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front roomVenus, in the simplest of terms, is what you find aesthetically pleasing. We tend to acquire and surround ourselves with things we like. The surroundings we create tend to mirror aspects of our Venus. My Venus is in Aries in the 8th house. I like reds, both intense and dark, simple themes and family heirlooms (inherited, 8th house). The art I display can be broadly categorized in three veins: Asian calligraphy (simple, Aries), landscapes (simple, Aries), and old, framed pictures of dead ancestors (inheritance, 8th house). There is also the sub-category of landscape photographs shot by dead ancestors.

How do you decorate? Where is your Venus?

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  1. thanks satori, now i have something to blame for my lack of motivation to complete my spaces. venus in virgo in the 8th. i like ethnic things, simple things, modern design but not too sterile (offends my earthiness), re: art it has to speak to my soul (maybe that’s why i’m so picky?). i’m very good at getting things to a stage where they’re decent (and keeping them clean ;), but i sometimes lose steam for the finishing touches. i envy my taurus sister in law whose house is a wonderland of amazing details in each room. and it keeps getting better everytime i visit. dang.

  2. Venus in 4th/Aries. I have a lot of art, all over. Most of it mine. Lots of wood furniture, lots of books, lots of colour, lamps only. Over head lighting is the devil!

    Also–good curtains that close up tight at night, I really REALLY dislike blinds.

  3. I have venus square neptune too! But decor and aesthetics are HUGE for me. I can’t live in a sterile environment…it sucks the life out of me.

    My taste is eclectic, but I naturally pick things that work together. I tend to buy a lot of hand made or crafty items for pure decor, I do buy paintings I like if I can afford them, as well as vintage furniture that is funky and cool. Lots of earthy fall colors. For utility I go for high quality but also pleasing items that I can have for a long long time. So for instance, I’ll buy really good, lovely stainless steel kitchen tools and use them basically forever.

    I take really good care of my things and like to keep them as long as possible, so I take a long time to decide about what I’m going to buy.

    Venus in aquarius 5th house, conjunct mercury, square neptune and opposite jupiter. But really I tend to think this is all libra ascendent?

  4. eclectic and one of a kind is very aquarian. “decor and aesthetics are HUGE for me.” jupiter aspecting venus!

    h., see how much light is coming through the windows above? that’s with two layers of window covering which are never opened. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have the DC in aquarius and all my art is one of a kind (except for the apple labels on box ends, but they were hand decoupaged).

  5. I have Venus conjunct Sun in Cap, both trining my Taurus Moon and making a Grand Trine in Earth with my Asc in Virgo.

    How things (and people, and even dogs, cats and horses) look are very important to me – its almost a visceral response. My own surroundings are of prime importance: earth colours and lots of antique stuff – I don’t like modern styles or garish colours much at all and certainly not to live with (except in the kitchen). And I won’t let anyone in the house if it’s in a mess!

    I do judge a lot on appearances, and the way people’s places look tells me a lot about them and whether we will be compatible – equally, the way they dress

  6. Hmmm… this got me thinking. I just moved into the 1st house that can really be considered mine. Got divorced.

    My venus is at 29 aries in the 12th (placidus) 11th (equal) Either way it is trine my Cap jup in the 8th. Almost ALL my furniture is family airlooms now. Most I brought with me but finally “Fit” they never seemed right in our other houses. This time however I have pulled out family pictures and nick nacks, sea scapes that are near 80 years old and it all fits. Its comforting and warm like those I love are sitting in the living room with me, cooking beside me and singing me to sleep. Its home but somehow doesnt seem very aries to me lol… accept maybe in that it is “MY” house this time and it speaks to my pisces soul.

  7. Venus in Virgo, first house. Decorating style is practical and personal. My Venus is conjoined Pluto so I have things that have a deeper personal meaning to me because they were gifts or I bought them somewhere significant to me. My Venus is also conjunct Mercury, so there are lots of books and reading material around. Several months ago, my progressed Venus hit my IC in Scorpio and I’ve been doing some redecorating, like finally replacing an ancient decrepit couch!

  8. Venus sandwiched between Mars and Pluto in Libra/4, hits my whole chart.

    I definitely have a “masculine” approach to decorating — no frills, no frou-frou, very little tchotchkes (I lean towards interesting rocks, wooden boxes, branches, that kind of thing). There must be plants! Hardwood, rich colors, clean lines, geometric or solid fabrics. But I like it with luxury at the same time: velvets, silks, deep pile rugs, buttery leather. It has to be a sensual, tactile delight and a visual FEAST.

    Don’t care about clutter, though dust bothers me, and it has to smell good, like leather and books and cinnamon-vanilla-amber-orange. YUM.

    I get very specific about my decorating. *grins*

  9. Venus in Taurus is opposite Mars in Scorpio in the 9th if you use equal houses. I have a lot of foreign religious iconography everywhere. The color scheme is mostly earth tones with slate blue and the occasional red and green. My house has been described as a Zen/colonial Catholic bed and breakfast. I dunno. It’s comfy and it makes me happy.

  10. Oh yeah, all of the art has to be original with the exception of a Warhol ‘Last Supper’ poster in the dining room, but it’s from Rome from 1977 and very nicely framed. Plus, it’s rare, so it kind of counts as original.

  11. this is great! i love to decorate, in fact i routinely move my room around and re-decorate. my venus is in gemini, in 3rd, my sisters and i often swap rooms when we get bored with them- we have lived in the same house all our lives. my progressed venus is in cancer,4th house.

  12. I have venus in virgo in the 7th. I have a taste for the romantic and would paint everything red if I could. But I’ve settled for one barn red wall in my living room with black framed black and white pictures I have taken while on vacation, family pictures, heirloom pieces that have been handed down from family members, lots of candle displays and plants. There must be live plants ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Oh, I love decorating! My Venus is in Aries (6th house). I think where I see its influence most is all the glass… quick & easy clean up! I collect all kinds of glass objects (yes, some are RED) and have two glass top tables. I also have a killer red couch, but am thinking of replacing it, now that I’m aware of how that may make my Taurus husband feel. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I also love antiques. Not ‘investment’ pieces, but furniture that was handed down to me from family… My favorite is a sort of buffet cabinet that my Grandfather built himself before I was born.

    Art? I love all kinds of art and am especially drawn to interesting photography. The majority of what hangs on my walls though are pictures of family.

    And plants…. lots and lots of plants!

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    Fairhaven Maven

    Venus in Virgo in the 4th, sharing the 4th house with Pluto. Compulsive about well organized, clean space–can’t function in chaos and clutter. Home base very important to me. I gravitate toward landscapes, botanicals, and earth/sky colors. Neead lots and lots of natural light. I enjoy decorating until I get overloaded with the detail of it; then need to do something else. All very Venus in Virgo, I think.

  15. I think Moon has a lot to do with decorating in the home as well. I have Venus in Taurus, but it squares Saturn and opposes Neptune. I love pastel colours, and hate clutter. If i owned my own place, I would colour the walls in lovely paint colour, and have my own garden full of vegetables and coolorful flowers. Right now my place is nice, calm and well organized. I’m very tidy, but i don’t actually ever clean anything.

  16. I’ve never owned my own home so can’t talk about proper grown-up decorating, but I like to fill my blank spaces with lots of nice things.

    The art I have on display… an original by a quirky French modern artist Richart Maire (a very very tiny original); some photos of myself and my sisters jumping waves on a childhood holiday aged 10, 8 and 3 which I cried when I was given them; two large square pasta dishes I painted with a cubist design; a small canvas board with LOVE on it I made using old newspaper puzzles and some glue and some glitter.

    if I can post pics I will…

    I love creating things around me. I like their originality and uniqueness. I have aqua rising, and taurus sun. Venus is in the fifth house (hence creating stuff, romantic leanings and the kiddie pics) and in Gemini (hence using a newspaper as a creative tool.

    I also have a leo moon so gimme a chance to show off and I’ll happily oblige.

  17. Nice post Satori! Venus Aries 8th House, l love colours, yes the red in all it’s shades..also green/blue and dark grey. l collect African art and well photographs of sexy women ๐Ÿ™‚ masks and skeletons. l like dead leaves, flowers, seeds. l love fabrics and l take good care of the things l have enherited so to speak! l like creating a dreamy atmosphere but l have Neptune 4th house so that might help. l also like murals and l still have to finish one but the design is not finished yet…the house looks a bit hedonistic l think. It’s all about atmosphere. l don’t like bright lights and l love big windows and some trees in front if posible! The window is importnat to me l like looking at the clouds.

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