and Taurus’ roll our eyes at) could fall away to a focus on ideas with more substance? Jupiter Scorpio will want more privacy, with Uranus Taurus, and planets in Cap pushing for more security. Maybe there’ll be some events that give people pause to how much they’re laying it all out there online and on dating apps? I’m hoping it’s a time of people really awakening to the fact that artificial intelligence (blazing forward under Uranus Aries) will be taking a ton of jobs. Hoping Uranus Taurus inspires a new craftsman/people working with their hands/skilled labor and apprenticeship movement. Interestingly, a very powerful Silicon Valley Libra is gleeful these days about what artificial intelligence will do. His ego feels very out of control right now. Bill Gates (Scorpio) is one of the few powerful people talking about the devastation it will cause. It’ll be great to see the Jupiter energy shift between those two.

    1. As a Taurus sun with a Capricorn 7th house (obviously ruled by Saturn) I am praying that when Uranus conjuncts my sun and Saturn conjuncts my 7th house Cap DC I unexpectedly meet the love of my life, but then again I have Venus square Neptune and Uranus, so a girl can dream lol.

  11. I think I saw that Silicon Valley Libra on a “60 Minutes” last night? Rather scary.
    Dump your apps that aren’t just for good and even those use less often and turn of notifications. Our minds are being controlled. Never heard of “Tinder” and I am glad too.
    I am begining to want to get just a flip phone, for personal use, but I need my iPhone for work. Tech is here and not going away anytime soon and unless there is a revolution to reject it, (of which there is already a silent revolution of sorts going on via these tekkies using our lizard brain and gleefully making money off it) things like Tinder will just become more sophisticated.

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