Aquarian Man With Pisces Moon Woman – Now What?

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Hi Elsa,

Just met an Aquarian guy. We not exactly dating we chatting, do our thing sometimes. I think he is sweet and feel very bad every time he act distant, he never said I love you just call me ‘my love’ only when he is drunk and that would be it. I sometimes say things and he gets upset and just keep quiet and decides not to respond to my emails.

I hate to be the one to always apologize when I am not the one upset. Sometimes he would lie about coming to see me, and don’t come when I call and ask he would claim he was busy, but couldn’t bother to pick up the phone and tell me.

Is it normal for a woman to apologize first every time there is a problem? Because if I don’t I am afraid he would leave it like that until maybe it runs dry. He is unpredictable and I find it very difficult sometimes to get along with his moods, most of the time I manage to get him on track but its tiring and confusing as you will never know how he will respond today. He is moody and tempered very easily, and it hurts me instead.

He is currently quiet again, he is not responding to my emails I don’t know what to do and it’s killing me. Should I keep quiet he’ll come around maybe or should I try find out what might be the problem like usual.

I don’t feel like committing to him I want things to be the way they are. But again I want to keep the sparkling between us, yet I am afraid I might end up falling for him.

Please help me I am confused.

Twelfth House Pisces Moon
South Africa

Dear Moon,

You have a lot of planets in Libra which makes you a natural peacemaker. It also indicates a strong desire to be partnered although you don’t necessarily want someone on top you 24 hours a day.

Besides this, you have a twelfth house Pisces Moon which needs significant time alone to throw off the energy you absorb so readily so in this way your Aquarian man’s habits serve you.

As to your specific question: no it is not normal for the woman to apologize but it is normal for the Libra to apologize.  Do I make sense? This is your nature and while it may or may not be fair, his nature is not like yours.

His nature as an Aquarian is to be exactly as you describe him… detached and unpredictable. So what this leaves you to decide (something difficult for Libra) is if you can stand it.  Because you are not apt to be able to alter this situation much and I would add one more thing:

The confusion and fatigue you feel is also shown in your chart (the Pisces Moon again) which means you will suffer this with or without him in one form or the other.  You will see your energy deplete, that is.  So one way you might handle this is to let him go when he goes… forget about controlling him and use the time when he’s out of pocket to refresh and replenish yourself.

Good luck.

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  1. Aquarian energy can be very difficult for those with prominent water in their charts and as Elsa says, Libra wants and needs to partner. Water seeks to connect and Libra needs reciprocation. I have my ascendant and moon in water signs plus Venus in Libra. I spent several years in a painful on-off relationship with a man with Sun, Mercury and Mars in Aquarius and Venus in “me first!” Aries. I think the final tipping point was the night I took him out to dinner to celebrate my getting something published. He made little effort to dress for the occasion, said he was “depressed” and grabbed the menu as soon as we were seated as if we were out for breakfast at Denny’s. He didn’t respond when I took his hand across the table and tried to be romantic. A group of young girls entered the restaurant, behind his back, and he immediately perked up, smiled and asked “who just came in?” And later in the evening when an attractive young blonde waitress approached, his face lit up like a beacon. He gave her a blatant up and down look, threw his head back and gave a huge toothy tonsil-revealing grin. Depressed my Aunt Fanny, he simply wasn’t fully engaged unless some new pretty thing was in his line of vision. I felt tremendously depleted in that relationship. Find a partner who nourishes you.

    Scorpio rising, Cancer moon and Venus in Libra trine Saturn was not impressed. Libra wants romance, finesse, reciprocation. Water planets need the partner to be there, connected, emotionally present.

  2. Leo moon would have stood up and walked out the door without him and Pisces asc would have told him she was only going to the bathroom then never return to the table. What a wanker!

  3. To: Twelfth House Pisces Moon,

    I am not sure how old you are or what you do, but I think if you were ever to involve yourself with ballet (dancing choreographing or the business of), music (writing or performing) and working a side job at home on a psychic hotline, I think you would get a sense of your great powers and you wouldn’t notice or care if you saw the Aquarian or not. That will be a big relief!

  4. To be fair, I don’t think the behavior Jackie described is necessarily an Aquarian trait. It’s an asshole trait.

  5. Avatar
    Aquarian Scorpio Rising

    ^ And later in the evening when an attractive young blonde waitress approached, his face lit up like a beacon^ Ive been to the similar situation with Aquarian man. It hurt me deeply. I am Aquarian woman with Scorpio Rising and didnt see the funny side.

  6. Hi Elsa, and all of you who gave a thoughtful advise on my relationship and Mr. Aqua, now it’s worse because I suspect I might be pregnant by him, and he has a child already not with me ofcourse. Its hard for me to bring up the issue, and if it’s true I am pregnant I am not sure whether to keep it. What would he say? I feel its too soon I dont know him that well, except that he is sweet and I like him. Besides we are still young he is one year seven months older than me Feb, 12th.

  7. The email is only visible to YOU because you are signed in. No one else can see it. If you sign out and clear your cache, you’ll see what I mean. 🙂

  8. moon-i’d find out the situation for sure before i said anything to anybody. and while the mom in me is inclined to give some birth control exhortations, it’s 1. none of my business and 2. a day late and dollar short.

    if you need help sorting it out, you might want to consider a therapist, too. less emotional involvement from a professional than the fella and more liklihood for stability.

    good luck!

  9. Moon: ask yourself if you want this child, if you want to be a mom, and I mean think about you and the child as a unit. Now, go somewhere safe. Does your country offer benefits for single moms? Find out! If Mr. Aqua wants to be a part of your unit, let him come to you and say. but first find out your status, make your decision, think of a plan and then tell Mr. Aqua what Ms. Moon is doing. I think there are two rules:1) Do and decide what you want as an individual. 2) Give Mr. Aqua an update if you wish, but certainly do not ask him what to do. this is your body. Until now he has not been behaving like a loving father to the idea of a child. From what I have seen in my life, men do not change very much after they become fathers. Make the decision which gives you the most power. Love to you.

  10. Don’t borrow trouble. You may not be. Take a test and there’s your answer. At any rate, a good old fashioned pregnancy scare can do wonders for clarifying relationship issues.

    Good luck to you.

  11. Can somebody please tell me what’s my boyfriends moon is- 12th Feb, and if its compatible with my pisces moon.


  12. I am aries, April 13-confused over an Aquarian man-Feb 11. I met him, he fell head over heels for me. I received a card from him, was also told verbally how he was falling for me. Then came the questions, then ignoring. I cried because I thought he left. He said sorry and that “it was only an act” and how he was thinking about my sexual history, when at that point I had not told him anything. He expressed how he hasnt seen a woman so bold and expressive and he wondered what he could possibly offer. After apologizing, he said he accepted me for my past, present and future. He was on military orders in another state. I felt the akwardness of ignoring coming again. I texted him to ask why he was quiet, then I texted if he is so quiet, then what is the point in visiting. The next day I called him an a$$. He said he was away in the field and got my text and said that he was thinking this would be our last convo and he would send the money for the plane ticket once he got back to his state. It was an heated discussion, very fast, very abrupt. I was shocked. I asked him the reason and he replied to say “I cannot love you how you want me to. U and I will not work. Different outlooks on life. Not what I want.” I texted and texted and he said pestering would only distant him but when you care for someone how do you give space, its not in my nature to do so. I kept this up for two wks. aug1 per se to aug 14. I only got a response aug 13 when I said i slept with someone else but I was telling a lie. He responded to say “hope you had a great night and you felt better about yourself.” I got so mad about being stuck with the ticket, I msg’ed almost every friend in his facebook and told them what he did, since aquas are so much into their friends. I give him the heads up, he deleted his account but I was smart enough to write down the names beforehand. I know my behavior to email his friends was not the greatest, actually wrong. I gave no reason to be dumped, left with a ticket, broken heart and ignored 99%. If he answered, discussed with me, or tried hard to make it work, I would not do this. I feel this pull to him, I feel he wants me, but even when I said I wanted to kill myself, he still didnt respond. Why do I feel he cares when he doesnt respond? I got my friend to call him, he said I called him an a$$, msg’ed at that time two of his friends off of facebook. All of this is after he dumped me and was ignoring me. Do aqua men ever come back to admit their wrong, so say sorry? An apology would have taken so much pain off my heart. By him still remaining in silence, I feel very bitter. I feel this gnawing addiction to keep picking at him. He also seemed to copy cat. If I ever got a tone with him, in the least, or to call him an a$$, it seemed he got so so upset, that I got dumped, I thought that was brutal. After he dumped me and was online, I swore at him, he deleted me. As an Aries, I have to express, I want to solve the problem right then and there. I really dont know if this is salvageable, something in my heart says that this is the best. I also have another side that wishes to nurture him and show him love to help him express, but I cant, I cant take daily rejection. I want to hear from him. Today I msg all his facebook friends to say what he did. I want to kill everything but then I dont.

  13. I told him it was a lie that I slept with someone, but actually a week later I fooled around with a man and told the truth with that to make him go mad. Is he power tripping? so insecure? I remember coming home from a club and he was upset I was drinking and driving. The next day he said “you dont like it when I get mad at you.” This was in the beginning of our relationship per se. I remember after him ending it and he was ignoring and I msg two of his facebook friends, he called and got mad and said “you should have given me a few days.” I understand him, but I cant tolerate the time limit and I get upset with myself for my irrational emotions at the time. I wish he could understand them and be more easy going then taking it so drastic.He makes me feel that he is so right. He gets silent, I get a tone, and he takes off. Is there any chance of him caring at this point? If so, how do I get him to show it? If not, how do i come to grips with this with no answers from him? I remember calling him after my ticket expired, he picked up the phone, spoke politey, and then after one minute he hung up on me. I dont know if he knew it was me or felt akward and hung up. Aquas are so mind boggling……..

  14. Hi Lori. Am seeing one, so unpredictable, confident, mature, intelligent and caring. The only way to get along with them is to be unemotional,if there is something troubling you sit him down talk don’t be angry with them it only makes things worse. They think they’re always right, they never change no matter how nagging you are. Never mind their sweet talks but how they act, for emotional Aries like you am not sure if its gonna work. Give him space now, don’t wait for him to come around use the time for yourself, just keep yourself busy, if he comes back he understands you if he doesn’t probably he doesn’t deserve you. Good luck

  15. Aquarians are unpredictable, ARROGANT, INMATURE, ARIES are more INTELLIGENT, and aquarians are HEARTLESS. The only way to be with them is to be a manequin and never express yourself period. They like control, and they never change. I tried for one whole month, bled my heart out and never got a response no matter what you try. The ignoring they pull, creates A LOT of problems, hurt and pain. I will give him space, for INFINITELY cause my heart is now closed off. I am a very strong woman but when I give my heart, I give my all. Ignoring causes problems that the receiever, me, gets worried and emotionally distraught. If I have to give someone space and wait til they get off their trip, I rather be alone. I dont want him back. He does not deserve me. I need anxiety meds from the mental state I put myself in due to the ignoring. Funny how a man can swear to have deep feelings for you and cut you off ice cold, so painful. I guess the woman always tries to fix but the man will always need space to come up with a solution. Once a man says he is done, its IMPOSSIBLE to try to get him to change his mind. Men are slow to react, and wont come back til everything is cooled off. STRONG MEN are able to face problems head on. With this generation, more and more people are getting single. At least trying for a man you believe in is great and all, but it doesnt get too appreciated. Everyone seems to take off at the littlest problem. I wish everyone on here great successes and happiness. Thank you for the feedback. God bless.

  16. Lori,

    I am an Aries (4/2) and have been seeing an Aquarius (2/6) for about 3 weeks and I am experiencing pretty much the same thing. My aquarius guy was nice in the beginning for 1 week and then he flipped. He is always upset with me and hangs up on my constantly. He ignores me for days on end and then is nice for about 1 day. I screwed up and let him borrow $150 last week (trying to be nice) and now he is not talking to me again. He is ignoring my calls, text, everything. I also send him “test” texts like pretending like I am talking to another guy and he flies off the handle with name calling. He is crazy but I think the reason I stay is because of the challenge. I really don’t understand why he is so mean to me when I am nice. He constantly rejects me. I don’t know what to do either. I have been trying to take everyone’s advice to give him spacce but he is on my mind constantly.

  17. HOLY HOLY, I have to jump in on this. Poor aries when it comes to Aquarius, cause with every other sign, Aries likes to do the same thing. Now we dont have the upper hand, and we hate getting ignored, as anyone does. We will keep butting our head and they will keep letting us do it. Aquarians work with the mind, Aries works with the heart. Trust me, I messaged him for a MONTH, crying, preaching, nothing works. They are a fixed sign, wont change. Take it from me, the more you keep it up, the more you going to make it worst because you will get rejected and hurt more and more and will try harder. DO NOT. Imagine some guy that likes you a lot and you dont like him, typical for aries to be in this situation. Do you laugh at the man cause he likes you so much and you think he is acting dumb on you. Well now its being done to us. I got ONE response in TWO wks out of this guy, I said I slept with someone and I DIDNT. he said HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD NIGHT AND YOU FELT BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF. A response means he cares, some jealousy, all good. LISTEN TO ME, dont go a month and kill yourself over it like I did, WALK AWAY, cause when he comes back, you probably wont want him, you will resent him. They dont like to deal with emotions, this is like unknown out of space territory for them. They want to make sure everything is easy cheesey and come back with NO TENSION and just act like nothing happen. If you are tensed up and emotional and bugging him, HE WILL NEVER COME BACK. If you want control on this, be the bigger person, know you are good and tell yourself IF I LEAVE HIM ALONE, HE WILL HAVE TIME TO THINK AND COME BACK. thats if you want this person back. TAKE CARE….as for me…its time to party, HA.

  18. So you think by loaning him money he will be nice to you. He will just hold onto that money so you can beg for it and he can mentally screw with your head more. You are being the sucker here and he his holding the reins. So you think he doesnt want you and there is something wrong with you cause he dont treat you right. If he decides to be nice then that means you are wanted and then okay, in his crutches til he ignores you again. NAH, control him, IGNORE HIM, if he doesnt call you politey to say he has your money, GET DIRTY. lmao I got screwed over $500 for a plane ticket, hope that makes you feel better. Ciao

  19. 12th moons definitely better with a water sun who will give you the energy you need. I’ve also noticed this with Aquarius Mars men too; from friend’s relationship’s accounts, doing their charts– even when their Sun sign is Fire; their venus water, they don’t give back the energy equally or passionately; on you constantly. they dont call back, message or email back. The too strong Aquarius energy of detaching too much will definitely make you suffer, when you need constant attention.

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